• Show Date: 14/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Linda King Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Irish Red & White Setter

A small but quality entry , both my CC winners took my breath away with their sparkling quality and soundness and they looked such a beautiful pair when competing for BOB.

Puppy Dog

1. Jakins’ Coolfin Murchard, upstanding 7 mths, who moved stylishly, good islands of colour, head a little refined at the moment and he needs time to strengthen and mature in to his frame.

Limit Dog

1. Tait’s Talintyre Winter Shadow, muscular and athletic in build, moved with verve and style, shown in excellent condition with good islands of colour, pleasing head and eye, good front assembly and powerful quarters, still has a lot of maturing to do. I note he is a son of Sleeping Beauty .

2. Catton & Cooks Daithi Shadow Dog with Ferngate, well made and close up but not the muscular athleticism and strength of 1, being slightly more refined all through, pleasing outline and tail carriage.

Open Dog

1. Gardners Sh Ch Alanea Game Reserve with Danwish, at 6 years he is of mature, strong athletic build, very pleasing head and expression, shown in great condition and handled to advantage, best mover in this very nice class, displaying real drive, soundness and style, Reserve CC.

2. Cuddy’s Sh Ch Taxus Golden Prince in Balbriggan, technically a Veteran, I preferred this boy’s head and markings, very well made all through and close up all the way, very slightly longer in back than 1 , he is a very sound mover but could not match the winners drive and style.

3. Martins Laoirebay Steel Blue Ocean at Shannonstyle, this is a slow maturing breed , he is younger and still has more to come.

Veteran Dog

1. Birch & Wests Sh Ch Corranroo Camero at Hitides, this beautifully made almost 8 year old has everything to like about him, athletically made and standing on good limbs and feet, lovely head of good shape, super expression and beautifully marked, excellent outline and tail carriage, wide powerful quarters propel him soundly around the ring with drive and style, a real showman and a perfect example of a slow maturing breed. I have given him a Group previously, thought him stunning then and he gave me no reason to change my mind today, CC and Best Veteran in Breed. Just not the verve of the BCC in the Challenge.

Post Graduate Bitch

1. Harts Berryessa Ballderg with Gilligrae, pleasing head and expression, well marked with good outline, stands on strong limbs and neat feet, strong in neck and straight in front, good tail carriage, moved soundly with drive.

2. Soper’s Cantabyred Miss Magic, not the confidence of 1, well marked attractive head, she stands on good feet and limbs , moved with style.

Open Bitch

1. Taits Sh Ch Lovenjoel Sleeping Beauty, at almost 7 yrs she is the full package, athletically built girl, not a big one, but fits together so smoothly and seamlessly, totally balanced and full of quality , she has a beautiful head and expression, excellent marking, a lovely firm top line, correct tail carriage, wide powerful hind quarters which she uses to move like the proverbial dream, free striding with soundness , style and class. I was the judge at her very first show, when she would not stand and her owner became a total quiver because of it, that day it was on the move that she became a revelation and I had no hesitation in awarding her a deserved very first Red Card. She is still that beautiful revelation on the move which takes ones breath away, but on her journey, the fairies have waved their magic wand over her and she has matured in to a stunning example of this lovely breed . I was delighted to award her the CC & BOB, and Many Congratulations on gaining Gundog Group 4. I note that both CC winners were by the same sire, Malachi, who must have made a great contribution to the breed if these two are anything to go by.

2. Gardners Sh Ch Charnborough Charisma of Danwish, quality , sturdy and strongly built, but still quite a youngster and giving away a lot in maturity, pleasing throughout with correct top line and close up in all respects, nicely marked and moved very soundly. Reserve CC.

3. Walkers Sh Ch Zendarric It’s A Kind of Magic Within Wroxham. Very stylish and worthy Champion, completed a lovely trio, this was a very nice class indeed.


Linda King