• Show Date: 05/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lita Lainchbury Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Dobermann

Paignton Championship Show

Friday 5th August 2022



Judge-Lita Lainchbury (Ashlain)


Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge Dobermanns at this year’s show. I would like to thank the exhibitors for the entry and whilst it wasn’t the largest numerically it certainly wasn’t lacking in quality. Having not judged the breed for 6 years my main concerns are that we are losing bone and substance, and there are too many lacking rear angulation and losing that all important balance.


Minor Puppy Dog 2/0

1 Massey & MCGeochs’ Manzart Zebedee.

Super quality br/r puppy of just 7 months, he has a very clean long wedge shaped head, excellent neck and forequarters, strong round bone and tight feet. He has a slightly sloping firm topline and well angulated rear. On the move he is sound from all angles, I am sure he has a very bright future, BPD well done.

2 Walls’ Jarjarjinx It’s In His Kiss

Another smart puppy of 7 months, bl/r appealing head with dark almond eye, decent neck, firm topline and balanced angulation. Not as assured on the move today as 1.


Puppy Dog 1/0

1 Tylers’ Jojavik Bombs Away at Asteri.

Tall bl/r puppy of 10 months. Appealing head with dark expressive eye. Good neck and topline. Would prefer more bone and substance all through and he just needs time to fill his frame.


Junior Dog 3/0

1 Hutchison & Mycrofts’s Supeta’s Big Hunk O’love for Debison

I have admired this young bl/r male since I first saw him as a very young baby. I was delighted to be given the opportunity to judge him today. What a powerhouse he is ! I love his head and expression, strong muzzle with good length and depth, he has dark expressive eyes that have that look of arrogance. Muscular neck into correct front assembly, well filled forechest and gun barrel straight front legs, well boned with strong pasterns and well knuckled feet. Firm topline and moves with good reach and drive. I had no hesitation in awarding him the CC, his 3rd congratulations to owners and breeder, one I would be very proud to own.

2 Youngs’ Krieger Hunky Dory At Malibray

Br/r and although only just over 12 months he is another masculine powerhouse. He also has a very good head with good length and depth. Arched neck leading to balanced front angulation and well filled out forechest. Parallel legs with round bone and tightest of feet, firm slightly sloping topline, C shaped tail and correctly angled rear. He moved straight with drive and purpose, very well handled. It was very close between these 2 super males he just demanded the RCC. I will watch his career with interest, good luck.

3 Wrights’ Kitado Ever So Funky


Post Graduate Dog 2/2

1 Walls’ Amazon Leonardo Da Vinci With Jarjarjinx

Square and masculine standard size br/r male with blunt wedged shaped head although a little broad. Strong neck in to well filled out forechest, strong bone and tight feet. Firm topline held on the move. Muscular rear quarters with correct turn of stifle, was a little unsettled on the move today.

2 Evydeanes’ Jojavik Snowpiercer At Kateamead

Taller and rangier bl/r he needs time to fill his frame. Decent neck and topline, moderate angulation.


Limit Dog 6/2

1 Goodbans’ Diego’s Denzel Washington With Keljaygo

Super quality bl/r male, masculine head with level planes and dark eye giving pleasing alert expression, powerful neck correct front angulation well filled out forechest, legs parallel with tight feet, slightly sloping firm topline. Muscular well developed hindquarters, moved with drive and purpose and presented a balanced picture, well handled.

2 Santoriellos’ Rafthouse Amulet’s Child

Bl/r male, one I have much admired from the ringside, taller than 1 he has a strong masculine head, good eye colour, powerful neck with well developed forechest parallel legs and tight feet, firm sloping topline, correct rear angulation with muscular thighs, moved straight and true with freedom, well handled.

3 Wedgburys’ Manzart War Emblem


Open Dog 6/0

1 Taylors’ Ch Krieger’s Foul Play

Stunning bl/r male, powerful with great ring presence, masculine head with correct headplanes, almond shaped eye giving pleasing expression, convex neck leading to excellent front angulation and well developed forechest, legs parallel with round bone and tightest of feet, strong slightly sloping topline kept on the move, deep well sprung ribs, well developed thighs, muscular and powerful with well bent stifle, moved with drive, purpose and attitude, a powerful male not to be ignored, he pushed hard for the reserve CC but was pipped by his younger half brother who has the stronger head.

2 Mr S J & Mrs A J Tyler, CH Jojavik Bulletproof Bomb JW SHCM.

Another stunning bl/r male,I last judged when he was a promising Junior, I am pleased he fulfilled his potential. Strong masculine head with level planes and good depth of muzzle, darkest of eye, powerful neck, well developed forechest with super angles, parallel legs with round bone and tight feet, strong firm topline, excellent spring of rib, excellent rear angles, muscular thighs, moved with drive and purpose, another powerful male that couldn’t be ignored.

3 Jones’ Ch Korifey Vanquish


Minor Puppy Bitch 2/0

1 Ingram & Lacks’ Jojavik Belladonic Fame

6 month bl/r very pretty baby, balanced head with dark eye giving pleasing expression, good length of neck parallel legs, tight feet, correct front angulation, slightly sloping topline,enough rear angulation, today she was not co operating with her handler but she moved well when settled.

2 Walls’ Jarjarjinx Mistletoe Kiss

Another nice baby of 7 months, smart outline and pleasing head, dark eye with good expression. Enough neck and firm topline, she is not so firm in pasterns at the moment. Steady mover.


Puppy Bitch 3/0

1 Jones & Ingrams’ Jojavik Unforgettable

Very aptly named bl/r baby of 6 months at her first show. I love her head and expression, super head proportions with dark eye and a look that shouts mischief. Excellent angulation all through, good round bone and the tightest of feet. She moved with good reach and drive I had no hesitation to award her BPB and BPIB, later she put on a fabulous performance and was shortlisted in the quality Working Puppy Group. I could have easily stolen her and will watch her future with interest.

2 Daniels’ Tuwos Macy Gray V Mattacane

10 month bl/r girl, attractive head with dark eye giving pleasing expression, good length of neck, adequate front angulation, firm topline with correct tailset. Straight front legs with good feet.

Steady on the move.

3 Hutchisons’ Debison’s Barbra Streisand


Junior Bitch 6/1

1 Bislands’ Krieger’s Highland Fling

Gorgeous br/r girl from the top drawer, super head, level planes and good eye colour giving very pleasing expression, arched neck, correct front angulation and well filled forechest, parallel legs with round bone and tight feet. Slightly sloping topline, firm and kept on the move, good spring of rib. Correct rear angulation and well developed hindquarters, super mover, straight and true with drive and rotation, very well handled. Well deserved Reserve CC.

2 Wedgburys’ Manzart Xtra Special

Super quality bl/r bitch, feminine head with darkest of eye giving pleasing expression, good length of neck, correct front angulation well filled forechest, parallel legs round bone and tight feet, slightly sloping topline, super rear in both angles and muscle, moved with drive and balance, very well handled. Unlucky to be up against 1.

3 Robinsons’ Vivat de Vinko Vendetta For Korifey Lux Jun Ch (Imp Rus)


Post Graduate Bitch 0 entries


Limit Bitch 5/0

1 Pardoes’ Aritaur Sonnet

Top quality br/r bitch fabulous dark brown coat colour, loved her head, level planes and darkest of eye giving super alert expression .Good length of neck, excellent front very well angled with well filled out forechest, legs parallel with round bone, well knuckled feet, firm slightly sloping topline kept well on the move, good spring of rib, well developed hindquarters with correct angles, very fit girl, muscular whilst maintaining femininity, moved with drive purpose and pushed hard for the Reserve CC . I will watch her career with interest as I’m sure her time will come.

2 Evans’ Amazon Show Me Heaven

Another super quality bl/r girl, very curvaceous and has the very best angles both ends. Strong yet feminine head with dark eye, legs parallel with round bone, tight feet, good length of neck, slightly sloping topline, firm and kept on the move, well developed hindquarters, she moved steady and true.

3 Hutchison & Mycrofts’ Supeta’s Diamonds R’forever Wih Debison JW


Open Bitch 6/2

1 Ingram & Hendersons’ Multi Ch Jojavik Devils Ivy JW Osw

The last time I judged I awarded her dam the CC and BOB, so it was no surprise I would like her. Very classy bl/r bitch, gorgeous head, feminine with correct planes, slight stop, tight lips, darkest of eye giving mischievous expression, super length of neck adding nobility. Well developed forechest with correct angles, round bone, strong pasterns and tight feet. Strong topline kept on the move, well developed hindquarters with correct angulation and very well conditioned. She simply flows from her nose to the tip of her beautifully set on tail. On the move she really excels, she has good balance, reach and drive and looks as if she could go all day. I was delighted to award her the CC, BOB and later to see her placed Group 4 in a top quality Working Group.

2 Mycrofts’ Supeta’s Diamond In The Sky

Another super quality bl/r girl, super feminine head, level planes, good eye colour alert expression. She has a lean neckof good lenth, well developed forechest with correct angles, legs parallel with tight feet and round bone, firm slightly sloping topline kept on the move. Correctly set C shaped tail well developed hindquarters with correct angles and plenty of muscle tone, another super sound mover with good reach and drive.

3 Hicklings’ Supeta’s Under The Spell Of Evalesco


Lita Lainchbury (Judge)