• Show Date: 01/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Pug


2nd October 2022

Judge: Miss L Tarabad (Khatibi)


Thank you to the exhibitors for such a nice entry for my first time awarding CC’s in the breed. I know travelling to Scotland in October is a big effort for many so I really appreciated the support. Like many breeds now the bigger percentage of the entry was within the bitch classes however I found plenty of quality in both sexes and without exception fabulous temperaments.  

 JD (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: RUTHERFORD, Miss H & RUTHERFORD, Mrs Catherine Potbelli Limited Edition. A lovely start to the day with this quality 14 month fawn. Small and cobby, squarely built with firm topline, high set, tight curl, correct front and rear assembly and a nice length of crested neck allowing for a proud head carriage. Delightful head and expression with super pigment, plenty of working, dark expressive eyes, neat ears, good width of jaw and open nostrils. Moved accurately with a free, steady gait and typical roll holding his outline firm as he circled the ring. Was really on his toes showing his heart out and thoroughly deserved the RCC. Still only young with some more maturing to do and I’m sure will continue to do well in the coming year.

 YD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: SAFFER, Mrs GAIL & BORG, mrs Kirsty Ragemma Hot Potato JW. Small, compact fawn nearing 2yrs old in lovely fine coat. Square in outline with strong, crested neck, level topline, good chest and ribbing, legs well under body with good bone and plenty of substance. Masculine head with well defined working, superb pigment, large round eyes, short muzzle and open nostrils. Super on the move with an accurate and typical action. Delightful temperament but could have used his ears more to enhance his expression, very close up for the rcc and I notice he shares the same sire as both CC winners.

PGD (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: BRADLEY & EDWARDS, Miss & Mrs G & D Mopszawawa's Freddie With Tomalca 4yr old, small with good ribbing and width of chest. Could be a touch shorter in loin and elbows could be tighter but had a good topline, tight curl, strong bone and plenty of substance. Large, masculine head, short blunt muzzle and dark eyes. Moved freely with good topline.

 LD (9 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: LEE, Mrs Susan T Tsuselena Pixel Perfect. Small, compact male with a lovely quality fine coat. Would like a bit more substance overall but he has plenty to like. Compact frame with lovely neck, firm topline, well set tight curl, correctly angulated rear, good chest and ribbing. Delightful expression from his beautiful large dark eyes, short muzzle, dense pigment and open nostrils. Moved with a free, accurate gait with typical roll.

2nd: URWIN, Mrs Wendy & URWIN, Mr Jonathan Sunlea Ledgend Of The Sword For Aneeva JW. Similar size to 1 just a fraction longer in body, sound front and rear assembly with good spring of rib, good bone and substance. Large round head, masculine with a pleasing expression, good width of jaw and neatly finished lips. Moved with purpose holding his outline firm, lovely temperament.

3rd: WALKER, Mr N Sunlea Billy Ray

 OD (6 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: FARNWORTH, Mrs S Ch Taftazini Nepalensis JW. The standout winner from the dog entry was this super quality 4yr old who strode into the ring like he owned it, immediately catching my eye and closer inspection confirmed that he really was the whole package! Lovely size with super bone and plenty of substance, the ultimate showman totally attentive to his handler at all times and always making the best of himself. Impressive construction with strong neck into lovely shoulders, straight front with super chest and ribbing, firm level topline and correctly angulated hindquarters, parallel from behind and with tight curl set high and well muscled throughout. Beautiful headpiece, large and round, masculine with the most appealing expression. Large dark eyes, short muzzle with lovely width of underjaw and finish to lips, open nostrils, small ears and plenty of working. On the move he carries himself proudly, accurate in all directions holding a perfect topline, moving with purpose and displaying a typical roll behind. Presented in optimum condition and handled to an advantage, thoroughly deserved the DCC, BOB and was later shortlisted in a quality toy group.

2nd: COWIE, Miss M I Ch Sunlea Cast a Spell Over Megipugi JW. Masculine dog nearing 5yrs with lovely substance, firm topline and tight curl. Could have a touch more neck and be a little shorter in body but overall presents a pleasing outline with sound front and rear assembly, broad chest and well ribbed back. Handsome head with super pigment, dark eyes and good working. Moved freely with a typical action, nice short glossy coat.

3rd: HILL, Mrs Alexandra & HILL, Miss Lucy Anzhela Heaven on Earth with Calaquendi JW

 VD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: REID, Mrs Lizann Gramatti Laird of the Ring Vis Hugieboogie Shcm VW. 10yr old in fabulous condition. Lovely size, compact and cobby with super topline, lovely neck and shoulders, broad chest, well sprung ribs and well angulated rear. Face greying slightly but doesn’t detract from his soft expression with beautiful large dark eyes, neat ears, good underjaw and short blunt muzzle. Moved steadily holding his outline firm, a really lovely veteran. BV.

 SBD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: BRADLEY & EDWARDS, Miss & Mrs G & D Mopszawawa's Freddie With Tomalca (1st in pg)

2nd: NUGENT, Miss S King Creole At Borobullyz. 4th in limit but returned in this class with a change of handler and was really on his toes making much more of himself. Masculine head with lovely dark eyes, short square muzzle with good width of jaw and defined working. Well constructed throughout with good lay of shoulder, lovely bone and substance, strong rear and good topline. Moved well in all directions.

3rd: BRADLEY & EDWARDS, Miss & Mrs G & D Witherford Amereto With Tomalca

 MPB (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: TURNBULL, Mrs Nicola Nicobri's Gotta have Faith. Sweet little 8month old, squarely built and maturing well for her age with lovely chest and ribbing, good topline and tight curl, well turned stifles and plenty of substance for her size. Sweet feminine head with round eyes, short muzzle with neatly finished lips, good underjaw, lovely pigmentation, good working and an appealing expression. Moved well with a good topline, superbly schooled, a lovely baby. BP.

PB (6 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: TURNBULL, Mrs Nicola Nicobri's Gotta have Faith (1st mpb)

2nd: HOGAN, Miss D Megmolu Juicy Lucy For Baclaudi. A very feisty baby who did everything she could to ruin her chance.....and succeeded! Super size, shape and substance, decent shoulders, good chest and ribbing, level topline, tight curl and well angulated rear. Gorgeous head and expression with plenty of work, dark round eyes, open nostrils, nicely finished muzzle and good width of jaw. Moved well when she wanted to, just a shame she didn’t settle enough to really make the most of herself, I'm sure she’ll have better days.

3rd: NUGENT, Miss S Borobullyz Good Luck Charm

JB (5 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: FARNWORTH, Mrs S Ropanelie Carolina Foxtail. Neat little 16month old, daughter of my BOB winner, full of confidence and expertly handled to get the best out of her. Beautiful head and expression with super pigment, dark round eyes, neat ears, short muzzle, good width of jaw and plenty of work. Lovely balanced outline, square and cobby with super chest and ribbing, good neck into level topline, in well muscled condition and with a lovely smooth coat. Moved very smartly holding the best topline in the class, accurate in all directions. A super quality youngster who I’d have happily signed a green card for.

2nd: REYNOLDS, Miss Hayley Croftren Sky's the limit. Another nice one who just wasn’t as settled as I’ve seen her before and so wasn’t making the most of herself which was a shame. Lovely large round head with beautiful eyes, open nostrils, good width of jaw and defined working, just could have used her ears more to enhance her expression, Lovely cobby body, good bone, standing with legs well under body, well ribbed back with tight curl set high. Moved freely.

3rd: ASHTON, Ms J Zobear Le Grand Carousel

 YB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4142 HILL, Mrs Alexandra & HILL, Miss Lucy Calaquendi Kerfuffle. 18month old who still has some maturing to do but won here on her gorgeous head and super sound movement. Compact frame with good neck and shoulders, short level back, well angulated rear and good chest and ribbing for age. Mouthwatering expression with the darkest of large round eyes, plenty of well defined working, short square muzzle with good underjaw and neatly finished lips. Moved with purpose holding head proudly, topline firm, accurate out and back and covering the ground well in profile.

2nd: URWIN, Mrs Wendy & URWIN, Mr Jonathan Roxmarr China Girl At Aneeva JW. Very similar in size and shape to 1 and again impressive in profile movement. Soundly constructed with lovely crested neck, good shoulders, level topline and is well muscled throughout. Feminine head with dark eyes, wide jaw, nice working and appealing expression. 

3rd: COWIE, Miss M I Megipugi's Day or Knight JW

PGB (7 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: REYNOLDS, Miss Hayley Judamie Glorious Gloria of Croftren. 3yr old with plenty of substance for size, super chest and ribbing, adequate neck, well angulated fore and aft, good bone, firm topline and tight curl. Large head with pleasing expression, lovely width of jaw, short square muzzle, good working and large round eyes. Moved purposefully holding her outline firm, very attentive.

2nd:MARSHALL, Mrs Brenda & MARSHALL, Miss Chloe Yorlanders Amethyst at Shandalar. Another soundly constructed bitch with lovely cobby body, good width of chest, well sprung ribs, good bone and substance, firm topline, tight high set curl and strong rear. Nice head properties with alert expression, neat ears, open nostrils and good width of jaw. Lovely on the move, especially in profile. Very close up to 1, just preferring the eyes and working.

3rd: WALKER, Mr N Sunlea Memphis Belle

 LB (10 Entries) Abs: 1 Lovely class with little to separate the first 4.

1st: ATTWOOD, Mrs H Taftazini Helix. Top quality 16month squarely built fawn with a beautiful head and expression, large and round with big dark eyes, dense pigment, short blunt muzzle with good jaw and finish of lips, open nostrils, plenty of work and neat ears. Plenty of substance for size with good width of chest straight front, ample reach of neck, well ribbed back, firm level topline, high set, tight curl, standing with legs well under her. Moved freely, totally accurate out and back, striding out with purpose around the ring maintaining her impressive outline and with typical roll behind. Close up for the cc in the challenge and afterwards I found out it was her dam who was her competition! I’m sure she’ll soon be picking up big green cards but had to settle for the RCC on this occasion.

2nd: PIKE, Mrs G & PIKE, Mr S Rhodenash Stella Dreams Of Eivisah JW. Pushed 1 all the way, another with a super compact, cobby frame, better reach of neck than 1, well developed chest, well ribbed back to short loin, correct rear construction and presented in lovely well muscled condition. Feminine head with lustrous dark eyes and the sweetest expression, plenty of work, neat ears and short square muzzle. Moved well, looking particularly good in profile, sound out and back and handled to an advantage. Could easily change places on another day.

3rd: HITCHCOCK, Mr Robert & MORLEY, miss Elizabeth Bobitch Midnight In Georgia JW

 OB (9 Entries) Abs: 3 Another quality class.

1st: ATTWOOD, Mrs H Ch Taftazini Ivalace JW. Impressive, mature fawn with plenty to like, thought her so complimentary to the DCC winner and later was told they are siblings! Fabulous head, as feminine as her brother’s is masculine with the most beautiful eyes, dense pigment, neat ears, open nostrils, short wide muzzle with good underjaw and finish to lips and plenty of working to enhance her fabulous expression. Her fine smooth coat covers a well muscled, cobby body, perhaps could be just a fraction shorter but has good width in front with shoulders well laid, ribs well sprung, firm level topline, tight curl and strong rear. Moved as well as her construction suggests holding her outline firm, accurate in all directions, head held proudly and moving with a typical roll. Delightful attitude, totally attentive to her handler and always making the most of herself. She was pushed all the way by her daughter but her maturity just gave her the edge on the day. BCC.

2nd: SAFFER, Mrs GAIL Ragemma Upsy Daisy JW. Smaller, more compact girl who impressed on the move with a lovely confident gait, head held high, striding out with purpose and accuracy. Prettiest of heads with a cheeky glint in her large dark eyes, good nostrils, width of jaw and working. Nicely arched neck into good shoulder, straight front, good chest and ribbing, short loin and soundly constructed rear. Great attitude, champion quality.

3rd: 4151 LINDSAY, Miss L Rhodenash Dream A Long With Anjuli

Class 1744 SBB (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4154 MARSHALL, Mrs Brenda & MARSHALL, Miss Chloe Yorlanders Amethyst at Shandalar. previously 2nd in Limit and continued to impress here. I was delighted to see her take Best Special Beginner in the Toy Group at the end of the day, well done.

2nd: 4136 ELLENOR, Ms Rosy & COGAN, Mr Rob Sunlea Minnie the Minx. Delightful 18month black (shame there were so few on the day) with a gleaming short, fine coat, still with maturing to do but should finish well. Small and cobby with enough neck, good topline and high set curl. Appealing head and expression with lovely eyes, neat ears and short wide muzzle. Moved happily, just needs to get her head up to make the most of herself.

3rd: 4131 NUGENT, Miss S Borobullyz Good Luck Charm

Class 1745 GCB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4168 RUTHERFORD, Miss H & RUTHERFORD, Mrs Catherine Potbelli Keep On Dreaming. Nice size fawn with sweet face, lovely dark round eyes, good nostrils and alert expression. Compact and well balanced with ample neck, well developed chest and ribbing, well angulated rear, good bone and substance, just could be a little firmer in topline. Moved freely, accurate out and back.