• Show Date: 20/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Tibetan Spaniel

Manchester Dog Show Society

22nd January 2022

Tibetan Spaniels


Minor Puppy

1: LEMON, Mr S Susu We're Gonna Parti, 6-month-old parti with potential in spades, already all of a piece, in super condition. Pleases very much in head properties and has a super expression. Well balanced with correct topline. On the move he is already very precise and particularly eye-catching in profile

2: MCDONALD, Ms A SUSU DON'T STOP THE PARTI AT BALGAY, 6-month parti and very similar in type, slightly larger framed but within size. All male and pleases also for expression. Keeps his outline on the move just not as precise going away today

3: GILLING, Miss D Arg Kentwone Epsilon of Talocan NAF


1: LEMON, Mr S Parloueve True Blue, exceptional young f dog. He has champion stamped all over him. He is an absolute delight to go over on the table and is presented to absolute perfection. On the move he is sound, stylish and will always take the eye. I particularly like his head and expression, being well cushioned with width and depth to his chin. Good feet too, which was a problem in some today. Loved him. CC, BOB and BP. Delighted to not only see him shortlisted in the group but also to win the Puppy group too.


3: HEANEY, Mr G T & HARRISON, Mr C Parloueve Better Together


1; MORTON, Mrs L Linsdown Karib, 12-month-old f in superb condition. His head and expression are delightful, totally balanced in angulation, he presents the most typical outline stacked. Coat in superb condition, well presented. On the move he keeps his outline and is particularly impressive on the out and back. Good one

2: ROSE, Lady S Crockerne With Love at Caselden, good for size, he is in good coat and condition. Good shaped head but couldn’t match the winner in expression. Moved ok in profile, just a tad untidy going away from me today.

Post Grad

1: BEVIS, Mrs P Skyvana Empty Dreams of Starlance, super young boy with all the essentials to gain his title. His expression is super. Correct outline for the breed with firm topline and well set tail. In good coat, he is presented well. On the move he holds an outline and has an easy stride to him.

2: HALL, Mr C A & Mrs D Balgay Shab Tra, pleased for type and shape. I liked his head and soft expression. Not quite the topline of the winner but he used himself in profile to advantage. In good coat and condition.

3: KERR, Mrs M Vonvue Little Emperor


1: PROUVE, Mr L & MORAN, Mr A CASTAFIORE ROMULUS, beautifully presented and in excellent coat of correct texture. Gorgeous head and expression. Great front, could possibly have better feet, correct topline and well-set tail. He is balanced in angulation and outline, presenting the most typical outline. On the move he carries himself with importance and holds an outline. Champion quality.

2: MORTON, Mrs L Linsdown Jai, close up and I liked this male too. He is typy and has the correct outline. Liked his expression. Uses his ears all the time and is super sound on the move. Will change places I’m sure

3: LEE, Mrs S T Oldcharm Love My Way


1: LEMON, Mr R Ch Souska I Need Your Love superb dog, who I have previously awarded a group to and he is still at the top of his game. Fully mature, his head is a delight. In perfect condition. On the move he can not be overlooked and will always take the eye. Superb. Just felt his son scored in expression and so he had to bow down today. RCC

2: DAVIES, Ms C A Bowcara Be My Guest JW. I really liked this dog too, he presents a very typical outline stacked and he has a super head for size and expression. In super condition, he too will always be in the running. Moved out extremely well and was very close up today.

3: BLACKSHAW, Mr I & ROBERTS, Mr D Souska End In Love


1: ROSE, Lady S Blaze of Glory at Anamas. 8 yr old and in fine fettle. Presents a typy outline, decent head, and expression, liked his topline and he moved out on the right track. Decent front and balanced behind. Credit to his owner.


Minor Puppy

1: THOMSON, Miss S R & PRENTICE, Mr I Sanville Sealed With a Kiss, delightful young lady of 6 months, has a delightful head and expression. Is naughty but everything is there. She is bound to have a very bright future indeed. Like her very much. Moved ok with style and panache.

2: SMITH, Mrs P Torfness Phancy Kisses, 8 months old and very close up, very similar in type and has lots of promise too. For me she just didn’t have the ease of stride in profile of the winner today. Good one though

3: COOPER, Miss C & O'BRIEN, Miss E Susu Parti Like A Rockstar


1: THOMSON, Miss S R & PRENTICE, Mr I Sanville Sealed With a Kiss

2: LYNCH, Miss S Parloueve Who's That Girl, very pretty with good head and shape, would possibly prefer a slightly better eye shape. Balanced in outline and moved out on the right track out and back. In good condition.

3: LEE, Mrs S T Oldcharm What Devils Do (TAF)


1: PURNELL, Miss L J Crockerne Show Me Love, really super bitch who screams type, loved her head and expression, not quite in full bloom but she has correct texture to her coat. On the move she is sound as a pound and really covers the ground keeping her outline, she has a future ahead of her for sure. Handled beautifully too. Also, super feet.

2: COOPER, Miss C Malia Pumpkin Pie By Susu, liked this bitch very much too and she is super smart in outline. Presented and handled masterfully, she is sound as a pound. Would just prefer better feet.

3: THOMSON, Miss S R & PRENTICE, Mr I Crockerne Love To Talk with Tamrae

Post Grad

1: SIMPER, Miss H & SCOATES, Miss E Clydum Rhapsody In Rhedd, super sound and full of type. She produces the most balanced outline stacked. I liked her head shape and expression, not in her best bib and tucker, but this only helped her accentuate her outline. Champion quality

2: PLACE, Mrs M & HALLIDAY, Mrs A Susu Wears Prada In Lockdown At Aarminias, close up and similar in type and shape. So very pretty in head and expression. To go over, there is little to change, and she is presented in first class order. I just felt she could have used herself in profile a tad more and this is where it cost her. On the out and back, she is super sound.

3: COOPER, Miss C Linsdown Socialite Among Susu


1: SCOATES, miss E & SIMPER, Miss H & LUDVIG, Mrs K Clydum Calamity Jane, super sound and stylish, this young lady really puts on a show. She is totally balanced and is typical in outline. In good coat, well presented. Champion quality

2: SMITH, Mrs P Torfness Fire And Blood, close up I liked this bitch very much too, she too is worthy of a title and I won’t disagree. Her head and expression are a delight. She is balanced in outline and I liked her on the table. On the move she has an ease of stride.

3: DOLPHIN, Mrs G C Castafiore Rebecca


1: LEMON, Mr R Oldcharm Say It First, super bitch for type and size. Liked her head and expression, totally balanced in outline, moved out well in profile, precise on the out and back and stylish. Another by my RDCC and so he is proving to be a producer as well. CC

2: PURNELL, Miss L J Ch Tamrae Time To Talk At Crockerne JW, liked this bitch very much too and she comes into herself on the move, where she can never be overlooked. Her head is super for shape and she has a delightful expression. Handled beautifully. Close up and will certainly change places RCC

3: BLACKSHAW, Mr I & ROBERTS, Mr D Souska Take Me To Your Heart


1: SMITH, Mrs P Torfness Scarlet Phancy, really super bitch of 8 years and in beautiful condition. Her head and expression are exquisite, balanced in outline and still had the firmest of toplines, which she keeps on the move. She has an easy action in profile and carries herself with an air of importance. Real cracker and she is a real credit to the breed. Best veteran

2: SIMPER, Miss H & SCOATES, Miss E Ch Beautiful Chaos At Clydum, liked this bitch very much for type and she is another who can show some of the youngsters how to move. In super condition.

3: ALLMAN, Mr D W Andor Tilly Mint For Shantess

Lee A S Cox (Judge)