• Show Date: 09/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Chihuahua (Long Coat)

South Wales KA

9th October 2022

Chihuahua (Long Coat)



1: Marneyjay Tiny Timothy (Mrs A Skinner), 9 ½ year old in fine fettle and really enjoying his day out. Good for size, he pleases for head and expression. Uses his ears and moved out soundly keeping his outline.

Minor Pup

1: T'as Lelook Coco De L'isle Au Vert Coteau (Mr N Alarion), 9-month-old and full of character and obviously loves showing himself off. Full of potential, he has type in abundance. He pleases very much for head and expression. Super for size and mature in body for his age. Coat of correct texture and a. Well carried tail. Moved out soundly, using himself and keeping his outline. BP


1: Flickan Frankincense (Mrs P A Jones), 9 month and uses himself better on the move than stood. He pleases for type and has a decent head and expression. Correct topline and tailset and he has a decent coat texture. On the move he was more precise on the out and back and held his outline in profile.

2: Dorentys Chuckleberry Fin NAF (Mrs P A Wills), 9-month-old and sadly a little rushed today. He too is of good size, masculine head with pleasing expression. He is well bodied and has a firm topline. On the move, he was just a little unsettled on the out and back. He will have better days, I’m sure.


1: Laptek All You Ever Wanted (Mrs J E Platek), sound and stylish on the move, he has a masculine head with pleasing expression. He keeps a firm topline and uses his tail. Coat coming along. Moving he is sound on the out and back and covers the ground in profile.

2: Tinasjoy Super Dupper (Mrs C R Edwards), 10-month-old and super for type, not as forward as the winner today and a tad erratic on the out and back but he has time on his side.

3: Pappersley Red Tiger (Miss R J Berrington)

Post Grad

1: Tinasjoy Dark Destroyer (Mrs J E Platek), up to size and masculine in outlook. He won the class on soundness behind. Well bodied and his coat is of good texture. Kept his outline and strong topline in profile

2: Tinasjoy Fabulous Freddy (Mrs C R Edwards), good for size, this youngster had better things on his mind today. Not quite as strong behind as the winner but he kept his outline in profile


1: Chihohit Favorite Only You for Kirdanchi (Mrs S Holland-Smith), super young man, all boy but of good size. He exudes style on the move and is very well made. Super for ears and expression, he is sound as a bell on the out and back and uses himself in profile. Champion quality RCC

2: Tyssul Coalman JW (Mr A & Mrs P Lewis), close up I liked this boy for type too. He is sound, stylish and has a very pleasing head and expression. Good for coat texture, he moves well in profile, sounds going away, just a tad wide coming towards me today, but I can see these two changing places.

3: Majerose Bobby's Heart in Heaven NAF (Mrs A Skinner)


1: Dorenty Myboyclyde (Mrs P A Wills), very smart young man, full of type and good for size. He pleases in head and expression. Uses his ears at all times and has a delightful character too. Balanced in outline, he is well made with strong topline and well set and carried tail. Pleases on the move where he is sound and carries himself with importance. The move he moved the better he got. CC and BOB

2: Tyssul Awel Y Mynydd (Mrs A Skinner), good for size and male in outlook. He too has decent ears, strong topline and well-set tail. Not quite the neck of the winner. He was sound on the move

Good Citizen DS:

1: Marneyjay Tiny Timothy (Mrs A Skinner)



1: Titmouse's Summerbreeze at Tyssul (imp) (Mr A & Mrs P Lewis), 8 ½ and a little charmer. Full of life and spirit and in super condition. Thoroughly enjoying her day and moved out smartly.

Minor Puppy

Apologies to exhibitors, but Fosse Data appear to be missing the names of the winners in this class.

1: only just 6 months and she needs to polish her performance on the stand, but on the move, she simply cannot be ignored. She was by far the most precise on the out and back, and her action was fabulous. She has a bright future, with luck, ahead of her. Her profile action is a delight, and she has the most fabulous tail carriage

2: liked this young lady and she is full of type, just a little erratic going away from me today, but she is coming along on the right lines, and she has a super textured coat. Gassy in profile and she too has an assured future.


1: Chatwyn Dear Polly RAF (Ms E C O’brien), 11-month-old and full of personality. Super expression and uses her ears well. Good for type, would perhaps prefer a little more length to. Her. She is super sound on the out and back and carries herself well in profile. Super for coat texture.

2: Tyssul Daydream Believer (Mrs K W & Miss F Thomas), 3rd in MP, she has a pleasing outline and a super tail. In profile she catches the eye and covers the ground, coming towards you she is clean, but I would just like her to settle going away and this is where it cost her today.

3: Tyssul Dwynwen (Mr A & Mrs P Lewis)


1: Tinasjoy Dollie Daydream (Mrs C R Edwards), really super young lady who scores highly for type, she is super for size, has the sweetest head and expression and totally balanced in outline. Well bodied and a super tailset and carriage. On the move she is sound on the out and back and really uses herself in profile. Excellent coat. RCC

2: Flickan Figurine (Mrs P A Jones), pretty young lady, sweetest of expressions. Good for size and type. She has super ears. On the move she looks impressive in profile, just not as precise on the out and back today. In super condition.

3: Amarantos Hermione (Mrs L Humphreys)

Post Grad

1: Diamonchi Star of The Show for Kirdanchi (Mrs S Holland-Smith), showy and stylish on the move she carries herself with importance. Liked her head and expression. Sound on the out and back and a coat of good texture.

2: Chilier Gamella (Mrs A L Radford), Liked her for type and she too was precise on the out and back. Good for size, she has a decent outline. In good condition and well textured coat

3: Tyssul Celebration JW (Mr A & Mrs P Lewis)


1: Kirdanchi La Sylphide (Mrs S Holland-Smith), super for type and very stylish in profile. Sound on the out and back when she put her mind to it. Her head and expression are divine, and she has a super topline, tailset and carries her tail correctly. Super coat texture.

2: Kirdanchi Sugarplum Fairy JW (Mrs S Holland-Smith), close up and very similar for type. Just preferred the expression of the winner. She too has type, is eye-catching in profile and uses herself keeping her outline.

3: Trefnanney Lottie (Mrs S Hughes)


1: Ch Dorenty's Heidi Hi (Miss D Entwistle), superb, she is so typical and is a delight to go over. Her head and expression are super. She is sound as a bell, even though I thought she was going to throw it all away at first. A delight. CC

2: Fr Ch Pitch Perfect De L'isle Au Vert Coteau (Mr N Alarion), liked this bitch very much too, again full of type, super head and expression and well bodied. Super topline and tailset. Moved out well.

3; Oozora Queen of Mystery JW (Mrs S Holland-Smith)

Good Citizen DS

1; Titmouse's Summerbreeze at Tyssul (imp) (Mr A & Mrs P Lewis)

Lee A S Cox (Judge)