• Show Date: 10/12/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lisa Pettitt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Shetland Sheepdog

L. K. A. 2022 - Shetland Sheepdogs

I received the invitation to officiate at this show some 6 years ago, so it’s been rather a long time coming around especially with Covid intervening. But it finally arrived, and WOW, it was certainly worth the wait! I was absolutely delighted with the entry, both in numbers, quality and type. We are all aware of the decline in show entries during recent years, but this entry (albeit nothing like vast numbers from the past), was probably one of the nicest I have judged. Your support was 100% appreciated. Some of the classes were well filled whereas a few lacked in numbers. The MP classes were a delight to behold, as were the higher classes too. There were several dogs I very much admired but just didn’t have a place for today, and some I felt were a little out of their depth being entered in classes that were not quite suitable for them at their stage of development. When judging I endeavour to match the dogs present on the day in accordance to the breed standard. So, thank you for accepting my placings graciously and for your compliments after the judging had finished. Finally, I would like thank my two efficient ring stewards, Stuart and Keith, and the Group judge Stella Clark for short-listing my BOB in the PG. Now let’s press on with the dogs, I hope you will enjoy a bit of bed time reading!

MPD: (8-2) – A lovely class of babies to begin the day with.                                                                                                                  1st: Robinsons: LAVIKA MOONLIGHT STORM Promising tricolour of 7 months who sports an intense black coloured coat with rich tan markings. He is well balanced with a moderate length of neck, good body and ribs, tight elbows, and straight front. He is nicely angulated at the rear together with sufficient bone and substance for his age. His head is balanced with a dark eye, correctly placed ears, and an alert albeit cheeky expression. He moved well keeping a level top line which gave him the advantage on achieving the BPD award.                                                                                                                                                                              2nd: Stocks: SHEMIST SUMMERTIME BLUES Quite the baby of the class this blue pup was only 4 days over 6 months. For one so young, he behaved very well, and took everything in his stride. His head needs to lengthen a little, and flatten in skull, and his ears need to be placed a bit closer together on top. His front is straight, if a bit narrow at present, but he has a level back, sloping croup, and a good turn of stifle. He moved okay.                                                                                                                                    3rd: Allsopps: SHADOWESS MAGIC MAN GSW who was born on the same day at SSB. A different type to the first two, and looking very raw, but equally as nice and also showing promise for the future. I think his owners, especially the youngest, will have a lot of fun with him.                                                                                                                                                                                                  4th: Savages: SHELLAMOYD MIDNIGHT MAX at SAVATAURUS - Tricolour – 7 months.                                                                         5th: Fillery-Hammond: WAVESONG NAUGHTY BY DESIGN - Sable – 6.5 months.

PD: (3-1) 1st: Norris’s: FERNGROVE VALENTINO GSW just 2 days short of 10 months. Lots to like about this puppy. Size wise I wouldn’t want him any bigger, but he has a nice head which is equally balanced with a well placed stop, dark eye, and good ear carriage. He has a muscular neck, well angulated shoulder and ample width of chest, decent hind quarters and ideal tail set and carriage. He carries a good coat, and moved well, but not quite the top line of the MPD winner.                                                            2nd: Robertson’s: AFTERGLOW GOLDBERG Dark SSW who was just 1 day short of 10 months. A nicely presented puppy who looks quite mature for his age. He has a well arched neck, good length of ribs, strong loins, a decent bend of stifle, and strong hocks.  His front angulation could be better, as he tended to lift his feet high and lack extension on the move. His head is rather strong,  and didn’t quite have the expression I was looking for today. He was placed 3rd in the Spec Beg Stakes.

JD: (4-1) – Front movement left a lot to be desired in this class.                                                                                                              1st: Ingram’s: MOSARDI DON’T STOP Correctly marked BM of 13 months ideal for size, and of correct proportions. His head is wedge in shape with a well placed eye and correctly set ears. He has sufficient length of neck with a well angulated front, adequate shoulder, good development of ribs, and correct length of tail. He needs to be moved quicker to get the best from his gait, as he persisted in walking too close to his handler’s legs, and kept looking up at her which gave him a hackneyed front action, and not the extension that his construction suggests he is capable of. He won the class on his general breed type.                                          2nd: Fillery-Hammond’s: WAVESONG CHASING RAINBOWS At the top end of his age group at 17 months this sable dog was the eldest of the three in the class. He has a masculine head equal in length and nicely balanced, but appeared rather veiny under    the eyes. His ears are well placed and carried correctly. He has sufficient length in body, but again, his front construction could    be slightly better, which would improve on his front action. Winner of the Spec Beg Stakes.                                                                  3rd: Mottram’s: LUNDECOCKS HOOPIE-DOO at LOCHKAREN GSW of 14.5 months who carries a harsh double textured coat. He is very glamourous in appearance, and has a pleasant head with a nice expression, but didn’t quite have the overall body shape that    I was looking for today.

YD: (4-2) – A difficult class having to compare 2 diverse types.                                                                                                             1st: Proctors: CUILSHELTIES LOCHAN TORR I preferred the overall outline on this 21 months old BM. His head is balanced with   level planes, a pleasing eye and good ear carriage. His has sufficient length of neck and body with a well set on tail, and good bend of stifle. He is a little narrow through at present, and still needs to fill out. Being moved slightly quicker would enable him       to hold himself up better and extend in forward reach. His colour still needs to clear. It will be interesting to see him with another year on his side.                                                                                                                                                                                             2nd: Sutherlands: SHELCREST WINTER SOLSTICE at SUTHESLEY (JW) A very well presented Sable a week short of turning 2 years old who has had a good show career so far. Compared to one, his head is shorter in length, and deeper through with more flare in back skull, but he has a well filled muzzle, with good under jaw. His body is a good length with strong loins, but his upper thigh appears rather long, and I would prefer more of a slope to the croup. He has good bone and substance and moved okay.

GD: (5-0) – A better class this time.                                                                                                                                                         1st: Walley’s: SANDWICK SONGWRITER This tri dog was a new one to me. Approaching 3 years old he has the makings of a nice sheltie. His head is a clean blunt wedge with rounded muzzle, dark eye and an alert expression. His outline shows off his well arched neck, good length of body, level back with sufficient angulations front and rear, a good bend of stifle, and long tail. His movement was steady, but he needs to settle down a bit and concentrate on the job in hand. I think he likes to keep his owner     on her toes! I didn’t have a place for him in the next class, as he doesn’t yet have the maturity and finish of the new exhibits he   was up against.                                                                                                                                                                                               2nd: Ayres: GEMETTE GONE PLATINUM Blue Merle, nicely marked, who carries an abundant harsh textured coat. At 20 months,    he still has some maturing to do, but he is heading in the right direction. He has a pleasant head, which is well balanced, but still needs to fill a little in foreface. He has a muscular neck, well laid back shoulders, and a good length of body, with a long tail. He tends to stand over stretched at times, and is still a little narrow in front which shows in his movement, otherwise he is generally     a very nice dog.

3rd: Saunders: GALATEUS BOHEMIA CLASSIC at TORRIGLEN (Imp CZE) (See GCD class)                                                                   4th: Durrant’s: BORDERPRIDE VIVA LAS VEGAS at LODURR - Plain Tricolour - 3 years.                                                                         5th: Sutherlands: SHOUGHIES STARMAKER at SUTHESLEY - Another plain Tricolour – 3.5 years.

PGD: (9-0) – A lovely class, with all present.                                                                                                                                           1st: Pattinsons: KYLEBURN HIDDEN DREAM A plain sable of 4.5 years who tends to hide within his own shadow, and therefore doesn’t make the most of what he has to offer. He has to adjust to different handlers, and being of a quieter disposition probably gets a little anxious about this. He is a nicely balanced dog, who’s construction under his wealth of long coat has be to be gone over to be appreciated. He has nice forequarters with good length of back, strong loins, well bent stifles, and good leg bone.       He has a pleasant head, with a medium obliquely set eye, and small correctly placed ears which he is not keen on using all the time, but when he does, he sports a masculine expression. He took the class on his lithe movement showing good front reach   and rear drive. A shame he is not more outgoing in himself.                                                                                                                      2nd: Barrowclough’s: SHADOWESS LOCKDOWN HERO I have been watching this young dog since he was a puppy, and was  pleased to have the chance to judge him today. He is now 2.5 years old and is beginning to look the part as far as development goes. His head is coming on well, and is carried proudly on a muscular neck. His eye could be a little smaller, and more almond in shape, but his ears are ideal in size, and placed correctly on top of his skull. His front could be slightly better angulated, his upper arm being shorter than the ideal length, but his body is filling out well, and his hind angulation is satisfactory. He is very smartly turned out, just like his young handler whom he performs very well for.                                                                                                                      3rd: Goldie’s: BLENMERROW MAZURKA This little dog deserves a mention, as he is a very nice sheltie of good breed type, and          I have often thought he has been overlooked in previous classes within his age group. He is now just out of yearling, and needs    to mature on before he can match the status of the dogs he was up against in this class today. He has a lovely outline, all in proportion, nothing exaggerated. His head is clean, with a dark medium sized eye, and correct stop. His ears are slightly wide set, but he appears rather laid back in nature, and needs something to attract his attention to get him to use them better. He moved well, but a little more animation would benefit his stride. One to watch as he matures.                                                                        4th: Lycett’s: ILIAD ISLE of EWE Plain dark shaded dog of nearly 3 years. His GSW brother was shown in the next class. Both so similar in shape and type, but lacked neck in profile up against others today.                                                                                     5th: Stocks: SHEMIST SEA DRAGON BM approaching 5 years old in January. Very sound boy. Another who has done well for his owner, and no disgrace to be placed down the line in this very strong class.

LD: (10-0) – Another super class, and all present again. A shame there is only 5 places to award.                                                      1st: Walkers: TOORALIE’S OCHO RIOS (JW) WOW! this was my BIG surprise of the day! This Sheltie has been in the forefront since coming out after the lockdown period, and has been a consistent winner from then. Today I was pleased to be given the chance   to assess him, and find out what a nice dog he is. An attractive sheltie who’s general appearance takes the eye as he enters the ring. His head is balanced, with a lovely almond eye, obliquely set, well placed stop, rounded muzzle with flat cheeks, and ample under jaw. His ears are ideally placed, and well used, and he has a typical Sheltie expression. His neck is muscular, and feeds down onto well laid back shoulders, and a nicely angulated front with good length of upper arm, straight front, and padded feet. His body is strong with good spring of rib, a graceful sweep over the loins, sufficient bend of stifle and clean cut well let down hocks. His movement was effortless and was straight when viewed from both front and rear. His superbly presented coat fits his body well  and enhanced his outline. At 4.5 years old he is in lovely condition, and has come to his best. RES CC.                                          2nd: Bendelows: PITCH PERFECT at AMETHRICKEH Dark shaded dog of 3.5 years, who has also been seen at the top end of the class awards this year. Another who needs to be handled to assess his construction underneath a wealth of nicely turned out coat, the length of which gives the appearance of him being a little short on the leg. His head is of good length, although I would prefer  a slightly leaner skull and closer eye set. He possesses a masculine expression, but with no sign of coarseness. He has a good length of body, with deep chest, tight elbows, and broad muscular thighs. His hocks are short, and well let down. He moved positively showing good rear drive. I felt he couldn’t quite match one in outline today appearing a little shorter in neck, but I’m    sure he will continue to do well.                                                                                                                                                                    3rd: Isdales: VIEWDALE CUDDLY DUDLEY (JW) GSW who I judged as a 2 year old. He has now reached the age of 6, and has come on a long way since then. He has matured well, and has also sired some lovely offspring. Nice to see his owner out and about showing him again.                                                                                                                                                                                    4th: Bastiani & Johns: AUBERSWELL GHOST RIDER Pale gold sable of 3 years old. A large boy soundly built    but who’s full coat tended to obscure his outline.                                                                                                                                                                5th: Gruszka’s: JAPARO TIMELESS DESIGN for SAMPHREY GSW of 3.5 years old. Lovely head on this lad, but he still needs time     to  fill out in body, and drop into himself. A bit more drive at the rear would aid his rear movement.                                                         

OD: (8-4) - A super class of shelties full of quality and breed type.                                                                                                       1st: Robinson’s: LAVIKA DEEP BLUE OCEAN (Ch) Another WOW! This young blue also surprised me today. I have seen him win top awards from the lower classes, and thought he was too young and immature to attain these at the time, but I can now see why many judges have liked him. In profile, he represents a small working dog of great beauty. Being only 2.5 years, he still has to come to his best, but today, I couldn’t fault him on much at all. He is ideal for size, has a balanced head, with parallel planes, correctly placed blue eyes, slight stop, flat cheeks, and rounded muzzle with a good bite. His ears sit correctly on top of his flat skull, and   his face markings help produce a kind yet alert expression. His neck is of sufficient length with correctly angulated forequarters, elbows in line with his withers, straight front and neat oval feet. His body is filling out nicely, and is ideal in ratio. His hind quarters are well made, with distinct stifles, and short well angulated hocks which are straight when viewed from behind. His movement was very sound, showing good forward reach and plenty of drive from the rear. His coat fits his body but could be marginally better in colour and markings. CC & BOB. He was shortlisted in the PG, but was unsettled by a Pyrenean standing behind him when the group commentator told all the exhibits to bunch up at the top end of the ring!                                                                                  2nd: Stafford’s: RANNERDALE SHOWMASTER (Ch) (JW) GSW dog who has done some top winning and was also excellent to go over. He is up to size for me, but possesses some lovely standard points. He has the most beautiful headpiece, quite the classical type I like to see in a sable male. Refined and equal in length, smooth in outline, tapering from ear to nose. He has an obliquely set dark almond shaped eye, well placed stop, and rounded muzzle with good underjaw. His ears are perfectly placed, all combining   to give the most endearing yet masculine expression. His body is strong, and balanced in length to height. He has a level back and sweep over the loin, broad muscular thighs, good bend of stifle, and strong angular hocks. He covered the round well on the move, although he could not quite match one in front action today, but still a quality sheltie well worthy of his title.                                        3rd: Pearson’s: EDGLONIAN GOLDEN GRAHAM (Ch) Another well known exhibit from this established kennel, of whom I have judged many a lovely sheltie in the past. This lad is no exception, and has a lot of lovely attributes to offer the breed. He is always excellently turned out, and has that look at me attitude when performing in the ring, which helps when he is up against the best    in group competition. Comparing him against the best in the class today, I felt his head did not have the moulding I was looking for, and his movement although good appeared rather hurried. However, having said this he is still a nice example of the breed, and another Sheltie worthy of his champion title.                                                                                                                                         4th: Reeve’s & McCormick-Reeve’s: LONGRANGE MR DARCY at MCEEVES Tricolour of 3.5 years. Lovely intense black coat with       a rich tan, and also very well turned out. A strongly built Sheltie, with ample bone and substance. Typical head and expression      for a Tri. Moved soundly, just unfortunate to meet the others in hot competition today.

VD: (2-1) 1st: Pattinsons: KYLEBURN EVERLASTING DREAM SSW who was one day off 8 years old. I have judged him in the past, and still find him to be quite a soundly built dog. However, I am aware that he has not been too well this year, and I think this has taken its toll on him, as he has lost condition and is beginning to look rather tired. He was not present at the end of the judging    for the BV challenge.

GCD: (2-0) 1st: Saunders: GALATAUS BOHEMIA CLASSIC at T (imp cze) GSW of 21 months who was 3rd in the GD class. He certainly stands out with his glamorous looks and attractive face markings. He has a correctly placed dark almond shaped eye, with a slight stop, and smooth rounded muzzle with strong underjaw, although his ears are a little wide set and heavily tipped. He is a nice size, and well off for bone, but I would prefer a slightly longer neck, back, and loin. His movement was firm and steady.                        2nd: Bastiani & Johns: LIRREN SHOWTIME JOINS AUBERSWELL Tricolour approaching 4 years old who is nicely constructed, although he is a size too big for me. His head is lean and equal in length. His movement was difficult to assess today as he appeared a bit anxious about the floor markings.


I hope you have enjoyed reading about the boys, so now onto the girls. What a super class of MPB’s. It was a class of two halves – the younger end of the age group and the older end. I would have loved more places to award, but those who missed out on a card will surely have their turn another day.

MPB: (13-3) 1st: Hayhurst’s: KEYCHARM SAMBA 2nd: Hill’s: MOLSEN MINE TILL MIDNIGHT 3rd: Rossiter’s: MOLSON MORE ABOUT ME at COCARO These three pups were all so similar in type – the two placed 2nd & 3rd coming from the same litter. All sables,      KS was just 2 days off 8 months, whereas the sisters were a month younger. They are full of charm, have pretty heads with shapely bodies, and were all on a par re development for their age and showing much promise for the future. They all moved reasonably well and were not at all put off by their surroundings in the noisy hall. Good luck with them all.                                                         4th: Dicks: NATARA MOODY BLUES Another quality puppy of 7.5 months who also shows a lot of potential for the future. She is a lovely colour and has the most prettiest of heads, and sweetness of expressions. She nearly became the class winner here, but unfortunately, she was a little unsure of the ambiance in the hall, and wasn’t keen to move out round the ring, but I’m sure she’ll    go on to make a name for herself when she gains more confidence.                                                                                                        5th: Knotts: CAROLKIMILES AMATHYST - SW of 8 months with lots to like.

PB: (13-1) Another excellent class!                                                                                                                                                          1st: Brays: DANDLEWOOD KISS ‘N’ TELL at LIANBRAY (imp ned) GSW just out of MP by 3 days    in age. Another pretty puppy who appeals for her ideal size, and nice outline. She is feminine all through, and has a nice head with  a well placed eye, flat skull and correctly placed ears. More filling to her foreface would be desirable, but that can only come with age and maturity. She has a lovely arched neck, and good length to height, with a graceful sweep over the loins. Her angulations are sufficient, and she moved quite freely, although she needs to tighten a little in front. BPB & BVIB.                                                                                               2nd: Robinsons: LAVIKA LETECA Paler coloured sable of 11 months in full coat with much to like. Her head is nice and equally balanced with parallel planes, flat cheeks, and full muzzle. Her ears are of medium size, and placed correctly on top of her flat skull. She has a lovely arched neck, and is well developed in body for her age. Her movement was straight coming and going, but lacked a little in front reach compared to one.                                                                                                                                                    3rd: Allen & Allen’s: SANBRAKEL SUNSHINE BREEZE SW approaching 11 months who is quite mature for her age and who carries      a double harsh textured coat. She was also a little unsettled with her surroundings today, but when relaxed presented a nice shape  in profile and satisfactory movement. I hope she continues to grow in confidence.                                                                                     4th: Bendelows: JANCANSHE PURE LOVE Tri of 11 months sired by 2nd in LD. Nice for size, in full coat. Moved okay.                     5th: Bastani & Johns: RANNERDALE SHE’S A LADY of AUBERSWELL Promising GSW of just 6.5 months. Lovely shape, but still    very raw, and a little out of her depth in this strong class.

JB: (12-1) 1st: Pearson’s: EDGLONIAN SLACK ALICE Another mature bitch of 15.5 months, who has also won well as a puppy.        She possesses a nice outline showing off her long neck, level back, sloping croup, and matching angulations. Her head is a long blunt wedge of equal length, with correctly placed stop, rounded muzzle and good under jaw. She stands and shows well, and moved very freely showing good reach and drive, despite skipping over the floor markings. Size wise, I would prefer her slightly smaller in frame, but a quality bitch who I’m sure will go on to do more throughout her show career.                                                    2nd: Ritchie’s: JAELIS MYSTIQUE REALITY Richly coloured sable of 16 months, who like most juniors is going through a change of coat. She is nice for size, and has a lovely moulded head, balanced, with smooth rounded muzzle, and well developed in underjaw. Her ears are ideally tipped and correctly placed on top of her skull, although I would prefer a sweeter eye. She has a good length   of body, sweep over the loin, and sloping croup with correctly set on tail. In profile she lacked a little reach in neck. She moved okay. Another lovely sheltie with a positive outlook.                                                                                                                                    3rd: SANBRAKEL SUNSHINE BREEZE 4th: JANCANSHE PURE LOVE 5th: MOLSON MINE TILL MIDNIGHT

YB: (3-1) - Poor class in numbers and diversity in type.                                                                                                                                1st: Stafford’s: RANNERDALE QUEEN of the DARK (Ch) At 20 months this attractive tricolour already finds herself with an accredited title, and I can see why she has attained this at such a young age. She presents a lovely outline in profile, showing off a well arched neck, level back, and good angulations. Her head is nicely balanced, with flat skull, full muzzle, and definite if slightly deep stop.    A dark almond eye, and lovely rich tan face markings help to enhance her expression. She has good bone, and is in good muscular condition. Her movement was sound coming and going.                                                                                                                      2nd: Sutherlands: BEECHMERE BEAUTIFUL at HOLAMBER Pale gold sable just approaching 13 months. From the previous class this lass couldn’t quite match the maturity and development of who she was up against today, which is not a bad thing, and as we are  all aware some shelties take more time to develop and then blossom as adults. She has a pretty head, very feminine with a sweet expression, but is still a little fine at present, and needs time to mature on and settle in movement.

GB: (8-2) – Another class where front movement was questionable.                                                                                                    1st: Lewthwaites: RANNERDALE NOT ON YOUR NELLY Tricolour sister to Queen, plainer in markings, and smaller in frame, but possessing similar features with regards to her body make and shape. She has a sufficient length of neck and back, with good ribbing, sloping croup, well bent stifles and neat oval feet. Her head is wedge shaped, and she has a dark almond eye, but would benefit a little more underjaw. Generally, her movement was okay, but was a bit wide in front with a high stepping action. She was presented very well, and is a very attentive show girl.                                                                                                                          2nd: Walleys: SANDWICK SHOWGIRL SSW of 4.5 years who is similar in size and shape to one. She has a pretty head, albeit of    the shorter type, and her eye could be a little sweeter, but is all in proportion with her size. She has a sufficient length of neck,   and body with a level back, and nicely made hindquarters showing a graceful sweep over the loins, with ideal stifle angulations. She moved ok, but was also wide in front. She is a half sister to the GD winner. I have always admired her sire.                                    3rd: James: VALMAY IN VOGUE (JW) This SW is sired by 3rd in LD, and her dam was 2nd in PGB, and like them also has her JW title. I found her very similar in type to her dam, and much the same comments apply regarding her head type, construction and movement.                                                                                                                                                                                               4th: Ingrams: MOSARDI FORGET ME NOT - BM – 3.5 years. 5th: Crosbie’s: MOHNESEE MAGGIE MAY LANACY - SW – 22 months.

PGB: (3-1) - Another small class.                                                                                                                                                               1st: Whittington’s: ESTABON THREE KISSES for TIGHNESS (JW) Feminine tri one day over 6 years old. I judged her as a yearling,   and she doesn’t really seem to have aged much since then. She has the sweetest of heads, a lovely length of neck, level back, and excellent rear angulation. I preferred her front assembly to 2nd, although I felt she could still extend more in front movement. Her coat colour is the most intense black, but lacked the abundancy (apart from her foxy tail), compared to others today. I would also prefer a little more substance overall.                                                                                                                                                2nd: James: MOHNESEE MAYD MARION at VALMAY (JW) Another who I have also judged in the past – as a puppy I seem to recall. Now at 4.5 years she has matured on well. She has a wedge shape head with well filled muzzle, slight stop, a dark almond shaped eye, and correctly placed ears. She is ideal for size, and has good bone, and but her front movement was not so positive as one today which cost her the class.

LB: (8-1) An absolute top quality class.                                                                                                                                                    1st: Hills: MOLSON MOVIE STAR SW of 3.5 years, who was certainly the star of this class today. She took my eye for her shapely outline and general breed type. She is well put together, and has a well arched neck which merges into well laid back shoulders,     a level back, and a graceful sweep over the loins. Her one-piece head is smooth in outline, and presents a wedge shape tapering from ear to nose. She has a dark almond shaped eye, with good surrounding pigment, ideal stop and small ears correctly placed   on top of her skull. I loved her angulations both front and rear. She reached out well on the move with elegance and style. She didn’t appear over confident at first, but settled as the class moved on. I often wonder why her owner shows her charges facing back to front?                                                                                                                                                                                                2nd: Robinsons: LAVIKA LUCID DREAMS At just over 2 years, this pretty blue can only get better as she matures! She has so much to like about her and if I could have taken a sheltie home today, it would have been her! She is an ideal size, and again retains that perfect outline and balance I like to see in a blue. I can liken her shape to the picture of ‘She’s my Fancy of Shelert’ who appears    in the ESSC standard elaboration booklet. She has a gorgeous head, with the most exquisite dark brown obliquely set eye, and the sweetest of expressions. Her body is well developed with a well arched neck, sloping shoulders, well sprung ribs, and good rear angulations. She moved very well carrying an excellent top line, but didn’t come with her winter coat on today, but when she gets   it back, will likely trouble the best.                                                                                                                                                         3rd: Forster-Coopers: ALNMAC KILLER QUEEN Plain tri of 3.5 years, who does not always stand out in the crowd, and therefore needs to be handled to be appreciated. She is very nice to go over, as she is quite nicely put together, but she still has some developing to do in body and maturity. She appears rather laid back in nature, and could do with a bit more sparkle and animation on the move. She also lacked volume of coat and presentation of the winners today, but the basics are there.                                 4th: Mottrams: LUNDECOCKS THERE’S NO LIMIT at LOCHKAREN (imp swe) Richly coloured SW of 3.5 years. This quality sheltie  also deserves a mention as she too has all the essentials to take her to the top. She is spot on for size, has a nice head with an appealing expression, and moved okay. Her day will come, I’m sure.                                                                                                    5th: Raaff: MOLSON MISS CONGENIALITY for STORMRAVEN (See 4th in open).

OB: (8-1) Another excellent class of quality bitches. (A shame 2 had to go cardless)                                                                                 1st: Hills: MOLSON MONEYPENNY Beautiful SW who is litter sister to Star and is so similar in many ways. She is a picture of pure elegance and refinement, femininity and balance, her shape just flows from nose to tail. Her head is a correct wedge, smooth in outline tapering from ear to nose with parallel planes. She has lovely dark almond shaped eyes, and a correctly placed stop.        Her ears are small and are correctly placed on top of her skull. She has a well arched neck of sufficient length which flows down onto    a good lay back of shoulder with correct length of upper arm. She has lovely conformation, with just the right amount of bone and substance for her size. Her front is straight with strong but flexible pasterns. Her body ratios are ideal and she has a    deep chest reaching to point of elbow, with well sprung ribs, level back, a graceful sweep over the loins, and sloping croup.        Her hindquarters are also well made with distinct bend of stifle, and let down hocks, which are straight when viewed from behind. Her movement was very sound, showing good reach and drive as she covered the ground with the minimum of effort. She is in excellent condition and has a lovely double coat which enhanced her overall outline. On the day she presented a lovely picture      of what I had in mind to represent the standard, hence my choice for the CC. Jane told me afterwards that this award was her 3rd. She must be very proud of having bred two lovely Shelties from the same litter. I can certainly see why she kept both!                      2nd: Welfords: RISTINE EMERALD I judged this 4 year old tricolour as a puppy just one day before she turned a year old. Her owner wasn’t sure if she would continue to show her then, but I am so pleased she did, as she has matured well, and fulfilled the promise she showed back then. She has a lovely head for a tri, very smooth and clean in outline. Her skull is flat with ideal ear set and carriage. Her neck is muscular, and her shoulder and upper arm are of equal length. Her elbows are close to her body, and her forelegs are straight when viewed from the front with rounded bone and flexible pasterns. She has a good length of rib, but is a little long cast in body. Her back is level back with broad thighs, and a good bend of stifle. She moved very well on strong legs and feet showing good front reach, and plenty of rear drive. She was presented in full dense black, harsh textured coat, and put in a good performance all round. I was pleased to bring her back into the ring, to watch her move again, and award her the RCC.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              3rd: Hateleys: MOHNESEE ENCHANTED This 3 year old Sable is often up against strong competition, and today was no exception. As her name implies, I do find her quite enchanting! She has a sweet head with a lovely dark almond shaped eye obliquely set, and small ears that are perfectly placed, and well used. She has nice conformation, and is nicely balanced, but sometimes loses a little of her top line on the move. I’m sure she will continue to trouble the best in her goal to reach the upper house.                             4th: MOLSON MISS CONGENIALITY for STORMRAVEN Glamourous 2 year old GSW who was presented in pristine condition. Lots to like about her with nothing too much out of place, but just up against some hot competition today. I’m sure she will continue to gain some super wins.                                                                                                                                                                                     5th: Barrowclough’s SHADOWESS TRUE BLUE BM of 4 years. Spot on for size, and nicely constructed. Her blue colouring is bright and clear, and her coat fits her body, but she didn’t have the finish and maturity as the others placed ahead of her in this competitive class today.

VB: (6-2) 1st: Gruszkas: SAMPHREY SEA BREEZE This 9 year old is holding her age well. She has a lovely shape in profile with matching angulations front and rear, and has a nice lay back of shoulder with good ribbing, level back, and sweep over the loins. Her head is wedge shaped and of equal length, with a flat skull, and rounded muzzle, but probably due to her age her eye is a little full and round in shape, and her coat has lost its harshness in texture. She still shows and moves well. BVIB.                                 2nd: Whittingtons: TIGHTNESS THE TIDE IS HIGH GSW of 8 years who is finer built than one, and couldn’t quite match her in front conformation. Her outline shows off her well arched neck, with a proudly carried head, and she has that ‘look at me’ sweetest of expressions. She has a good length of body, level back, and graceful sweep over the loins with correct length tail. In movement  her front lacked extension, and she is also in the middle of changing her winter coat.                                                                              3rd: Ritchies: JAELIS MYSTIQUE REFLECTION (JW) Another richly coloured sable who I have admired in the past. Also, at 8 years she still retains a nice head, and sweet expression. She was not quite in full bloom today, and when standing looking up towards  her owner, made her front angulation appear straight in profile. Her sire is also a past favourite of mine.                                                 4th: Walleys: SANDWICK PRIMA DONNA At 7.5 years this Tri was the youngest of the girls in this class. She is also a nice representative of a sheltie, and moved and showed well.

GCB (1) 1st: Hicklings: SHELTISHA BELL of the BALL at NATARA (JW) BM of 4 years, up to size, who stood alone in this class, but well deserved her win. She has the most lovely moulded head with parallel planes, from a flat skull correct stop, and smooth well rounded muzzle. Her eye is dark, and almond shape, and her ears are correctly placed, although slightly heavier tipped. She has a good length of neck enhanced by a lovely white collar, and has a straight front with rounded bone but dips a little on the shoulder. She has well sprung ribs, and broad thighs with sufficient rear angulation. She moved well, and her lovely blue coat was superbly presented. I kept her in mind when it came to the challenge.

Judge: Lisa Pettitt