• Show Date: 15/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lynn A. Hill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

My first CC appointment so would like to thank the committee for my invitation but must thank the stewards, Andy and Jen, and the Exhibitors for their help and understanding when the heat got to me, and I almost passed out. I am happy to say I saw no dogs in distress, luckily it was not as hot as the previous 2 days.

Not a huge entry but I was spoilt for choice with some quality dogs and several that could have taken the top honours. I found no incorrect bites; hind movement was a little erratic on some.

MPD (3,2) 1. Fox-Shone’s PAMEDNA JACQUES. Very appealing Ruby of 8 months with a pleasing head and high set ears. Kind dark eyes and good length of muzzle. Moved round the ring showing a balanced little dog with good tail carriage and holding a level top-line. A happy showman at one with his handler. His coat is still at the fluffy stage but am sure it will soon settle down; this did not distract from his overall appeal. Pleased to award him BPD & later BPIB.

PD (1) 1. Rhodes’ CALONLAN ROYALE BLUE. Blenheim just short of 12 months with dark eyes giving a soft expression. Good reach of neck leading to a level top-line. Stood four-square.

JD (1) 1. Jackson’s AMANTRA JAMIE FOXX. Well balanced quality Blenheim of 15 months with beautiful large dark eyes giving a soft expression. Moved round the ring with drive carrying a level top-line and correct tail carriage, well-turned stifles. Maturing nicely.

YD (1) 1. Arrowsmith Vorderstrasse’s ARROWBIEN NEW WAYS TO DREAM. Another quality Blenheim of 22 months, good dark pigment, lovely head and expression, moved freely with good turn of stifle, keeping a level top-line.

ND (3,3)

GD (0)

PGD (4,1) 1. Lee’s KELRICK FLASHBACK. Blenheim with a true masculine head but still with soft expression. Large dark eyes, well feathered ear leathers. Moved with drive and confidence. To be picky would prefer a little more animation.

2. Kemp’s CAPRICONIA DONATELLO. Black & tan in good coat who moved freely round the ring. Pleasing head with round dark eyes. A little longer cast than class winner.


MLD (4) 1. Blackie & Knapp’s CRIDENSA CONRAD Sh.cm Shcex. Liked this ruby boy very much, well proportioned, good depth of chest, moved with drive. Lovely head with a delightful soft expression, well presented and in good coat.

2. Bloomfield’s DELHAZE REACH FOR THE SKY WITH OAKLAKE JW. Happy Blenheim with appealing expressive eyes. Well-proportioned and moved out with drive and stood four-square.


LD (5,1) 1. Godwin’s CAVALIEGH GENOVA. Handsome, well broken Blenheim in good coat beautifully presented. Dark eyes giving lovely expression. Good depth of chest. Pleasing outline on the move and standing keeping a level top-line and tail carriage, moved with drive.

2. Bubb & Barrett’s ENG WANDRIS EVANLY LEGACY JW. Another handsome Blenheim dog, my notes are identical to winner, I just preferred the expression of winner.


OD (7,1) 1. Kilcoyne’s CH GRANASIL BOURBON. A super class headed by this richly coloured Ruby in full coat who took my eye as he entered the ring. Such a well- balanced dog with good reach of neck and depth of chest, level top-line and tail carriage and well-turned stifles. Extremely pleasing head with big dark eyes, well tapered muzzle and good black pigment. Delighted to award him the CC and later Best of Breed. So pleased to hear that this win gives him a new Ruby Record. Nice to see him shortlisted in the group.

2. Rhodes’ CALONLAN HENDRICKS JW. Well broken Blenheim with pleasing masculine head properties, appealing dark eyes. He moved round the ring with drive, showing his well-balanced outline. A lovely exhibit at one with his handler. Did consider for top honours but had to contend with the RCC today.


VD (0)

SBD/B (0)

MPB (3) 1. Liverton-Ovey’s KINVAAR SUNSHINE IN POCKET. Delightful happy Blenheim of just 6 months who took my eye with big dark eyes giving a soft expression. Rich chestnut markings. Liked her overall shape. Moved well for one so young.

2. Fox-Shone’s PAMEDNA SASHA ROSA. Ruby of 8 months with appealing head. Kind dark eyes, good length of neck leading to a level top-line and tail carriage, moved freely.


PB (4,1) 1. Coole’s JOLAINEY QUEEN OF MAGIC. Well broken, pretty Blenheim of 9 months with large dark eyes, giving the expression I was looking for. Carried a pleasing shape on the move and standing. Good angulation. Pleased to award her BPB.

2. Rhodes’ CALONLAN TRI MAI CHAI. Well broken Tri of almost 12 months, large dark eyes. Moved well and held a level top-line & tail carriage, would have liked her to be a little happier.


JB (5) 1. Homes’ LEOGEM CAMPANULA. A richly marked Blenheim of 16 months heading this very competitive class. Lovely soft expression with round dark eyes, good length of neck, level top-line and tail carriage. Moved soundly with drive.

2. Hogan’s STAVONGA SECRET CRUSH. My notes are almost identical to class winner, just preferred the expression of winner.


YB (8,2) 1. Parsons’ ANJOMIL HARVEST MOON JW. Pretty Blenheim with the required big round eyes giving a soft expression, she had a nice length of neck, level top-line and tail carriage and good angulation.

2. Hogan’s STAVONGA SKYLARK. Blenheim with a lovely head and good pigment. Level back and correct tail carriage, stood four-square.


NB (6) 1. Bubb’s JULCHRISGOR MAJORY. Well balanced Tri. Large round eyes giving a lovely expression. Moved briskly with drive, a happy little dog.

2. Ward’s GENTLE STAR HALLE BERRY AT CHARALIER (Imp Srb). Blenheim with pleasing head properties. Moved round the ring holding a level top-line and tail carriage.


GB (5) 1. Willis’ DINITRO’S AMBER INFERNO. Ruby with large dark eyes giving a sweet expression, lovely ear leathers. In good coat. Moved out well showing off her reach of neck and level top-line.

2. Liverton-Ovey’s BON RAY OF HOPE AT HALOSEY. Heavily marked Tri but did not detract from her lovely head and expression, another with long ear leathers. Moved soundly. Well presented. Pushed 1. hard.


PGB (8,1) 1. Willis’ DINITRO’S EEVEELUTION. Very happy, well broken Blenheim with an appealing head, such expressive eyes. Showed a balanced outline on the move and stood four-square.

2. Martin’s KINVAAR KATALEENA TO CLEMARTILL. Richly coloured Blenheim with large dark eyes, who took third in a competitive yearling class. Moved out well, showing the true cavalier happy disposition.


MLB (2) 1. Long’s ARROLINE ELIXER. Appealing Black & Tan in good coat, moved out well showing good construction, never stopped showing.

2. Yeates’ JOLAINEY TINKERBELL WITH UNDERKNOLL. Pretty Blenheim who moved soundly showing off her pleasing outline.

LB (7) 1. Maclaine’s LOCHBUIE GRAFFITTI. A lovely balanced Black & Tan dripping in coat. Well cushioned head with big dark eyes, good length of neck and level top-line and tail carriage. Well angulated and moved round the ring with style.

2. Waddington’s SPINDLEPOINT NANCY REAGAN. Blenheim with rich chestnut markings. Pleasing head properties giving the correct soft cavalier look. Moved well with drive showing a balanced outline.

3. Whitman & Tarabad’s KHATIBI THE QUEEN’S PEACH

OB (12,3) 1. Fox-Shone’s PAMEDNA QUE SERA SERA. A delightful Black & Tan shown in super condition. Well- furnished ear leathers framing a head with large dark eyes giving the melting expression I was always looking for. Excellent black pigment. Good length of neck leading to a level top-line and correctly carried tail. Moved round the ring with style. Delightful showgirl. Pleased to award her the CC which I understand gives her her crown.

2. Homes’ CH LEOGEM WINTER MELODY. Attractive, well broken Blenheim with appealing head properties with round dark eyes. Moved with drive showing her balanced outline, good tail carriage, never stopped showing. Pleased to award her the RCC.


VB (2,1) 1. Cragg’s LORANKA’S HIGH CLASS LADY WITH AUREUS. Pretty Blenheim, 8 years young, with appealing head and soft expression, still holds a good top-line on the move and stands four-square. Never stopped wagging.

Lynn A Hill (Becanna)