• Show Date: 26/02/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Linda Pack Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

English St Bernard Club

Breed: St. Bernard


I would like to thank the Officers and committee for inviting me to judge their championship show giving my first set of CC’s. I had two very good Stewards and I must also say thank you to the exhibitors for bringing some good quality dogs under me to go over.


Special Veteran Dog (1)

1st Forrest’s Mountsaviour Druesburg

7 years 9 months masculine Dog this dog has got better as he’s got older, strong head with dark eyes, defined stop and correct ear set, very muscled neck which leads to good lay of shoulder, good deep wide chest, correct angulation to front and back, strong bone with nice tight feet, his marking are correct, level top line on the move, the large ring worked to his advantage his strong powerful hind quarters really showed his drive off, tail set was good. Reserve Dog CC and Best Veteran in Show.

Minor Puppy Dog (2)

1st Ryan’s Grogu Wielkopolski Bernardyn

8 months old tall smooth puppy good dentition head needs to mature. He has a strong neck with correct lay of shoulder well off for bone, good angulation front and back moved ok needs to mature.

2nd Salter’s Zeus Alsani Giants

7 month old rough puppy that was also very young and needs to mature, nice defined stop ear was also correct, deep wide chest good angulation on front and rear well off for bone and tail set correct, started to move well but didn’t want to finish.

Puppy Dog (1)

1st Piciorus Falkor Saint Valley of Giantheaven

10 month old good strong head with medium dark eye, flat cheeks good strong neck, good angulation front and back with tight feet and correct tail set, moved ok. Best Puppy Dog

Junior Dog (3/2)

1st Bell & Jefferies Belfries Paco Rabanne

15 month old lovely strong masculine head, medium dark eyes with defined stop correct dew lap and ear set, strong muscular neck lovely lay of shoulder with deep chest, well off for bone, compact feet, level top line to correct tail set very well presented, moved well with ease looking forward to watching this young man grow.

2nd Milburn’s Dawstenbears Chasin Dreams

13 month old tall dog, large head refined stop flat cheeks medium size eyes, correct ear set and good teeth, good strong bone with tight feet, muscular neck and good lay of shoulder, good strong muscled on rear which helped his movement.

Yearling Dog (0)

Post Graduate Dog (3/1)

1st Forrest & Thomas Tombears Ready For Anything at Philandros

At 2 years is maturing into a good strong boy with a nice head and good dark eyes, short muzzle and defined stop, nice spring of ribs with good all-round angulation which helped him move well around the ring.

2nd Wright’s Tombears Mister Barista

Another 2 year old very similar to his brother in many ways having a strong head leading onto a nice neck, good angulation and also moved well.

 Limit Dog (1/1)

Bernmont Voljak

Had to withdraw as went lame on the move.

Open Dog (3)

1st MacDonald’s Times Are Changin

Caught my eye coming into the ring as a quality dog and he was a joy to go over, he had a strong dog type head with appealing tight eye, nice deep stop and broad muzzle, a correct ear set, lovely teeth, deep chest, good angulation, nice level topline, well-muscled with nice tight feet which gave him good strong movement with plenty of drive. Dog CC & Reserve Best in Show

2nd Forest & Thomas Tombears Who Dares Wins over Philandros. Now just over 4 I was interested to see he had matured well since I last judged him, he still has a nice head with dark eyes, ear set good, nice reach of neck with correct markings, good angulation, level top line and move really well.

3rd Lanes Lanebern Gladiator.

Again another good well balanced strong dog, still with a nice head, strong muzzle with dark eyes, correct ear set and a level topline with good loin, angulation good and well-muscled, moved well for his age.

Special Open Smooth Dog (1)

1st Ryan’s Grogu Wielkopolski Bernardyn

8 months old tall smooth puppy good dentition head needs to mature. He has a strong neck with correct lay of shoulder well off for bone, good angulation front and back moved ok needs to mature.


Special Veteran Bitch (2)

1st Macdonald’s Chedham Butter Wouldn’t Melt this 6 year old was another well presented strong bitch for her age she has a lovely head with dark tight eyes, good stop and broad muzzle, strong front with deep chest, lay of shoulder, correct level top line, nice Angulation and good muscle at rear, moved well.

2nd Butt’s Brightacres Your So Facey at 6 1/2 years old, looking good for her age, correct markings, feminine head, good tight eye with tight feet, deep chest moved well just starting to show her age.

Minor Puppy Bitch (0)

Puppy Bitch (2)

1st O’Riely’s Fantagira Wielkopolski Bernardyn

10 month old with lovely head with the sweetest expression nice stop, dark tight eyes, well boned but not over done at this age, nice wide front end, well bodied throughout, strong rear quarters with correct angulation moved out well and well presented . Best Puppy Bitch & BPIS.

2nd Sheehan’s Parleshan Coco Loco

11 months old, feminine head with broad muzzle, correct eyes and bite, good lay of shoulder, level top line, good movement.

Junior Bitch (3)

1st Sheehan’s Parleshan Jewel In the Crown

A good solid feminine young bitch, with clean dark eyes, well-muscled with good angulation moved nice with a good level top line both moving and standing.

2nd Gwilhill Forest Folk over Stagbatch

Good expression with good clean eyes, good tail set and top line, moved well

3rd Jackson’s Freddybears Golden Promise

Nice young Bitch which moved well with strong front end but fidgeted a lot

Yearling Bitch (0)

Post Graduate Bitch (3/2)

1st Lane’s Lanebern Svanasjons Quest For Success (imp)

This Bitch has a lovely head with good dark eyes and nice markings, with good muzzle and top line, good tight feet, moved really well and very well presented

Limit Bitch (1)


1st Salter’s Honey Androb Kennel (imp)

A cobby bitch which had plenty of bone, was nicely marked and had good clean eyes, nice shoulders, good angulation and she moved well.

Open Bitch (3)

1st Sheehan’s Parleshan Big Momma IR JCH CW19 an CH19

As I turned to look at these three bitches she caught my eye and going over her was a pleasure, her head was in good proportion with a well muscular body that was wide both front and back along good angulation allowed her to glide around the ring with ease, she showed her presence and was handled and moved expertly. Bitch CC & Best in Show

2nd Milburn’s Lazeybears Betty Boo at Dawstenbears

Another lovely bitch which was again was well presented and shown well, with her nice head and eyes, good teeth, nice reach of neck again with a wide chest and rear along with good top line made this class a hard one but on the day but 1st pipped it but she was Reserve Bitch CC

3rd Thomas’s Tombear Once Upon A Time

This bitch on the day came up against two strong bitches in front of her this cobby bitch has nice make and shape, dark eye, correct ear set, correct dentition, super front, well-muscled at rear, level top line especially on the move.

Special Open Smooth Bitch (1)

1st Lane’s Just Amber Dreams Become A Reality (Imp POL), This 4 year is a strong well boned smooth a good skull with dark eyes good spring of ribs, level topliner, tight feet she stood lovely and moved well stretched with intent. Best Smooth in Show


Mrs Linda Pack