• Show Date: 20/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Manchester Dog Show Society

20th January 2022

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


Minor Puppy

1: SMITH, Mrs C Canando Gold Leaves, 6-month-old Blenheim with potential, I liked his balance, well broken markings, and size. His expression is soft and has dark sparkling eyes. A little erratic on the move atm but this is to be expected. One with a future, I hope.

2: HUGHES, Mrs L Loranka's Best Kept Secret, 8-month tri, decent head, and expression, well made, on the out and back he was a tad erratic which cost him, good for size.

3: TOUT, Mrs C Earlrae Bourbon Lancer


1: SPALL, Mr M & CLARK, MR M LLAPSTTAM'S SECRET SEVEN, 9-month-old Ruby, liked his head and expression. Good for size, he presents a typical outline. On the table he is good to go over, carries his topline well and has correct tail carriage, well presented, and moved out on the right track.

2: SPALL, Mr M & CLARK, MR M LLAPSTTAM'S HEAVENLY SCENT, 9-month ruby, along the same lines as the winner with the same soft expression, preferred the front of 1. He is from a slightly bigger mould, so a little legs and wings at present.

3: WALKER, Miss A Stavonga Sky Walker Kayceekay


1: KOSTER, Miss L Ryanmil Rococo Harana, heavily marked tri boy of super type and shape. Loved his head and expression, totally balanced in outline. On the move he is eye-catching in profile and exceptionally sound going away. Good one

2: BUBB, Miss A Wandris Castiel, Blenheim boy of obvious type and quality, thought he would be my winner as he walked in, as he is very much the type I admire. His head and expression are super. A tiny bit erratic on the move today, shame.

3: BAYLISS, Mrs A Castlewych Infatuation


1: ARROWSMITH VORDERSTRASSE, Mr K Arrowbien New Ways to Dream. Blenheim dog of exceptional type and quality presented to perfection. Super head and expression, completely balanced and superb for size. Well-marked, he gleams with condition. On the move he is stylish and has the easy action. Like him very much. RCC today but will carry a title.

2: HARRISON, Mr & Mrs T Poitrus Pan Dobry Rok (imp Pol), tri boy in super condition. Masculine in head with a soft expression. All male, he is good to go over on the table, he moves out on the right track and keeps his topline and carries his tail correctly. Just preferred the size of the winner today.


Post Grad

1: HUGHES, Mrs L Loranka's Imagine. Blenheim of good size and type, balanced in outline and angulation. On the move he is steady and sound. Carries himself well and keeps his topline. In good condition, well broken in colour.

2: LEWIS, Miss J & LEWIS, Mrs C Carleeto Black Phoenix, b/t of the correct size. Pleases in head and expression, well-handled and well-conditioned. He scores in profile movement with his easy action. Not quite the angulation in front of the winner and this is where it cost him the class.

3: WILLIAMS, Mrs E Sancana Marco


1: GUVERCIN, Mrs J Verheyen Vincent at Glebeheath. Blenheim dog, beautifully conditioned and presented. Masculine head, soft expression and good for size. On the move he scores in profile and is super sound on the out and back. Very decent boy who I considered strongly. Will title with the average amount of luck.

2: LEACH, Mrs S & KOLB, Mr J & KOLB, Mrs M Melrose Dalton at Ouzlewell (Imp) Deu. Blenheim who scores highly for size and type. I liked his head and expressive eyes. Well broken in colour, he keeps his topline and carries his tail correctly, moved out well especially in profile, decent one.

3: KOSTER, Miss L Harana Fatboy Slim


1: KILCOYNE, Miss C Ch Granasil Bourbon, superb ruby of exceptional type and soundness. He is so very well balanced. On the table he is a delight to go over, with everything in the right place. Pleases very much in head and expression. Strong, firm topline and carries his tail correctly. In superb condition, well-handled and takes the eye. On the move he is not only sound both ways but is supremely stylish in profile. I liked him enormously. CC and BOB

2: PARSONS, Miss T Ch Emberlace Tullamore, superior Blenheim dog who again is of the highest quality. His head and expression are a delight, he is first class order and presented to perfection. Super in profile, I just felt he was a little erratic on going away from me today and not quite the carriage of the winner. Will change places on other days and I won’t disagree. Superb dog

3: BUBB, Miss A & BARRETT, Mr S Eng Wandris Evanly Legacy JW


1: LEWIS, Miss J & LEWIS, Mrs C Leelyn Michael Buble for Carleeto JW ShCM. 9byear old b/t of the correct size and shape. Moves out like a youngster and is a credit to his owner for having him in such great condition. Best Veteran


Minor Puppy

1: BUBB, Miss A Julchrisgor Marjory. 8-month tri of good size and type. Feminine outlook, pretty head, and expression balanced in outline and carries her tail correctly. Moved out on the right track.

2: KOSTER, Miss L Harana Elis Regina. Ruby who is a little raw at present but has everything in the right place and I’m sure has a good future. Eye-catching in the move and the sweetest of expressions. Time is well and truly on her side.

3: LONG, Mrs L & LONG, Miss H Arroline Sweet Pea


1: HOGAN, Ms M Stavonga Secret Crush, super sound Blenheim of 10 months. Super for size, pleases very much for type. Classic head and expression, balanced in outline, in superb condition and mature for her age. It is on the move that she simply cannot be overlooked. Champion quality

2: KILCOYNE, Mrs L & KILCOYNE, Mr R Granasil Crumble, 10-month b/t who pleases on the table, has moments when she shows you what she can do, but they are fleeting. She will get her mind in gear I’m sure, and then she’ll be away.

3: MORDECAI, Mrs E E Millhill La Sunde


1: RIX, Mr B Stavonga Shot Silk at Ricksbury, 10-month-old Blenheim of exceptional type and quality. Pleases very much on the table where she is balanced and in superb condition. Her expression is delightful with soft expressive eyes, on the move she impresses in profile, where she keeps her topline and carries her tail so well. One with a definite future and champion quality for sure. In the challenge she stepped up a gear and could not be ignored. CC, her third I am told and so a “Baby Champion”. I’m sure her title is not far off. BP as well.

2: HOGAN, Ms M Stavonga Skylark, 10-month-old Blenheim sister to the class winner and minor Puppy winner, so similar in type and another with a title ahead of her I’m sure

3: LOVEL, Mr P Juzandia Sennan at Lovetrac


1: HARRISON, MRS J M MILLPOINT SMARTIE, Ruby who won the class on her free and easy stride in profile. Up to size but retains a feminine outlook. Pleasing to go over and in good condition.

2: GALLOWAY, Mrs A A Revdvicki Heaven Sent at Sailcross. Blenheim who is good for size, balanced in outline and a sweet expression. She just lost out in front extension today

3: LEACH, Mrs S & LEACH, Mr M Ouzlewell's Serendipity at Estrid

Post Grad

1: MORDECAI, Mrs E E Millhill Adorable, tri bitch, prettiest of heads and expressions. Super for size and type. Totally balanced on the table and she keeps her topline and carries her tail so well in profile. Scores on the out and back which is where she won this class today.

2: LOVEL, Mr P Lovetrac Theodora. Blenheim who was very very close up and has the prettiest of heads. In super condition. Scores for type and size and takes the eye in profile. For me she was just a tad untidy going away and this was where it cost her.

3: HUGHES, Mrs L Loranka's Secret Potion


1: LONG, Mrs L & LONG, Miss H Arroline Elixir. I was impressed with this super b/t bitch who pleases very much for type and is a super size. Her head is good, and she has a soft expression. To go over, she has everything in the right place, firm topline and correctly carried tail. Moves out with style and precision. RCC and another who should carry a title.

2: LEE, Mr & Mrs R KELRICK ONE KISS. Blenheim who also scores highly for size and balance, sweet in head with a soft expression. Lost out to the winner in tail carriage, but lots to like about her. Presented well.

3: LEWIS, Miss J & LEWIS, Mrs C Carleeto Satine


1: HUGHES, Mrs L Ch Loranka's Beautiful Moments, very typical tri girl. Pleases for head and expression. All a piece and very honest. She moves out well, puts her feet in the right place and keeps her outline. Just felt that she’d had enough in the challenge and so had to give way to youth.

2: FOX-SHONE, Mr & Mrs A PAMEDNA QUE SERA SERA. B/t who at first thought would be my winner, she has a lot of quality and pleases very much for head and expression. Her topline is firm and she carries her tail in the right place. Would just have preferred a little more width in front and this was the decider.

3: LOADES, Mrs R Rosirius Bluebell


1: REES, Mrs S & REES, Miss B Embeth Bonny Boat JW, tri girl of 7 years, has a very youthful outlook and an ever-wagging tail. In super condition, she scores for head and expression, moves out very well and keeps her outline.

2: OWEN, Mrs M Narayden Bianca, b/t another in super condition at 7 years. She too moved out well and kept her outline, just preferred the expression of the winner today.

3: HAWKINS, Ms M Pendralier Melody

Lee A S Cox (Judge)