• Show Date: 12/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Junior Stakes & Good Citizen Stakes DAY 4

Three Counties Championship Dog Show

12th June 22

Junior Stakes (Day 4)


An excellent class of juniors, chock full of quality.

1: HAINES, Mr Dave Leighsham Tullamore JW JW, very lovely Golden Retriever dog who is

completely balanced and typical. I like his length of leg and his front assembly, and he is totally

balanced behind. He moved out well holding his outline. His head and expression are a delight

2: CALVERT, Mr and Mrs Martin Oliver Calvdale Scaramouche Jones, ESS who scores highly for type

and presents a very typical outline. His head is a delight, and he is good to go over. Just felt he was a

little tired on the move.

3: DANKS-KEMISH, Mrs R D Copper's Welcome To The Party At Alolfrana


Another excellent class

1: CORBETT, Miss Sarah Jane Trimere Time Fly's, super ESS girl who scores highly for type and style.

Has legs and is totally balanced. Beautiful head and expression. On the move she keeps her outline

and has the correct action

2: UPTON, Mr G & CHALLIS, Mr S Vizslanya Mafila to Tragus, Viszla bitch who is super to go over, she

is in superb condition and is expertly handled. I liked her head and expression. In profile she will

always attract the eye just felt that she was a little over exuberant on the out and back.

Good Citizens Stakes (Day 4)

1: KLAIBER, Mrs Nicola Hawkfield Scandalous, Pointer, who presents a typical outline, moved with

style, and has a symmetry to her lines. In good condition

2: MORRIS, Mrs T Kalimor Dottie, young Weimaraner bitch who pleased for type and has a decent

head and expression. Balanced in angulation and well grown. Moved soundly


Lee A S Cox (Judge)