• Show Date: 02/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lynda Race Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Greyhound

City of Birmingham CA 2nd Sept 2022

Greyhounds - Lynda Race

It is always a privilege to judge one of my favourite breeds and this entry reflected just how cosmopolitan the breed has become with all the major winners having been bred overseas. Many thanks to my excellent stewards and to the exhibitors for showing their lovely hounds to me and graciously accepting my decisions.


Special Beginners - 2 entries

1. Clarke’s Wachovia Benjy

Red, nicely made throughout. Dark eyes, pleasing head and expression, good front, strong neck into good shoulder placement, well balanced body, strong quarters, moved well. Carried his tail rather happily so I guess he was enjoying his day at the show.

2. Bakewell’s Affleck Barney Bestest Bud.

Handsome brindle with dark well shaped eyes. In comparison to the winner he had less substance and was more moderately angulated. Presented in good well toned condition, a credit to his owner.

Veteran - no entries

Puppy - no entries

Junior - 1 entry

1. Bogarts’ Ina’s Fashion Flair at Incitatus (Imp) Deu

Imposing red of good type with super head properties, dark eyes and strong jaw. Soundly constructed with good substance and muscle tone. Still only a youngster (although I believe today I awarded him his 6th Reserve CC) his time is yet to come. Quite exuberant on the move, he covered the ground well and with spirit. Well presented. Res CC.

Post Graduate (1 abs)

Limit - 1 entry (1 abs)

1. Howden & Howletts’ Skyswift New Moon

Lots to appreciate about this well made white, good head and eye with strong jaws. Sound body make up, long, strong neck into a good clean front, deep well filled in chest which was well ribbed up, strong quarters and thighs. Purposeful mover, presented in tip-top condition.

Open - 5 entries (3 abs)

1. Ahrens Primaveras’ Sobers Gaston

Upstanding, masculine rich red, presented beautifully with gleaming coat, enviable body condition and muscle tone. Lovely head of great type with chiselling, dark eyes, fine ears and strong jaw. Excellent neck and front, great head carriage, sound capacious body of good length. Strong loin. Curvaceous smooth outline, lovely quarters and long tail. Super bone. Moved soundly and effortlessly. CC

2. Bogarts’ Ina’s Fashion Exalted at Incitatus (Imp Deu)

Substantially built white/red with typical head and eye. Good shoulders into well muscled deep body and chest, firm loin. Good angles fore and aft, well knuckled feet. Held his topline both standing and on the move. Nicely presented.

Good Citizen - 1 entry

1. Wachovia Benjy (see SB)


Special Beginners

1. Sadler’s Huarache Mags

Fine and feminine black, built on the smaller side with the sweetest of temperaments. Darkest of eyes, good ears, balanced body with fair angulation and good feet. Seemed to enjoy her day.

Veteran - 1 entry (1 abs)

Puppy - no entries

Junior - 4 entries (2 abs)

1. Cutter & Lubin’s Ina’s Fashion Finest of Chosovi (Imp) Deu

Attractive gold brindle, lovely head, dark eyes and fine ears. Elegant arched neck into reasonable shoulders and front, deep brisket, good tuck up and quarters, long tail, nice feet. Moved freely and true.

2. Ayling’s Blueberry Saga Paeonia

Feminine dark brindle with the most lovely head and eyes. Straighter throughout than winner and not as steady on the move, particularly in front. Still only a youngster and hopefully lots to come once settled.

Post Graduate (1 abs)

Limit - 2 entries

1. Rishworth’s Out Of The Blue Ad Honores

Striking red, feminine in head, darkest of eyes, correct ears, good cheeks and chiselling. Long well muscled neck, nice angles throughout, very shapely although still some maturing yet to come in body. Nice underline, long striding gait, true both ends. Well presented.

2. Hills’ Zoraden Your Precious Love at Shimmeree

Pleasing head into strong neck and clean shoulders. Good length of body, nice deep chest, well sprung ribs, shapely body with strong loin. Sound mover. My preference was for the head and eye shape of winner but thought her lovely throughout and in great condition.

Open - 3 entries

1. Ahrens Primavera’s Sobers Geraldine

Stand-out red of excellent type, appealed so much in head, eyes, dark pigmentation and expression. Beautifully balanced all through with strong neck into the best of fronts seen here today. Smooth and flowing in outline, shapely and curvaceous. Well ribbed back with deep chest, firm loin, good underline, sweeping quarters with good second thigh. Covered the ground with power and grace and seemingly little effort. In gleaming condition and on top form I was pleased to award her CC & BOB. Delighted to see her make Hound Group 3 in a very strong group.

2. Newsham’s Ch Europa Decuma Via Windspiel (Cze imp)

Equalling the quality of the winner in every respect, extremely sound and honest bitch of excellent type. Classic head with lovely expression, totally balanced body throughout with deep chest, the best of fronts and equally matching quarters. Presented in beautifully toned and muscled condition, moved soundly and true. Res CC

3. Howletts’ Skyswift Moonlight Serenade

Good Citizen

1. Huarache Mags (see SB)