• Show Date: 24/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lyndsey Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Japanese Spitz

Blackpool Championship Dog Show  


Thank you to the society for inviting me to judge Japanese Spitz at their 2022 show. After two appointments cancelled due to the pandemic, it was a pleasure. A huge thank you to all the exhibitors for giving me the honour of judging their much loved dogs. I am extremely pleased with the overall quality of my entry, although many were not pleasing in rear movement. A quick reminder that Japanese Spitz are a free standing Breed and should not need their feet placing when on the floor if constructed correctly. 

Puppy Dog (2/1) 

1st Mr A, Mrs K & Mrs A Aston & Bowen. Plushlandia Easy Boy Glamglow (IMP) NAF TAF. 9 month old. Well up for size. Correct eyes and placement. Correct topline and correct tail set, although slightly longer in body than I perfer. Super side movement, moving with purpose. Rear movement OK. 

Junior Dog - No Entries 

Yearling Dog - No Entries

Post Graduate Dog (1)

1st Mr A, Mrs K & Mrs A Aston & Bowen. Glamglow's I Got What You Want. 4 years. Lovely boy. Most beautiful of heads, just as masculine as you would want. Super dark eye giving the best expression. Superb neck giving typical Spitzy outline. Strong in body. Keeping topline on the move. Energetic confident mover, handled to advantage. I have admired him from ringside before, and today he did not disappoint. Everything you would want a Japanese Spitz to be! No hesitation awarding him Best Dog and Best Of Breed.

Open Dog (4) 

1st Ms A Benoist. Kumotta Elite. 3 years. Lovely masculine head. Correct eye in shape, colour and placement. Perfect spitzy outline with good set tail. Just right amount of bone. Best mover in the class. Let down by untidy feet. 

2nd Mrs D & Mr I Serginson. Ch Glamglows Bowl Me Over at Midaras. 5 year. Stunning head and eye. Well placed ears. Lovely topline. Good spring of rib. Firm loin. Well muscled hind. Okay movement. 

3rd Miss Y Anderson. Glamglows Emerald Charm.

Veteran Dog (2)

1st Mr A, Mrs K & Mrs A Aston & Bowen. Ch Charney Precious Gift For Kumiko JWW-15 JW ShCM. 7.5 years. Obviously all male. Lovely typical dog with the most beautiful head. Oval, dark eyes. Well placed and used ears. Good length of neck. Good spring of rib with firm loin. Level topline with perfect length and set of tail. Moved to perfection. Just preferred outline of the PG winner in challenge. Reserve Best Dog & Best Veteran In Breed. Thrilled to see him go on and get group 4 in the veteran group.

2nd Mrs D & Mr I Serginson. Gordorna Amazing Star At Midaras. Almost 12 year. Smaller than 1. Lovely head, eye and ear set. Typical Spitzy outline. Good tail set, and well boned. Unfortunately showing his age. 

Puppy Bitch (3,1) 

1st Miss L G Fraser. Tawvale Lola. 6.5 months. Pretty girl. Most Lovely of heads, beautiful eye shape and colour. Correctly rounded skull. Superb topline and tail set. Great bone for age. Moved well when settled but let her self down in challenge. BPB.

2nd Miss V A Chapman. Emiko Yukiko. 8 months. Nice outline, good tail set. Good eye shape and colour. A little longer in muzzle than I'd prefer. Moved well with confidence.

3rd Mr A, Mrs K & Mrs A Aston & Bowen. Tawvale Lala Land Glamglow NAF TAF. 

Junior Bitch (3) 

1st Mrs M McPhee. Glamglow's Blushing Bride. 15 months. Lovely pretty bitch. Beautiful outline, good neck into correct lay of shoulder. Nice deep rib with correct topline creating the perfect outline. Correctly high set tail of good length. Whitest of white coats. Moved extremely well. Just carrying a little too much weight. Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex & Best Junior. 

2nd Mrs T Smith. Kessaku Popping Candy at Yokosaka. 15 months. Good head and skull. Nice, clean eye, of dark colour. Well set ears, when alert. Slightly longer in body than 1. On taller side for a female. Moved very well. 

3rd Mr A, Mrs K & Mrs A Aston & Bowen. Glamglow's Made You Blush. 

Yearling Bitch (1) 

1st Mrs T Smith. Kessaku Popping Candy at Yokosaka. Repeat of 2nd in Junior bitch. 

Post Graduate Bitch (2/2) 

Both Absent. 

Open Bitch (3) 

1st Ms A Benoist. Kumotta Double Trouble. 4 years. Lovely head correct amount of stop, with rounded skull. Most beautiful of dark eyes. Good spring of rib. Good amount of bone. Typical spitzy outline. Great tail set. Best mover in this class today in all directions. Let down by her feet being a little flat. Reserve Best Bitch. 

2nd Mr A, Mrs K & Mrs A Aston & Bowen. Ch Glamglow's Butter Me Up. 5 years. Most prettiest of heads, spoilt a little with tear staining unfortunately. Correct length of neck making a superb outline. Correct set of tail. Lovely energic side gait. Little erratic on hind movement. 

Veteran Bitch - No Entries. 

Judge - Lyndsey Jones (Llwyni)