• Show Date: 20/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Shih Tzu

Manchester Dog Show Society

22nd January 2022

Shih Tzu

My thanks to the exhibitors for a quality entry. It was a long day for you being second in the ring after a goodly number of Tibetan Spaniels, but your patience and good humour was very much appreciated.


Minor Puppy

1: QUICK, Mr Mrs D & QUICK, MR D CARLITA LEGACY TO DREAM, b/w of 6 months and doing all he can to throw his chances away. However, I loved him for type. When he does move, he has such style and carriage and the perfect tail. Head is coming on.

2: SMITH, mr D MASSERATI ARSSAMANDI ASTARTE GOLD NAF TAF, r/w who is more all of a piece and impresses on the stack. Pleases for eye and expression, just preferred the front of the winner

3: SALT, Mrs M Keola Cruz Control


1: HOWARD, Miss H Tameron Mr Black Is Back. 10-month b/w of exceptional quality perfectly balanced he has an imposing outline. On the move he is already all of a piece and moved out with style and carriage. Pleases in head with dark expressive eyes. Presented well. Champion quality for sure

2: DE LA COUR, Ms M Santosha Memory of Love TAF, Gold dog who is the correct size and shape, put in a better performance in this class on the move and put his feet in the right place. In good coat of correct texture

3: SULLIVAN, Ms J & DIFFEY, Mrs M Marhilway Driving Edge At Jacquinta


1: RUSSELL, Mr M Matsuba King Of Hearts. For me the star of the day. Cr/ w. Really super young dog that screams type. His head and expression are delightful. He is superb to go over and is in optimum condition. On the table, little to fault, but put him on the floor and off he goes and epitomises a ship in full sail with head and tail carried high. A real cracker and champion quality for sure. As the day progressed he just got better and better. Delighted to award him the CC and BOB, he should title with ease.

2; JONES, Mrs A Carlita Remember to Dream, fully coated cream and white who presents a very pleasing outline. Good to go over, there is lots to like, and he is presented very well. Moved out well but just not quite the panache of the winner today


Post Grad

1: FAIRLEY, Mr & Mrs E SENOUSI DRESSED FOR IT BY FAIRMERE, g/w of super type. Large head with expressive eyes. On the table he is good to go over, big frame, strong topline and well-set tail. On the move, although he does it in his own pace, he is sound and holds himself well.

2: LONGSTAFF, Mrs S Shihmali Solar Flare, shaded g dog of good size and substance. He has a good expression and a large head. Moved out holding a typical outline and is very well presented.

3: CASENTIERI, Ms CJ & Mr T F Emerson Alpiu Slenis of Alchez (Imp Ltu)


1: HATTEN, Mrs M Marbo Whatever You Want, r/w of superior quality. His head and expression is delightful, he carries his head high and his tail high giving superb balance, and has an air of arrogance about him. Presented to perfection, his coat is an excellent texture. Champion quality

2: QUICK, Mr Mrs D & QUICK, MR D Minfaa Sundance Kid, liked this g/w dog too and he is extremely typical. Good to go over, he scores for substance. In full coat he moves out on the right track but just tended to lose his head carriage slightly in profile.

3: BRIGGS, Miss J Warathwaite The Kingslayer


1: HITT, Mrs T & HITT, Mr M Ch Miracey Zero Hour, super class. Fully mature g/w who is very much all of a piece. He screams type and holds himself with arrogance, yet panache. Beautiful headpiece. Strong neck and topline and well set and carried tail. Moved out well. One I would happily sign a CC for but today the young Junior dog had that little bit extra and so he had to settle for the RCC

2: RUTTER, Mrs J Chanikos Living The Dream at Ethelsmead, very very close up and he will change places on another day. He also scores highly for type and he absolutely moves with style and soundness. Picking hairs in the class and it was the fact that he just raced a little in profile that tipped the balance.

3: TURNER, Mrs C Ch Artelino Moomins Adventure (Imp)


1: BRADSHAW, Mrs J M & SYMONDS, Mrs M Ch Cremefern Sweet Talkin Guy JW Sh.CM VW, 9-year-old r/w in full coat and super condition. Great for type and still sound on the move. A credit to his owner and the breed.


Minor Puppy

1: SMITH, mr D MALAGA ARSSAMANDI ASTARTE GOLD NAF TAF, 8months r/w of good type and size, has substance, yet remains feminine. Won the class with some to spare today. Well presented, she has a good topline and carries herself well

2; BROWN, Mr S & Mrs S Rossvale Little Black Dress, 8 MONTH B/W who is still raw at present, but she cannot be overlooked on the move. She has a very eye-catching profile action, and this was to be rewarded. Time is on her side.



1: HOWARD, Miss H Tameron Miss Black Orchid, superior b/w puppy with the most beautiful head and expression. She gazes into you and defies you to look elsewhere, her shape is beautiful and, on the table, very little to change. On the move she already has that air of experience and holds an impressive outline. Loved her. Although young, her quality and assured performance shone through in the challenge and I could not resist her for the CC, the first of many I’m sure. BP

2: DIFFEY, Mrs M Marhilway Explored the Edge, liked this g/w very much too and she has a future I’m sure. Delightful head and expression, good for size and type and she moves holding the correct outline, unlikely to meet 1 but her future is assured

3: HODGETT, Miss E D CrannUsel Sugar Plum Fairy


1: DE LA COUR, Miss N & DE LA COUR, Mrs M Cavateena Situla Scarlet for Lavril, g/ w who presented a typical outline stacked. She held her shape in profile on the move. Pleases for head and has that arrogant oriental expression. In good coat, handled well.

2; KRANC, Mrs W LUCKY ARROW VIVA ( IMP POL), 11n month old g/w with a lovely expression. Very well presented and in good order, just needs time to settle into the job in hand.


Post Grad

1: STEVENS, Mr N & Mrs S Peekin Hoi Tee Toi Tee-Tu, really lovely, old fashioned r/w bitch with everything in the right place. Nothing overdone or exaggerated but very typical in outline and action. Liked her head and expression and she moved out with style.

2: HITT, Mrs T & HITT, Mr M Miracey Disco Fever, glamorous r/w who impresses very much stacked. Delightful head and expression and as usual from this kennel, the presentation is flawless. Just a tad over exuberant in the move today and it just spoilt her outline. Once she gets her head together, she’ll title I’m sure.

3: DIFFEY, Mrs M Marhilway Spirited Edge


1: GREGORY, Mrs P J Marpalyn Phab Gold, gold who presents a very typical outline and is sound and stylish on the move. She holds her head up and carries her tail well. She uses herself to advantage and this I where she clinched the class. On the table, she pleases very much to go over and was in optimum condition. Should carry a title with luck. RCC

2: BROWN, Mr S & Mrs S Rossvale's Finnish Model, g/w bitch of obvious type and quality. Her head and expression are a delight, and she is the correct shape. On the table, there is little to fault. On the move, she puts everything in the right place but just loses concentration at times, such a shame. If she gets over it, she will be a title holder.

3: STEVENS, Mr N & Mrs S Peekin Miss Jive Bunny-Tu


1: DYKER, Mrs K Thaisu Desperate Housewife For Kimevan, honest and typical, this g/w has an oriental air about her. Beautifully presented and in super coat. She moved out on the right track, holding her head high and tail in balance. Kept a topline and strutted her stuff. Good one.


1: HITT, Mrs T & HITT, Mr M Ch Miracey Fruity Kisses, unbelievably this g/w bitch is 11 years old. She is an object lesson is health, condition and well being of our seniors. Her owners are to be congratulated and she is a real credit not only to them but the breed as a whole. She is still a beautiful example of the breed. BV

Lee A S Cox (Judge)