• Show Date: 13/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Linda Harvey major Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Retriever (Labrador)

Retriever (Labrador)

BOB A Sense of Pleasures John Boy to Frewlings (Imp Deu) (Mrs M W Mcculloch)

DCC A Sense of Pleasures John Boy to Frewlings (Imp Deu) (Mrs M W Mcculloch)

RDCC Victor Victoria's Stand by Me (Mrs E Spriet)

BCC Sh Ch Rochevale Once Upon A Time (Miss C Rowe)

RBCC Carpenny Berry (Mrs P Carpanini)

BP Tullochmohr Final Hurrah (Mrs D Tulloch)

BV Dylsonleigh Tickled Pink (Mrs G Flockton)


Class Results

2966. Retriever (Labrador) - Veteran Dog

Entries: 27 Absentees: 10

1ST Int/multi Ch Secret Way to My Heart of Labgold (Mrs Pastusiak)

Yellow of good substance, firm fit condition, in good coat, focused expression, never stopped showing, moved like a train around the ring for his handler and shown to perfection.

2ND Sh Ch Richbourne Londoner JW (Mrs S & Miss B Wiles)

Clean in outline, Yellow good turn of stifle, masculine head with kind expression, good fore chest and well sprung rib, moved steady

3RD Multi Ch Dolbia Casanova (Mr M Fosciak)

Another lovely yellow, super top-line, and correct tail set, neat feet in good coat and condition, gentle expression and covered the ring well on the move

RES Sh Ch Millroseglen Make My Day with Meadovillabs (Mr P & Mrs T Mccrory)

VHC Sh Ch Poniel Reason to Believe at Bruadarach ShCM ShCEx (Mrs S Parker)

2967. Retriever (Labrador) - Minor Puppy Dog

Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1ST Potterzuri Chip of The Old Block (E & E Young & Parkes)

Yellow with good top-line and tail set, balanced and compact, well built for his age, appealing head and expression, nothing overdone, just what he should be for his age, moved with ease.

2ND Streamanda Balla Balla with Warringah (Mr D Coode )

Chocolate of good size, exuberant boy with good bone and neat feet, well muscled , good topline and substance, correct otter tail, and moved well

3RD Landebec Happy Hour with Tipibear (Ms A E & Mr T M & Dr N Broadburn & Lawson & Sarti)

Yellow, well balanced and clean in lines, sweet expression on well made head, good turn of stifle and second thigh, adequate bone and coat, steady mover.

RES Lonicerium Jack Sparra (Mr D & Miss T J Falshaw & Elliott)

2968. Retriever (Labrador) - Puppy Dog

Entries: 8 Absentees: 2

1ST Tullochmohr Final Hurrah (Mrs D Tulloch)

Loved this black boy the first time I saw him and he has only got better with age, melting expression on well made head with correct stop, lovely reach of neck, good depth of brisket, so clean in outline which draws the eye to him, perfectly balanced throughout, well turned stifle with good with of thigh, moved so well for a youngster, Shown to perfection by his handler, Delighted to award him Best Puppy Dog with my Co Judge

2ND Baileydale Puff Daddy JW (Mr A & Mrs J Metcalfe)

Black slightly bigger than first place, split hairs between the first two, really liked him, correct top-line, tail set and otter tail, well constructed head, deep in body, good bone and neat feet, in good double coat and cover the ring with purpose.

3RD Timouron Secret Liaison (Mrs C & Mr D Allen)

Black with beautiful head and good reach of neck, balanced, moved well and should be proud of his 3rd place in a quality class

RES Langanhoe Hastings (Mrs K M Wightman)

VHC Sanglier from Rags to Riches (Mr C Hinkley)

2969. Retriever (Labrador) - Junior Dog

Entries: 18 Absentees: 5

1ST Tuure of Finnwoods (Mrs K Becker)

Yellow, love this boy so square and compact, lovely angulation throughout, nothing overdone here, beautiful well made head with biddable expression, Lovely depth of fore chest strong neck leading into well placed shoulders, level top-line, correct tail set and strong quarters which gave him drive on the move

2ND Glosmere Ragamuffin (Mrs M J & Miss N Hutchinson)

Black a little shorter on the leg but nevertheless well balanced and compact, attentive to his owner, kind expression, in excellent double coat with hard topcoat, good otter tail, well boned with neat feet, steady mover and covered the ring well

3RD Apollo Daydream (Mrs E Young)

Yellow, not so sure of himself, but confident on the move, well made head, melting expression, clean outline, and in good coat.

RES Flyenpyg Pie Eyed JW (C M Smith)

VHC Carpenny Padraig (Mrs L A Bond)

2970. Retriever (Labrador) - Yearling Dog

Entries: 20 Absentees: 5

1ST Farbrae Good to Go (Mr A, Mrs M & Miss M Brown)

Yellow boy, impressive, short coupled in appearance, excellent condition and full coat, square and balanced, flowing lines, deep in chest, typical Labrador outline, well made head, well defined stop, and good length of muzzle, good barrelled rib and depth of brisket, strong hindquarters, moved sound and true.

2ND Alkhamhurst Moment of Truth (Mrs M A Woodley)

Another lovely black that could change places on another day, lovely clean reach of neck flowing correctly angulated shoulders, into level top-line with correct tail set and otter tail, broad skull, a little longer in muzzle, excellent construction and angulation with good second thigh, neat feet and good bone, really fir movement with good driving action.

3RD Balladoole Captain Tom (Miss K Druggan)

A well made Yellow dog, compact and beautifully out together, good reach of neck, deep in rib , good sweep of neck and straight topline, gentle expression on well made head, moved with purpose.

RES Tylersgreen Narsil at Timouron (Mrs C & Mr D Allen)

VHC Ansjoros Flash Guy (Ms R Hofma)

2971. Retriever (Labrador) - Undergraduate Dog

Entries: 20 Absentees: 5

1ST Carriegame Carry On Camping avec Isaiki (Mr J Lawson)

Chocolate, well made and of good substance, in good coat and condition, correct dark eye, coat colour and pigmentation, well angulated shoulders, good turn of stifle, well muscled throughout, just needs to settle with handler on the move but then moved with drive, could go a lot further just needs to be handled better.

2ND Ffurador First Past The Post (Mrs M J & Mr K F Tipson)

Another chocolate, powerfully built and well put together, a little bit longer in the body, good fore angulation and turn of stifle, kind in head, good double coat, well boned with neat feet, and good hindquarters that powered his movement With drive.

3RD Stelainros Wabana (Mrs E R & Mr S C Wilson)

A bigger dog, well made head with typical Labrador expression, good clean fore chest with deep rib and corrects angukation throughout, level topline, just carried hie tail a little high on the move but covered the ring with purpose.

RES Clanfield Highland Piper (Mr & Mrs A Davey)

VHC Balardor Celebration Time Jch Ger, Jch Vdh, Jch Lcd, Jch Lux (Mrs Pia Banach)

2972. Retriever (Labrador) - Graduate Dog

Entries: 16 Absentees: 2

1ST Dolwen Stargazer (Mr Arwyn & Mrs Sian & Mrs Einir Ellis & Ellis & Matulla)

Won his place in a strong class of competition, Lovely yellow with well constructed head and kindest of expression , so clean in neck and good reach going into well placed, strong shoulders, square and compact throughout, nothing overdone about this boy, excellent double coat with good hard topcoat, well barrelled rib with good depth, correct turn of stifle with a good second thigh, enabled him to have a strong drive and move with a purpose

2ND Saranden Shadeuxplay (Mr D N & Mrs S A Mclellan)

Black, super clean outline, good clean sweep of neck, level in his top-line with good tail set, correct otter tail, Good double coat with thick undercoat and correct hard topcoat, strong on bone and nicely shaped feet, deep in body with good heart room, soft and kind dark eye on well constructed head with correct stop and length of muzzle. Moved soundly

3RD Cremino Calabrese (Mrs J & Mr G Johnson)

Yellow competing in this strong class all first three lovely dogs that could change places, lovely head and expression, beautiful front, well sprung rib, well angulated strong hindquarters, moved with power, just out of coat on the day

RES Carpenny Kipling (Miss L J & Mrs P Finney & Carpanini)

VHC Steeleigh Love Machine (Mrs P L Lesley)

2973. Retriever (Labrador) - Post Graduate Dog

Entries: 17 Absentees: 1

1ST Arrowmoy Someone to Watch over Me (Mrs. M. Walsh)

well made throughout, with the kindest of expression showing a will to please and a well constructed head, clean in neck, well placed shoulders, level top-line and tail set, with a good otter tail, clean lines with good angulation, well boned, tight feet, and powerful on the move,

2ND Royalty at Bannabeach Victor Victoria's (N & D Callaghan)

Chocolate of good substance elegant and upstanding, good coat colour, eye colour and pigmentation, in excellent condition, pleasing head and expression, correct angles throughout, moved with a strong driving action, carrying his tail a little high but not gaily

3RD Beskerby Pageant (Mr & Mrs R I & Miss M Dawson)

Another lovely yellow dog from this kennel, a good honest quality dog with balance and substance, good bone and angulation, correct coat, clean outline and lovely angulation throughout, gentle in head with melting expression, free flowing in movement around the ring.

RES Carromer Tegulia by Keeninspires (Mrs S Perkins)

VHC Sleddarwood Sako Flyer over Steeleigh JW (Mrs P L Lesley)

2974. Retriever (Labrador) - Mid Limit Dog

Entries: 20 Absentees: 4

1ST Victor Victoria's Stand by Me (Mrs E Spriet)

Wow, This dog took my eye as soon as he came in the ring, Pleased to award him the Reserve CC, it was a very close decision between him and the CC Winner.

Upstanding Darker yellow, superb flowing outline, showing lovely old fashioned breed type, defiantly a star in the making, correct shape head with good stop and muzzle length, beautiful intelligent expression, clean in neck and well proportioned shoulder, straight top-line of the back with correct tail set and otter tail, good size withers, Great second thigh, well sprung in rib, short coupled and such a sound mover, shown to perfection, what's not to like!

2ND Lembas Maui (Mr C J & Mrs C E Mills)

Black, I did not appreciate how well made this dog is until going over him, lovely head with gentle expression to his owner, clean good reach of neck and powerful shoulders, deep in fore chest and has an excellent spring of rib, his angulation is correct for and aft, well boned and muscled and had a free and easy movement around the ring.

3RD Globetrotter Lab's Valley at Brigburn (Mrs L Heron)

Another lovely black in a super class, in excellent condition, well muscled through out with good clean outline, in good double coat and has a correct otter tail, firm across the loin, well made fore chest with good heart room, good turn of stifle, and well boned, lovely steady powerful mover.

RES Warringah's The Bluff JW (Mr D Coode)

VHC Mafia Lab's Taboo Webster at Balladoole JW (Miss K Druggan)

2975. Retriever (Labrador) - Limit Dog

Entries: 16 Absentees: 3

1ST A Sense of Pleasures John Boy to Frewlings (Imp Deu) (Mrs M W Mcculloch)

What can I say, this black dog has the most beautiful expression, a masculine head focused, with no hint of coarseness, appealing, gentle, biddable, that melts the heart. Excellent front construction, fit and athletic body that is well muscled throughout and sturdy hindquarters ,strong pasterns, lovely otter tail with correct wrap, compact and balanced, with an outline that draws the eye in the ring, in excellent coat with plenty of undercoat and hard topcoat, well boned and lovely rounded feet, moved accurately with power and drive, good extension to freely to cover the ring, he has the most excellent flowing lines and clean profile, delighted to award him the CC and for him to go Best of Breed on the Referee decision

2ND Pongo (Mrs Stéph Airault)

yellow of good type, lovely head, broad skull, with correct length of muzzle clean in neck , correct top-line with good tail carriage ,sturdy strongly built, well angulated throughout, good bone and neat feet, short coupled, overall good shape and balance, in good double coat, fit for purpose and had a steady driving movement very at one with its owner.

3RD Ramsayville Revolver (Mr A, Mrs M & Miss M Brown)

Black, a little longer in body, appealing head and expression, lovely reach of neck and well positioned shoulder leading into level topline and correct tail set, lovely rounded neat feet, excellent bone, deep in rib with good spring, shown to perfection and moved so well.

RES Carriegame Moonshine (Mr W & Mrs G Dodd)

VHC Berolee Tom Ford (Mr B J & Mrs S A Marskell)

2976. Retriever (Labrador) - Open Dog

Entries: 24 Absentees: 6

1ST Halshimoor Pitch Battle at Shanorrell (Mr & Mrs M J, Miss L & Mr & Mrs D P Rawlinson & Balshaw)

Yellow I have often admired, beautiful expression on a very well made head that is masculine but not overdone, exudes typical breed type, with balance and compactness, well muscled throughout and carries a good double coat, moved cleanly holding his top-line and tail carriage correctly at all times.

2ND Saranden Pensacola (Mr D N & Mrs S A Mclellan)

Chocolate who well deserved his second place in a top quality class, beautiful head with kind expression, lovely dark eye colour and pigmentation I expect in a chocolate, rich dark double coat deep in fore chest with plenty of heart room, well sprung barrelled ribs, powerful depth of body,strong bone and firm feet, super movement that draws your eye to him,

3RD Sharouns Ventriloquist for Tempaskell JW (Mr S Williamson)

Another lovely yellow dog again I have admired in one of the most quality classes today, looking well on the day, he presented the perfect picture, gentle in head, clean in neck, strong shoulders, and deep in body with good spring of rib, so well balanced, has come back in good hard condition is fit for purpose, steady mover with a good driving action

RES Sh Ch Naiken East Meets West (ai) JW (Mr & Mrs A R V & Miss R Hodge)

VHC Sh Ch Trendlewood Born to Run JW (Mr D L & Mrs F E M Braddon)

2977. Retriever (Labrador) - Field Trial Dog

Entries: 6 Absentees: 3

1ST Sarnesfield Trooper (Mr A J Griffiths)

Darker yellow Agile dog, with good bone and substance, kind in head, powerful shoulders, looks as though he has a strong will to please, short dense coat with good undercoat, loins strong wide, short coupled and strong. not carrying any excess weight and in good hard muscle condition, covered adequate ground on the move

2ND Ffynongain Buzzard of Wauniago (D Mike Jones)

Fit for purpose, nothing overdone, in good condition, with good coat, kind in expression, well muscled, carried a firm topline on the move and went around the ring with a good driving action.

3RD Hanrebor Jack Snipe Ftw (Mr A Slingsby)

Another well made dog fit for the job he has to do, again, good bone and tight feet, deep in body and a free mover.

2978. Retriever (Labrador) - Special Working Gundog Dog

Entries: 5 Absentees: 2

1ST Ch Mattand Exodus JW (Ms S Lambert)

Yellow In excellent condition, super coat with good hard top coat, quality throughout, excellent bone and well muscled, Typical head with the kindest gentlest expression, honest friendly temperament, structurally sound throughout, so well balanced with good angles, still has good sweep of neck and able to carry a level topline on the move, so positive in drive to cover the ring

2ND Ch Wynfaul The Wizard JW (Mrs M A Percival)

Smart black, beautifully made head with good length of muzzle, kindest intelligent expression, short coupled and balanced throughout, well muscled condition, in excellent coat, lovely clean outline, very typical of the breed standard, powerful depth of body and correct angulation, which gave him a lovely straigh and true movement

3RD Woodmist Wesley Sgwc (Mrs K J Godden)

Chocolate, strongly made , kind in expression, deep in body, carried his top-line well with good tail set, excellent barrelled ribcage, strong second thigh, and positive mover

2979. Retriever (Labrador) - Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog

Entries: 16 Absentees: 0

1ST Sh Ch Naiken Elite Envoy (ai) JW Ir Jun Ch (Mr & Mrs A R V & Miss R Hodge)

Lovely Chocolate, correct head and nothing overdone for me, gentle and appealing in expression and biddable with his owner, clean reach of neck, firm top-line, and correct tail set, in tip top condition, excellent coat colour, eye colour and good pigmentation, deep in chest with good spring of rib, powerful quarters, enabling him to have a free flowing but driving action on the move, won this class with ease and considered in the final three for the CC.

2ND Shaymiloney Senate JW (Miss J E Bold)

Black well made and well bodied, , lovely clean outline showing all the correct angulation, in good double coat, firm muscled throughout,

3RD Flyenpyg Porky Pig JW (C M Smith)

Yellow kind in head, happy personality, clean in neck good top-line, well sprung in rib, good double coat, strong steady mover.

RES Carromer Tegulia by Keeninspires (Mrs S Perkins)

VHC Lyjansen Simba's Savanna (Mr S & Mrs J Jenner)