• Show Date: 16/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Northern English Setter Society

Breed: English Setter

Northern English Setter Society

16th July 2022

A pleasure to judge the males at the super friendly and well-run show. It was a very hot day, but the dogs coped admirably with plenty of shade for them. I would like to thank my excellent stewards for keeping the ring running efficiently and making sure no dog stayed in the heat. Entries are sadly no longer what they used to be, but this is the sign of the times.

My co judge Ann Lewis and I, agreed on all the major awards giving referee Howard Stubbington a rather easy day.


Minor Puppy

1: Snook’s MOORGATE MOGUL OF MARCH, 6-month-old dark blue, coming along on the right lines. He is well bodied for his age and has super depth and spring of rib. Pleasing head and soft expression. Decent neck into strong firm topline. Use his tail all the time. On the move he uses himself in profile, but age tells on the out and back, he just needs to firm up. BPD AND BPIS.


1: Taylor’s WANSLEYDALE MAYBEE, what a beautiful 14-month-old blue boy this is, his head and expression are a delight. His outline stacked is breathtaking and quintessentially English. Strong neck, into well laid shoulders. Deep chested with well spring ribs. He is well ribbed back into a short and strong loin. Perfect tail set and carriage. On the move he impresses particularly in profile. Champion quality for sure and I could not resist him for the RCC.

2: Taylor’s KANIETTER KOKOA, tri boy of 18 months and still going through that teenage stage. He has a typical head and decent expression. Good for bone and he is balanced in angulation. Needs to drop into his frame which will be to his benefit. A tiny bit erratic on the out and back, but time is on his side. Delightful temperament.


1: Cole’s SORBUS STROM RYDER JW, 8-year-old orange who belies his age. In super condition and a credit to his owner. Pleasing in outline he is well ribbed. Decent angulation behind but perhaps could just have a like more return of upper arm. His head is masculine with a soft expression. Moved out well holding his outline.




1: Dunwell’s PADUAN REMEMBERANCE, light blue boy who has a masculine outlook and is good for size. Well off for bone. Well presented. He needs to drop into his frame still and I would prefer slightly more angulation in front. Decent topline and uses his tail. His head pleases and he has a soft expression. Moved ok in profile, but a little erratic on the out and back.



1: Catton & Cook’s VALSETT STARLIGHT SKY STORM WITH FERNGATE, tri boy who presents a typical outline stacked. He has a super head and expression. Good for front assembly. Has depth to his chest, strong topline and balanced angulation behind. Good bone and feet. In super coat and condition. On the move he used himself well in profile and won the class on forward reach and strength going away.

2: Wood’s JULDEANE PRIME SUSPECT (AI), orange boy who pleases very much for head and expression. He is masculine and upstanding. He has a decent front on him, good depth to his chest and a strong topline. On the move he could possibly reach a little more in front and he was a tad untidy going away from me today. Super condition.


Post Grad

1: Carr’s BALVENIE BLUE LAGOON, dark blue boy of type. His head and expression are lovely. Good for size and substance. Strong topline into well set tail, which he carries well and uses all the time. Well ribbed he is short and strong in loin. Looks good moving in profile and keeps his outline. A tad wide coming towards me today.

Mid Limit

1: Lawson’s WANSLEYDALE DORIAN GRAY JW, very decent tri boy with a delightful head and expression. On the stack he presents a very typical outline. Good depth of chest, well ribbed back strong topline and short and strong in loin. Well off for bone all the way down to super feet. Presented in superb condition. On the move he kept his outline, carried his tail correctly and uses himself well, covering the ground. Decent one.

2: Taylor’s BUMBLECORN ASH OF TATTAY, tri boy who also produces a typical outline stacked. Pleasing head, decent expression. Balanced in angulation. In super coat. On the move he didn’t quite have the ground coverage of the winner, but he was precise on the out and back.



1: Darley’s SEVERNSETT FIRECRACKER, eye-catching tri boy who is a delight to go over. His head and expression are delightful. Oozes breed type and is completely balanced. Superb front, strong topline, well ribbed back and short string loin. Well off for bone. Uses his tail correctly. On the move he covers the ground with an ease of stride and precise on the out and back. Champion quality without doubt. Stood out for the CC today, his 2nd I believe. Good luck for that all important 3rd.

2: Schoneville & Derry’s BALVENIE BLUE SENSATION, very decent blue boy who also scores highly in the type stakes. He is beautifully put together. And totally balanced. I liked his head and expression enormously. Moved out well and is another who should carry a title. Considered him for the RCC.



1: Poynter and Lewis’ SH CH QUENSHA COWBOYS AND ANGELS, orange boy who is fully mature and I have done well for in the past. He has a delightful head and expression and is in superb condition, beautifully handled. He presents a very typical outline stacked. Is well ribbed, strong in topline and he uses his tail so well. He looked super in profile, keeping his outline, but he was a little untidy on the out and back today and I think the heat was not to his liking. Very worthy of his title.

Lee A S Cox (Judge)