• Show Date: 18/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Bichon Frise

Darlington Dog Show Society 

18th September 2022 

Judge : Miss L Tarabad (Khatibi) 


Bichon Frise 

Always a breed I enjoy judging and certainly the exhibitors all seemed to be enjoying their day and supporting each other which was lovely to see. I was delighted to see the BOB take Group 3 and the BP Puppy Group 2, well done! 

Puppy dog (2)  

Hill’s Deizi Yabba Dabba Doozie. 6month baby making a good account of himself at his first show. Nice balance to his outline with good reach of neck, nice chest and ribbing for age, correct length of body, well constructed rear and good bone for his size. Attractive head qualities with dark round eyes, correct length of muzzle, rounded skull, well set ears and good pigmentation all through. Sound, effortless movement, covering the ground well just a touch close going away at present. BPD. 

Anderson’s Manoir’s Licensed to Thrill. Another nice baby with lots to like. Again an appealing head and expression with lovely dark round eyes, good pigment, a little longer in muzzle. Soundly made, well ribbed back, firm topline and good rear angulation. Moved with a lovely action, covering the ground well, accurate out and back and maintaining a nice outline in profile. Just preferred the slightly shorter body of 1. 

Junior Dog (1) 

Coad’s Deizi He’s The One with Pamplona. Small, well balanced 12month old presented to perfection. Good neck and shoulders, firm topline, correctly balanced length of body with good chest and ribbing, broad loin and well angulated rear. Beautiful head and expression with dark eyes, dense pigment, correct length of muzzle and strong jaw. Moved freely with head carried proudly, topline firm, good coming toward just needs to strengthen behind. In beautiful coat and condition. 

Post Grad Dog (3,1) 

Moss’s Ashmair Live To Tell Mamose. 18month old with smart, elegant outline. Masculine head with dark eyes and haloes, moderate stop, nicely balanced length of muzzle with dense pigment throughout. Lovely reach of neck, good front and rear assembly, firm topline, well sprung ribs but would like a little more forechest. Moved with purpose around the ring holding his head high and carrying his tail nicely, accurate out and back and with good reach and drive. Wouldn’t want him any bigger but is nicely balanced all through. 

Wilson’s Manoir Edge of the Universe at Kantosky. Smaller 20 month old with lovely chest and ribbing, enough neck, firm topline, good bone and well angulated rear. Attractive, well proportioned head with correctly spaced dark round eyes, big black nose, correct length of muzzle, flat cheeks and dense pigment. Moved soundly but not with the enthusiasm of 1. Handled and presented well. 

Limit Dog (2) 

Pike & Carter’s Cartikes Midnight Madness. Gorgeous little boy who I was very taken with. Loved his small, neat shape with plenty of neck, correct length of leg and body proportions to give a well balanced, typical outline. Super front and rear assembly, well sprung ribs, broad loin and nicely rounded behind with tail set and carried well. Such a pretty head and expression with slightly rounded skull, definite stop, beautiful dark eyes surrounded by good haloes, correct length of muzzle and well set and carried ears. Well pigmented throughout and in lovely silky white coat presented beautifully. Moved with purpose and style displaying plenty of reach and drive, good out and back and maintaining his outline in profile as he circled the ring. Lovely quality dog who would be a more than worthy title holder. I was interested to find out that he is a son of the CC winner. RCC. 

Glover’s Freddie It’s A Kind of Magic. Sweet faced small dog with nice dark eyes, who would benefit from a little more neck. Good bone and substance, well ribbed back, good sweep of stifle and a very nice effortless action on the move, striding out easily and covering the ground well. Not the coat or presentation of 1. 

Open Dog (2) 

Maults Ch. Limartine Mr Blue. Well known champion who I’ve previously judged in Group competition. No denying his quality coupled with top drawer presentation and handling it’s no wonder he’s been so successful. Masculine head with the most wonderful expression from his large dark eyes complete with haloes, big black nose, definite stop, strong jaw and correct length of muzzle. His long arched neck leads to well laid shoulders, straight front, good chest and ribbing, firm topline and correctly set and carried tail. His rear is well angulated, of good width, standing on good feet with dense pigment throughout, covered in beautiful soft white coat to enhance his outline. Moved with accuracy in all directions, head carried proudly, driving well from behind. Couldn’t deny him the CC although his son was hot on his heels! CC, BOS. 

Carr’s Daveyluvs D’Artagnan JW. Another very nice exhibit who I did call in to consider for the RCC. Well set out head but couldn’t match the expression of 1, still, plenty to admire with dense pigment, correctly spaced dark eyes, balanced length of muzzle and correctly set ears. Good front and rear assembly, lovely spring of rib, strong loin and well set and carried plume. Sound and accurate on the move holding a firm outline as he strode purposefully around the ring. Lovely coat and presentation, close up for the rcc.  

Puppy Bitch (7,3) 

Stafford’s Deizi No Smoke Without Fire Louisianna. What a bundle of fun, almost leaping into my arms for a cuddle rather than take any notice of her handler!! Only 6 months old but already presenting an impressive outline, well balanced with good reach of neck, body developing as expected, firm topline, good angulation and fabulous tail carriage. Her head is delightful with beautiful large dark eyes, the darkest pigment, correct length of muzzle with strong jaw, definite stop and correctly set and used ears. Once settled she moved so well, driving well behind, reaching nicely in front and good out and back. Her happy attitude is infectious, I couldn’t help but smile each time I looked at her! She was an easy winner here and later challenged and beat her brother for BP. A very exciting prospect (and litter by all accounts) who later took Puppy Group 2 in lovely company. 

Hill & Macleod’s Deizi Diamonds Are Forever. Litter sister who didn’t quite have the same attitude and so wasn’t making the most of herself but still a nice prospect. Similar in size, soundly constructed but looking a touch longer in body at present. Pretty head with round dark eyes, good pigment and well balanced length of muzzle. Lovely action in profile striding out well and holding a nice outline. I’m sure she’ll mature well. 

Marquiss’s Quissmar Chasing Lightning, 

Junior Bitch (2) 

Macleod’s Languilla Stand By Me. 17months old of a lovely size and shape. Feminine head with rounded skull, dark round eyes, balanced length of muzzle, good pigment and a delightful expression. Decent neck and shoulders, good chest and ribbing, correctly balanced length of body and well constructed rear. Good bone and substance for size and carrying a quality white coat presented well. Moved well with lovely head carriage, topline and tail, accurate out and back and with good drive from the rear. A nice one who still has a little maturing to do. 

Glover’s Sherrosea Pixie Rose. Nice sized bitch with a lovely accurate gait in all directions, a little long in body and not the coat of 1. Feminine head with lovely dark eyes, delightful temperament. 

Post Grad Bitch (1) 

Hall’s Handialla Kool Precious One. 3yr old who’s coat texture could be better. Nice size with good reach of neck, nice chest, well ribbed back, good rear angulation and correctly set tail. Correctly shaped head with lovely big round eyes and soft expression. Moved freely. Looking a little heavier all through than I’d prefer. 

Limit Bitch (4,2) 

Carr’s Daveyluvs Hot Tramp I Luv You So. Beautifully presented bitch who was handled to an advantage. Compact, well balanced outline with ample reach of neck, straight front with good forechest, lovely spring of rib, broad loin, well angulated rear of good width with tail set and carried correctly. Loved her head and expression with dark eyes, correct length of muzzle, dense pigment and big black nose. Moved well, particularly good out and back. In quality coat, just a little more of her all through than I prefer but her quality overall had her close up for the rcc. 

Parrington’s Chazbam’s First Lady at Melcia. Couldn’t match the outline of 1 being a little shorter on leg but with good neck, well sprung ribs and high set tail. Decent head and expression with dark eyes, touch long in muzzle. Very accurate on the move, handled well. 

Open Bitch (2) 

Coad & Matsuoka’s Ch. Trinity JP Dream Come True (imp) This little lady was just what I was looking for. Small, feminine and with such a well balanced outline. Superb reach of neck, nicely arched and leading to good shoulders, correct length of leg and length of body with good ribbing, strong broad loin, well angulated rear with nicely rounded croup, correctly set and carried plume and good width behind. Beautifully feminine head with the sweetest expression. Well spaced dark eyes with good haloes, perfectly balanced length of muzzle, strong jaw, big black nose and well set and carried ears. It was when she moved around the ring she really caught my eye striding out with super carriage, perfect footfall in profile with plenty of reach and drive holding her outline firm, head high, tail over her back demanding to be noticed! As always from this handler presentation and handling was first class with her silky ice white coat groomed perfectly to enhance her outline. She really was on her toes and in the challenge for BOB she moved with such purpose and style to clinch the top spot over the beautiful dog. I was delighted to see her take Group 3 in a strong group, congratulations. BCC, BOB, Group 3. 

Venables’ Beausox Miss O’Hara. Another superb bitch who would have won the class if I’d been judging on head alone! Absolutely beautiful expression from her big dark eyes surrounded by fabulous haloes, densely pigmented all through with big black nose, definite stop, strong jaw, correct length of muzzle flat cheeks and well set and used ears, I could look into that face all day! She’s not just a pretty face, her construction is sound and nicely balanced throughout with good angulation fore and aft, nice chest and ribbing, broad loin and good width behind with tail set and carried well. Lovely coat and condition, groomed and handled to an advantage. Moved soundly and accurately in all directions just not quite the carriage or purposeful gait of 1, nevertheless a bitch out of the top drawer who I understand recently gained her title and is sure to collect a few more green cards. RCC and I understand took 2nd place in the RCC winner’s stakes class too.