• Show Date: 14/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Linda King Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Gordon Setter

Thank you for this lovely entry, all quality and when I looked at my two CC winners standing together to compete for BOB, they gave me shivers down my spine, the breed is in a good place I feel.

Puppy Dog

1. Ball’s Lignum Caribou, 10 mths with a pleasing outline, he moved soundly and steadily although he does tend to carry his tail a little too high, his handler needs a little more confidence with him. He has a pleasing head for his age and stage of development and I preferred it’s finish to that of the 2nd.

2. Morgan’s Caradilis Sky Rocket, at 9 mths, slightly younger than 1, he has a very nice outline and well set on tail which is carried correctly, very close up in almost all respects, but his body just needs to catch up with his head, promising.

Junior Dog

1. Mitchell’s Cafotalienz Thief of Hearts by Brobruick, 13 mths, neatly made , arched neck fitting cleanly in to shoulders, good tail set and carriage, moved confidently, well marked and shown in good coat and condition, he has a very pleasing masculine headpiece without being overdone in any way.

2. Ball’s Lignum Caribou

Post Graduate Dog

1. Henderson’s When I was Your Man Black Lofty, 2 yrs , attractive balanced head, very nice outline with good length of neck which fits cleanly in to shoulders, good tail set and carriage, moved soundly with drive, nicely marked and very well presented in great condition, Congratulations on winning the Special Beginners Group, well done.

2. Britton’s Graylacier Portreath, close up, strong and straight in front, moved steadily, well presented in good condition, preferred head of 1.

3. Johnston & Boxalls Ludstar Maccabee at Glenquin. Heavier type, not putting much in on the move.

Limit Dog

1. Phillip’s, Watkins’ & Miles’ Glenmaurangi Mandalorian, excellent symmetry, he looks perfect from any and every angle as he is correctly made throughout with no exaggerations, loved his masculine head of good shape and depth, superb outline, well boned and straight in front, deep brisket and good ribcage, his pelvis and tail set are excellent, he carries his tail correctly on the move, and it never stops wagging, he is a real showman which is an added bonus, wide well muscled quarters allow him to move soundly with drive and style, well marked and beautifully presented in great coat and condition, at only two years he has a bit of maturing to do, but he is one who will last and can only get better as he is already covered in stardust. Delighted to award him the CC which I believe is his 2nd & BOB and he was shortlisted in the group.

2. Bryant’s Kilnrae Hallmark, similar in many ways and close up to 1, unlucky to meet him in such sparkling form, lovely head and expression, with excellent outline, he moved with style and drive, I would just prefer rather more of him . Reserve CC.

3. Horler’s Hernwood Jack O’Lantern by Rackens. Lovely boy in all respects, but I preferred the heads of the two in front of him and he seemed to feel the heat a little more than they did on the move.

Open Dog

1. Sandiford & Lewis’s Sh Ch Hernwood Neptune Sea, lovely head and eye, pleasing outline, great depth to brisket, moved stylishly holding topline and with good tail carriage, very well handled and presented in good condition, neat feet. Preferred the more rugged style of my two main winners.

2. Halliday’s Yennadon Barra, close up, wide well muscled quarters, moved very soundly , attractive head and expression, he is workmanlike in all respects, which is not to his detriment, I preferred the feet of 1.

Special Beginners Dog/Bitch

1. When I Was Your Man Black Lofty

2. Britton’s Graylacier Classic Design, heavier type, reasonable outline though I would prefer a slightly longer neck, moved OK.

Puppy Bitch

1. O’Kelly & Hancock’s Caradilis Sparks Will Fly , Best Puppy in Breed.

2. O’Kelly & Hancocks’ Caradilis Little Sparkler Litter sisters and little between them, both have feminine well shaped heads and clean outlines, 2 just had a slightly more pleasing top line, but 1 was more confident and assured on the move, they will change places many times I am sure..

Junior Bitch

1. Sandiford & Lewis’ Hernwood Gin Fizz, feminine with good outline and tail carriage, good depth to body , straight front, neat feet with clean upright pasterns, moved soundly with drive, well marked and shown in excellent coat and condition.

2. Hardy’s Cafotaliena Hello My Love, slightly shorter in back, promising with all the essentials, in need of more confident handling, particularly on the move.

Post Graduate Bitch

1. Boxall’s Laurelhach Renaissance. Lovely headed 19 mths B, super outline and tail carriage, sound , assured and confident mover, well presented in great condition, good markings, just needs maturity for higher awards.

2. Lines’ Flaxheath All That Jazz, moved really well once she warmed to the task, pleasing head, good outline and correct tail carriage, shown in good coat and condition, preferred feet of 1.

3. Brown’s Cairacailie Chianti with Marshmoor, sound and close up, completed a nice trio.

Limit Bitch

1. Johnstons Glenquin Phoenix, fits smoothly and seamlessly together with no exaggerations, she has a beautiful balanced head and everything else about her is in total balance, her wide powerful quarters allow sound effortless movement displaying style and verve , shown in excellent condition, she is quality and class from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail, a daughter of Freddie and for me she fits the same template. I gave her a 1st at Windsor in 2019 with a different handler, and my critique then said she had ‘the stardust’ , she now absolutely sparkles with it and has the maturity that she lacked then. Delighted to award her the CC, her second.

2. Boxalls Laurelhach Ovation, younger and lacking the maturity and coat of 1, but close up in most respects, another Freddie daughter who fits the same template, most pleasing top line and tail carriage, shown in great condition and moved soundly with verve.

3. Ackerley-Kemps Yennadon Glenlossie, very sound, but not cooperating with her handler, she seemed to want to be elsewhere.

Open Bitch

1. Upton Lovett & Uptons Roydack Portrait of A Lady, upstanding with pleasing head and expression, correct top line and tail carriage, straight in front with good depth to brisket , sound mover.

Veteran Bitch

1. Ackerley-Kemps Sh Ch Yennadon Reiver, 7yrs and possibly now at her best, an enthusiastic showgirl ,very well muscled and presented in excellent condition, moved soundly and stylishly with drive, pleasing head piece, she fits together smoothly and stands on strong limbs and neat feet. Unlucky to meet the CC winner in such excellent form. Reserve CC & Best Veteran in Breed.

2. Nagatys Ch Foresters Xclusive Edition of Darkmoor at Marlbeck. 9 yrs and close up, shown in great condition with excellent front assembly, pleasing head but lacked drive on the move. Unfortunately this owner’s dogs did not benefit from having to be moved by other handlers, which was a shame.

Linda King (Judge)