• Show Date: 20/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

Manchester Dog Show Society

20th January 2022

English Toy Terrier



1: WILES, Ms B & ARGINT, Mr I Nasabe Dartmoor Dreaming For Vidra, 11 months old and presents a very eye-catching picture in profile. I liked his head, in super condition and excellent jacket. Moved out with precision and style.

2: DURAN, Miss N L Ettology Handsome Hank, thought this 7-month-old would be my winner at first and he scores very highly for type. He looks super on the floor and his head is excellent. Confidence on the table and a little more attention when he moves and I’m sure a title is in front of him. Time is most definitely on his side.

3: DENNISON, Mr K Ettology Bounteous Barney


1: PHILLIPS, Mrs Z Ettology Big Bang, super young boy, delightful head, and inquisitive expression. Balanced in outline with gentle rise over the loin. Well marked and good jacket. On the move he uses himself to advantage.

2: CROWLEY, Ms J Adargwn Brunel Bel Jun. He is all male. Has the correct topline and his coat is super. Well marked. Could just have used himself more in profile to advantage.

Post Grad

1: WHITEHOUSE, Mrs N & WHITEHOUSE, Mr S Twowayshouse Tudor King, decent for type, his head is ok. He won the class on the move as he used himself particularly well in profile. In good condition

2: HOWARD, Mrs C M & HOWARD, Mr D LASAGESSE SUPERSONIC, pleased for size and in good condition. He could have used himself in profile more on the move as he tended to short step.


1: GREEN, Miss A WITCHSTONE STARE IF YOU DARE, superb young dog, his head and expression are delightful, super ears, coat in excellent condition and the correct shape. It is, however, on the move where he simply cannot be ignored. He has the correct extended trot and it’s a pleasure to see. Champion quality for sure. CC and BOB

2: BENNETT, Mr R & BENNETT, Mrs M EDALENE IN A SILENT WAY TO CAPLEDRAE. 11-month-old and of good type. He is already all of a piece and his future is assured. In super condition, he is good to go over, just lacked the extension of the winner today, but his time will come.

3: LOVE, Mrs V Witchstone Follow The Dream With Tettoy


1: IMRIE, Mrs W N Ch Witchstone Black Hawk at Amalric jw, super boy with quality in spades. He is so clean in outline and really uses himself on the move where he has an air or importance about him. His head is superb, and he has a wicked expression. Close up for the CC but had to settle for the RCC, which, I understand, he won under me last time too.

2: PHILLIPS, Mrs Z Ettology Big Bang

3: HARMAN, Mr T & Mrs J Witchstone Crazy Horse at Boimans


1: CROWLEY, Ms J Int Ch Ir Ch NL Ch Bel Tillarn Kilgharrah AnCh19. 10-year-old and feeling the cold today. Good for size and still looking good for his age.



1: DIXON, Mrs L J & DIXON, Mr G Lasagesse Californication, super young bitch. 9 months old and the future is bright. Super to go over, and a delightful head and expression. Impressed on the move. BP

2: RAMSDEN, Miss C & KAGZI, Mr M Pallisandre Pocahontas, close up and another with a bright future. Liked her for type and she also had a super expression. In optimum condition and moved out really well.

3: IMRIE, Mrs W N Amalric storm Angels


1: CROWLEY, Ms J Adargwn Vienna Bel Jun, good for size and type, she presents a decent outline. Pleases in head and expression. Moved out with the correct outline

2: SNELL, Mrs C Spawood Summer Holiday. 7-month-old and a little raw at present. Could benefit from loosing a couple of ounces which would help her topline.

Post Grad

1: FRANCIS & BLATCHFORD, Mr & Miss J Peopleton As You Like It, won the class on balance and outline. Moved on the right track and kept an outline. Only young and time will be to her benefit

2: CROWLEY, Ms J Adargwn Vienna Bel Jun

3: COX, Miss V Pelugias Light Up My Life At Petitpaws


1: WILES, Ms B & ARGINT, Mr I Witchstone Share The Dream With Vidra, super for type, liked her head, good coat, moved well going and coming. Held outline in profile. Decent one

2: DICKER, Mrs D Moretonia Golden Girl at Neerodan JW, another decent girl with lots to like. Moved out on the right track, just preferred the topline of the winner. In good condition.

3: INCH, Mrs C & INCH, Miss R Edalene All About Eve


1: WOOD, Mrs H J HAFFENDEN & Mr J Nasabe Lily Marlene, a very close decision between these two bitches and if there was ever an example of having to judge “On the day”, here it was. Today this bitch put on a faultless performance and so it was very much her day. She is good for size and has the correct outline. Her head shape pleases, and she has fabulous ears. She could perhaps have a slightly better eye shape, but this is being picky. On the table, everything is in the right place and she is in optimum coat and condition. On the floor she held herself well, attentive to her handler and moved out soundly with good footfall. She is typical in outline. CC, her third.

2: DIXON, Mrs L J & DIXON, Mr G Ch Witchstone Unexpected Gift. Beautiful bitch who is in optimum condition. Beautiful head and I preferred her expression. Has the correct outline for the breed. She impressed in profile, but for me today, she was slightly erratic behind and this was what decided the class. RCC but a superb bitch, nevertheless.

3: DICKER, Mrs D Neerodan Made To Make It


1: INCH, Mrs C H Ariane Oh What A Night At Edalene Sh.CM VW. 10-year-old in super condition, moved out on right track. Credit to owner. Best Veteran

Lee A S Cox (Judge)