• Show Date: 05/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Affenpinscher

National Dog Show

5th May 2022



Special Beginners

1: BROWN, Ms S Affentude Chatham Robin, mature boy with a delightful attitude. Good for size, coat a little soft in texture but well presented. Moved out well keeping his outline and enjoying his day.

Minor Puppy

1: SHEPHERD, Mrs Delia Avantgarde Sexy Symbolist Naf, what a delightful 6-month-old young man with the world in front of him. He has a beautifully balanced head with super cheeky expression. Good for size and already all of a piece. Super coat texture. He is the correct shape, on the move he holds himself so well, keeping his topline and super tail carriage


1: MCEVOY, Mrs J ASHIBLACK PEARLY KING FOR BALATA, gorgeous 9-month-old boy who already is the consummate Show Dog. His head and expression are delightful, wonderful shape and super sound on the move. Correct coat texture presented well. In the challenge he stepped up further and gave me no reason to be able to ignore him and so was rewarded with the CC in front of his sire. The first of many I am sure as he has champion stamped all over him. BOB and BP. Pleased to see him shortlisted in the group but delighted to see him win PG2.

2: WILDIG, Miss Sophie Ann Coutureabull Lord of Da Ring, another very decent puppy. He has it all to come and has everything in the right place, just not as polished on the out and back today as 1. Super texture of coat.

 3: MATHER, Mr D & Mrs K Scapafield Schwarz Roc At Benningholme


1: WILDIG, Miss Sophie Ann & WILDIG, Miss Janette Affentude Ticket To Ride, very smart young man who has quality stamped all over him. His head and expression are a delight. He is good for size and has a good topline and tail set. On the move in profile, he impresses. Just needs to see a little going away, and a title is ahead of him, I’m sure. Beautifully handled.

Post Grad

1: CURRIE, Mrs F & ENGLAND, Mrs L Vanistica Lindy Hop for Faehat, very true to type and such a cheeky expression. His head priorities are very good with the desired triangle. Good for size and shape. His coat is good for texture, and he move with true action.

2: MASKELL, Mr Stephen Scapafield Schwarz Quarrel, close up here and he too is the correct type. I liked his head and expression. In profile he moves with the correct action, but just lost out in positivity going away today.

3: SHEPHERD, Mrs Delia Lil'Man Special v Tani Kazari del Avantgarde (Imp)


1: CLARKE, Mrs L M E & Miss P LADNER Laydelins Volante, won the class today on the out and back where he as more precise. He is good for size, and he is all male. His head is good, and he has a short neck and is super in outline. Coat texture good but could just have a little more attention paid. Moved out well

2: MARRIS-BRAY, Mrs Jackie Scapafield Schwarz Quibble at Helenwood, thought originally, he would be my winner as he is a good type. Liked his expression and overall balance. He just was very erratic on the move today, especially going away and this sadly cost him.


This was a very good class

1: SHENNAN, Miss V Ch Ashiblack Double O'Seven JW, gorgeous dog, full of type and quality. His shape is delightful, and he is the ultimate show dog. Sire of my CC winner and much of the same can be said. However, his son could not be denied today and so he had to stand aside. He shouldn’t be to upset with that. A wonderful example of the breed and, what’s more, he’s able to produce it too. RCC

2: CLIFTON-PLAICE, Mrs M Coutureabull Mr Muison, liked this dog for type and his head is super. Great shape, super topline and sound on the move. Just not quite the look at me attitude of the winner today.

3: DOWSETT, Ms Doreen & JACKSON, Mr Bruce Avantgarde Italys Secret With Tteswood JW


1: CURRIE, Mrs F Ch Orlock Evernight for Faehat Sh.CM, nearly 10-year-old and in such superb condition, an absolute credit to his owner. Still moves well and enjoys his day. Super for type too BV


Minor Puppy

1: SHEPHERD, Mrs Delia Avantgarde Les Fleurs du Mal Naf, super 6-month-old young lady. Scores for type and size, she has a delightful expression. Super coat texture and well presented. On the move she has an air of importance and put her feet in the right place. One with a future.

2: OBRINGER, Mrs G Buffels Miss Sleepy Chiaffie, 6 month and still very much a baby. Delightfully cheeky expression. Coat good for texture. A tad erratic on the move today but time is on her side

3: CLARKE, Mrs L M E & Miss P LADNER Laydelins Tittle Tattle


1; PIRRIE, Mrs Suzanne & MCEVOY, Mrs Julie Guereza Suck It Up Buttercup, cheeky little monkey with an adorable attitude. Everything in the right place and she knows she’s important. Can’t be overlooked on the move.

2: SHEPHERD, Mrs Delia Avantgarde Les Fleurs du Mal Naf,

3: WIGGINS, Mrs Jennifer Scapafield Schwarz Raven


1: PURSE & MARSH, MR & MR T A & N R WIZABEANIE CARA DUNE AT TIDEMILL, good for size and type. Lovely head and expression, correct shape with balance in angulation. Very decent bitch who should title.

2: CLIFTON-PLAICE, Mrs M Coutureabull Tom Ford, another good one, albeit slightly different in type. Moves out well and has a pleasing expression, just not as square as the winner

3: CLIFTON-PLAICE, Mrs M Coutureabull Viv Westwood


1; PIRRIE, Mrs Suzanne Afterglow Affenagiggle with Riogaioch, really super young lady who scores highly for size and shape. She has an attitude to cherish, moves out well and keeps her outline. I loved her head and expression, being totally balanced with that mischievous expression. Was very taken with her and only lost out on the CC by a whisker. A couple more months maturity and a title is hers I’m sure RCC

2: CLIFTON-PLAICE, Mrs M Coutureabull's Arya Stark, good for size and shape, moved well just not the outline of 1


1: CLARKE, Mrs L M E & Miss P LADNER Laydelins Virage, good for size and type, she moved on the right track keeping her outline and using herself. Preferred her expression and she is correct in outline

2: ATKINSON, Ms J & CLARKE, Ms Leigh Darksprite Porcelain Black, similar for type, not quite the expression of the winner. She too moved out well and kept her outline. And is the correct shape

3: ELCOME, Mr Graeme & ELCOME, Mrs Deborah Scapafield Schwarz Quizz for Debengray


1: PIRRIE, Mrs Suzanne & MCEVOY, Mrs J Guereza Kinky Boots, smart and typical, super expression, and the correct size and outline. Her coat is of good texture well presented. Moves with attitude and style with the correct action. All in all, the finished article and she could not be denied today. A very worthy CC winner, which I understand is her 5th. She will collect many more. CC

2: TEASDALE, Mrs A Tonsarne Tootsie Tee, super for head and expression, not quite the finish of the winner, but has it all in the right place. Holds herself with importance

3: CURRIE, Mrs F Faehat Fascinator


1: HICK, Mr & Mrs Dale & Linda Ch DATIRO GIBBONTAKE, quality bitch and very worthy of a title. She has a delightful head and expression, is good for size and shape, correct coat, sensibly presented. Balanced in outline and moves with the correct action. In the challenge she was troubled by the tannoy and so unfortunately could not be considered for higher honours, shame. She will have better days.

2: SCHNEIDER, Mrs Stella Anita & SCHNEIDER, Mrs Stell Jun Ch Suddenly Shuri v. Tani Kazari von Vondercro, liked this bitch enormously for type but she was slightly unsettled. Her clever handler brought her round at the end, but she too will, no doubt, have better days

3: CLIFTON-PLAICE, Mrs M Pollysilk Dance Dance Doll Of Mine At Coutureabull


1: CLARKE, Mrs L M E & Miss P LADNER Spunky Monkey Miss Pink Vid Laydelins (Swed Imp)

2: FERRIER, Mrs J Ingerdorm Affenlicous for Rangimaria,

Both of these veterans are a credit to the breed and their owners. Very similar in type and both putting on a good show, 2 just lost out on topline.

Lee A S Cox (Judge)