• Show Date: 18/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Chinese Crested

Darlington Dog Show Society

18th September 2022

Chinese Crested

Judge: Miss L Tarabad (Khatibi)

I was pleased with the entry which seemed to be numerically typical for the breed these days. Unfortunately the weather turned rather chilly with a cold wind that none of the dogs appreciated so assessing them on the table was a little challenging and they weren’t all very relaxed standing on the floor. However it was nice to see such nice temperaments, none unduly nervous, movement overall was sound and condition and presentation was good. 

Veteran Dog (2) A nice start to the entry with 2 lovely veterans.

1. Crow’s Ch. Just Kidding Of Angel’s Legacy at Casacavallo JW Shcm. Almost 9 yrs old, but you’d never know! In quite outstanding condition, well muscled, beautiful skin and furnishings, showing his heart out and obviously loving every second of being in the ring. Graceful in outline with long neck, good shoulders, broad chest, well ribbed back to strong loin and super rear assembly. Masculine head with a nice expression, dark eyes and well set large ears that he uses perfectly. His movement is superb, effortless and purposeful with wonderful reach and drive, maintaining his outline perfectly, accurate out and back and always standing to attention to really make the best of himself. BV and took Veteran group 1 in strong competition later in the day, well done.

2. Masters’ Esquimaux Skin Deep. Another lovely veteran who also hides his age well and at 10years old is still in super condition. Not the showman of 1 so didn’t make the most of himself and wasn’t enjoying the cold! Nice head shape with dark almond shaped eyes, nicely balanced length of muzzle, well tapered and neatly finished, could have used his ears more to enhance his expression. Soundly made with good topline, broad chest, good ribbing, tuck up and correctly angulated rear. In first class condition, well muscled with nice skin and furnishings. Moved well in all directions just couldn’t match the stylish gait of 1.

Minor Puppy Dog (2)

1. Frame’s Elfallons Desert Warrior. Very outgoing baby of a good size and shape. Nice head and expression with dark eyes and large well set ears. Good topline, ribs and chest need time to develop, good bone. Moved happily.

2. Simm’s Ben-Ezhar For Ever and a Day. pp who wasn’t very sure of himself to start with but did start to improve as the class progressed. Appealing expression with correctly set ears, good reach of neck, well sprung ribs and correctly angulated rear. Needs to settle more on the move.

Puppy Dog (4)

1. Dixon’s Debrita Dragons Den. Nice quality h/l with lovely skin and furnishings. Liked his size and shape with good front and rear angulation, firm topline, good spring of rib and moderate tuck up. Nice head shape of good length and proportions with well tapered muzzle, correctly set large ears and dark eyes. Sound on the move holding his outline well, I think he would have made more of himself in warmer weather! BPD

2. Crow’s Mano Ponis Guru at Casacavallo. Another nice puppy of a different type to 1 but plenty to like. Handsome head with well finished muzzle, dark expressive eyes, lean cheeks, large ears just a little higher set than ideal. Small and graceful in outline with sound construction throughout and accurate, purposeful movement to match. I think will make an impressive adult once he matures and settles a little more.

3. Simpson’s Rominjay’s Look and Stare.

Junior Dog (1)

1. Parker’s Doonbeg Carbon Copy at Khatira. Smart, elegant h/l presented in super condition and handled to an advantage. Masculine head with correct length of muzzle, nicely tapered and finished, well spaced dark eyes and correctly set ears used well. Smart outline with level topline, good chest and ribbing, decent shoulders and correctly angulated rear. Beautiful skin and furnishing, gleaming with health. Moved with a nice flowing gait, looking particularly good in profile, a little untidy coming towards. Still a youngster and with a little more maturity I think will be a contender for higher honours.

Post Grad Dog (3)

1. Parker’s Doonbeg C C at K. (see JD)

2. MacKay’s New In Town of Angel’s Legacy at Tarabish. A rather nice h/l who scored on the move carrying himself with head held high, topline firm and tail carried perfectly, covering the ground with ease. Small and soundly made with good breadth of chest, well sprung ribs, slight tuck up and nice sweep of stifle. Nice head and expression with dark eyes, well tapered and finished muzzle, good ears and lean cheeks. Lovely temperament.

3. Hopkins’ Chestnutcres Sunny.

Limit Dog (5)

1. Frame’s Elfallons Little Dragon. This one really wasn’t impressed with the chilly wind and I’m sure could have been a contender for higher awards on a different day! Regardless, in this class he was the most accurate on the move and pleased for size and type. Small and elegant with a beautiful head, nicely chiseled with lean cheeks, well balanced length of muzzle, tight lips and dark, correctly shaped eyes. Well angulated fore and aft with good chest and ribbing, straight front, level topline, slender legs, moderate tuck up and well muscled rear. Came alive on the move circling the ring with a typical action holding his outline firm and head high, accurate out and back. An appealing type in optimum condition with nice skin and furnishings.

2. Parker’s Ynchreenoo Black Magic at Khatira. p/p who caught my eye immediately being quite the impressive showman, presented to perfection and always standing to an advantage. Masculine head with strong muzzle of the correct length, dark, correctly shaped eyes, lovely ear set and carriage, used well to enhance his expression. Good reach of neck with lovely head carriage, level topline, well ribbed back to strong loin and well constructed rear. Very impressive moving in profile head held high, topline firm and with very accurate footfall. Not quite as good out and back as 1 and tail carriage could be better but overall a very appealing package.

3. Master’s Doucai’s Show Boy.

Open Dog (3)

1. Crow’s Ch. Estillinis Silver Surfer at Casacavallo JW. I awarded this boy the rcc last time I judged (behind his kennelmate), 3 years on he continues to impress and at nearly 6 years old is still in the most fabulous condition. Standing to attention at all times showing off his impressive outline with lovely reach of neck, firm level back, straight front with slender legs, good lay of shoulder, lovely chest and ribbing and well muscled, correctly constructed rear. Attractive, correctly shaped head with clean cheeks, correct length of muzzle, tight lips, large ears and correctly shaped eyes. On the move his sound construction and fabulous condition is plain to see, striding out purposefully with plenty of reach and drive covering the ground with such ease and accuracy. A really impressive dog who stood out in the challenge and did more than enough to take the DCC.

2. Dunlop & McLellan’s Ch. Habiba Boy Trouble. Another I have met before, as a young puppy, so it was nice to see him fully mature as an adult. Masculine head of good length with clean cheeks, well balanced length of muzzle, dark almond shaped eyes and large, low set ears. Long neck into impressive front assembly with lovely chest, well laid shoulders with good length of upper arm, well ribbed back, good length of body, moderate tuck up and correctly angulated rear. Moved with plenty of reach and drive, presented in optimum condition, muscular with smooth skin and good furnishings. RCC.

3. Ousbey’s Imp Birchvolgyi Indigo Malverne Shcm.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

1. Lane’s Konishiki Aurora. Gorgeous 8month old baby with such a nicely balanced outline. Good reach of neck, straight front with slender legs, good chest and ribbing for age, perfect topline, well rounded rear, nice sweep of stifle and parallel rear. Such a pretty, correctly shaped head with nicely tapered muzzle, finished neatly with tight lips, lean cheeks, well spaced eyes and correctly set and carried ears. Moving confidently around the ring carrying her head high, topline firm and carrying tail correctly. Beautifully presented with lovely skin and furnishings, already maturing well for such a young age and certainly could be a contender for top honours. I would be surprised if she didn’t gain her title.  

2. Frame’s Elfallons Naked Angel. 7 month baby who wasn’t as settled as 1 so didn’t make the most of herself on the move, but is a lovely type. A touch bigger all through than 1 with well balanced length of body, ample reach of neck, slender legs and sound front and rear assembly. Sweet expression with dark, correctly shaped eyes and large erect ears. Moved well when she settled.

Puppy Bitch (2,1)

1. Dixon’s Debrita Dragon Queen. Another exciting puppy with a super attitude in the ring, really making the most of herself. Lovely outline with long elegant neck into well laid shoulders, straight front, perfect topline, well rounded rear, parallel and with good width, tail set and carried correctly. Well developed chest and ribbing for her age with moderate tuck up and strong loin. Attractive head, correctly shaped with good length of muzzle, slight stop, well chiselled cheeks, dark, almond shaped eyes and large erect ears. Beautiful skin and furnishings. Moved with a lovely length of stride, driving well from behind, carrying her head high and topline firm. I thought she was superb and would have had no problem signing a big green card for her, however on this occasion she had to settle for the small one! Still has maturing to do but quite obviously champion quality. BP, RCC.

Junior Bitch (3,1)

1. Gudgin’s Scherzando Quaver at Jassendue. 17month h/l who won here on her accurate movement although front needs to settle. Good shape and size, presenting a decent outline as she settled, level topline, moderate tuck up, correctly angulated rear and well set and carried tail. Pleasing head with low set ears, good length of muzzle, slight stop and dark eyes.

2. Kerry’s Godpekiki Viva Abdromeda. Rather raw p/p who needs a lot of time to mature in body. Nicely chiselled feminine head with dark eyes and neatly finished muzzle. Moved happily with good head carriage.

Post Grad Bitch (4,2)

1. Simpson’s Rominjay Mythical Vogue. Small, feminine bitch who was feeling the cold so not standing particularly well but as soon as she was asked to move she sprung into action! Very accurate out and back, circling the ring with plenty of reach and drive covering the ground well. Neat shape with good depth and breadth of chest, well sprung ribs, moderate tuck up, level topline and well muscled rear. Slightly rounded head of good length with slight stop, tight lips, dark eyes and well set and used ears. 

2. Gudgin’s Scherzando Quaver at Jassendue. (see jb)

Limit Bitch (2,1)

1. Lane’s Konishiki Querkus Petraea. Very soundly moving h/l with good substance, deep chest, well sprung ribs, straight front and hare feet. Adequate reach of neck, firm topline, well rounded rear with good width behind and correct turn of stifle. Well balanced head with correct length of muzzle, finished with tight lips, dark eyes and well used erect ears. Moved with purpose displaying good reach and drive.

Open Bitch (3,1)

1. Dunlop’s Ch. Habiba Hold My Purse. After thinking I’d already seen several nice bitches in walks this one and immediately steals the show. Certainly not the first time I’ve seen her and no secret I’d already awarded her the Toy Group...twice! Sometimes dogs that shine in group competition can look nothing special in breed competition and vice versa, but this can’t be said here, this young bitch would stand out in any competition. Her construction is textbook, she never stands wrong, even in the chilly wind while others shivered she stood proudly with her head high, topline perfect, tail wagging happily obviously loving every second of being in the ring. Her super construction is plain to see on the move where she powers round the ring with super reach and drive, eating up the ground beneath her, elegant and graceful in outline and totally accurate in all directions. Aside from her superior construction and movement she also has the most beautiful head and expression, lean and nicely chiseled with well finished muzzle, dark expressive eyes and large low set ears. If all that wasn’t enough, she also has the perfect show temperament, eager to please, confident and oh so happy. Certainly a superb advert for the breed and so deserving of all she has already achieved. It was my pleasure to add another CC and BOB to her collection.

2. Botterill’s Pariansoez Ta Ta For Now. Similar size and shape to 1 but not the showy attitude so not showing her shape off as well as she could. Soundly constructed with good chest and ribbing, strong loin, well muscled rear with correct turn of stifle. Attractive head properties with well balanced length of muzzle, tight lips, lean cheeks and erect well used ears. Moved very well holding a nice shape, handled well.