• Show Date: 29/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: French Bulldog

Midland Counties Canine Society

29th October 2022

French Bulldogs

Thank you to the French Bulldog crowd for accepting me as the replacement judge and I sincerely hope that Tom Mather is fully recovered soon. The atmosphere around the ring was amazing. Temperaments, without exception, were superb.

It was very much a case of judging on the day. Some dogs that I have admired before were having an off day and so had to pay the price but there is no disgrace in that, luckily, they are not robots. They will, however, be back on form.


Minor Puppy

1: Chelmbull Space Man (Mr G & Mr D & Miss A Hickin & Cund & Cund), 6-month-old and an absolutely beautiful puppy to start the day. Gorgeous head and expression, soundly made, decent front and super feet. Uses his ears well. On the move he carries himself and covers the ground. He has an air of importance about him that keeps drawing you in. Champion quality for sure and I couldn’t resist him for the RCC and BP. Delightful.

2: Bullhawk Cease'n Desist (Mrs S Pearce), 6-month-old and another very decent puppy. I liked his head and expression, well made front, well ribbed, and correct topline. Sound on the out and back and has a future. In super condition. Liked him very much.

3: Rurubulz's French Master (Miss L Burgess)


1: Bullhawk Gift of God at Membully (Mrs T A & Mr T M Membury), 6-month fawn of type and maturity. He pleases in head and expression and has delightful ears. Good for substance and is well ribbed. Correct topline and strength behind. Decent one

2: Leyenda Fangorn Mr Murdoch (Mrs Emma & Ms Lynn Livesey & Foley), from the minor puppy class. He is all male and pleases for expression. Mature in body and has a good topline, just needs to strengthen in pastern and he’ll be away

3: Raglenary Tucker Bear (Ms M Coffey)


1: Guru Sunday at Wildax (Imp Rus) (Miss E Rankin), 16 month and all male, pleasing in head properties with fabulous open nostrils. Decent ears. Strong front and deep chested. He has the correct topline and uses himself in profile which is where he won the class.

2: Maznlilroo Bomber Bronson (Mrs M R Woolley), charming fawn 10 months old, he is full of fun and has a very pleasing outline, just needs to get his head in gear.

3: Yvontrae Spencer Tracy (Miss T Gregory)


1: Xandene All Thats Magic (Mr G & Mrs B Morison), fawn dog of substance, won the class on front and feet today. Liked his head and expression. Uses his ears well, strong topline and moved out on the right track. I can see him with a title.

2; Corursus Become The One JW (Messrs J R & R J Brooks & Cairns), brindle boy who pleases in outline, I liked his expression, and he keeps an outline in profile, just need to strengthen in front but time is on his side.

Post Grad

1: Maznlilroo Bomber Bronson (Mrs M R Woolley)

2: Rozeldogue Knew It Was You Xandene (Mr G & Mrs B Morison), pleasing head and expression, good ears and strong topline. He pleases for size, shape, and type. On the move he could just use his front a little more and this is what cost him today. Decent one though

3: Ruption Knightcott Black Diamond at Violotta (Miss L Prichard)


1: Cane Guardiano Daedalus Ardhub (Miss L Mcgroarty), delightful brindle boy who screams type. He is super for size, cobby and with substance. His head and expression are a delight. Correct topline and in wonderful condition. Seriously considered in the challenge and he too will carry a title with luck.

2: Xandene Black Magic in Myntie (Mrs J Cole), pleases for type and has the correct topline. Good front pleasing head and expression, uses his ears well. Just not as positive going away from me today.

3: Behind The Scenes of Luxbear (Ms J Oakes)


1: Dreamlegacy Orpheus at Jafrak (Mr & Mrs J & Dr J Krall & Holm), my BP last time I judged and how he has come on. On the floor, being the colour he is, he doesn’t immediately attract you to him. However, when you look into him on the table, he really does impress. His head is masculine, he has a super expression with lovely eyes and well positioned ears. He is a powerhouse, in perfect muscle condition. He is totally balanced in angulation, correct topline and superb feet. He is also beautifully presented. Put him on the floor and he was by far the most precise dog today on the out and back. He is moved at a sensible pace which accentuates his outline, and he uses himself so well in profile covering the ground with ease. Today I felt he was totally deserving of the CC and BOB, and I hope his third is not too far off.

2: Ir Ch Olijah Total Knockout JW (Miss O & Mr J Timms & Henderson), really liked this dog too, he is full of type and pleases so much on the move in profile, just not as positive going away as the winner. His head and expression are delightful, and he is handled to advantage.

3: Ch Chelmbull Rocket Man (Mr D & Miss A & Mr A & Mrs L Cund & Cund & Harrop & Harrop)


1: Ch Xentique Pandamonium for Baclaudi JW ShCM (Miss D Hogan), 8-year-old pied, lovely for size and type, pleases in head and expression, moved out well. Real credit to the breed and his owner. BV

Special Beginners

1: Ruption Knightcott Black Diamond at Violotta (Miss L Prichard), brindle, in great condition, pleasing expression and moved ok, well-handled BSB

2: Fangorn Captain Edward for Chareve (Mrs T A & Mr D P Massey), 6 months old, has type about him and is in great condition, time is on his side.

3: My Man Marjoram (Miss S Candiotes)


Minor Puppy

1; Chelmbull Nana’s Moon (Mr D & Miss A & Miss S Cund & Cund & Wilkinson), really super 6 months old brindle of superior quality and full of charm. Gorgeous for head and expression, sound as a pound and in fabulous condition. Champion in the making without a doubt.

2: Bullhawk Egg’s Citing at Membully (Mrs T A & Mr T M Membury), liked this 6-month-old brindle too, she too has a delightful head and expression, soundly made and sound on the move, another who could title.

3: Kookee’s Tutti Fruttii (Miss S Williamson)


1: Rischale Henrietta at Ellouab (Mrs D Smith), 9-month-old and a real cracker, she has the most delightful head and expression, superb ears, great for size and type, good for substance and the correct topline, she is as sound as they come, and she too will carry a title with luck. RCC today and deservedly so.

2: Theapaul Lady Magic (Miss A Cheeseman), super fawn girl of obvious quality. She too has the most delightful expression and is super for size, her ears are fabulous. Keeps her outline and is champion quality with the average amount of luck

3: Xentique B’guiling (Mrs S J Odendaal)


1: Caerurfa Seul Et Lunique (Mrs D Maxwell), fawn girl of quality, she has the correct shape and uses herself well. Pleasing in expression and good ears. Super sound and in good condition

2: Gavana Weather Storm at Vulabops (Imp Rus) (Miss A Spenser), brindle who was close up, she too is good for size and shape, pleases in head and expression, good in front and topline, just not the precision going away today. Beautifully handled

3: Ruption Knightcott Back in Black (Mr J A, Mrs A J & Mrs S S Vearncombe & Hale)


1: Rosanyos Sevillana JW (Miss Y, Mr R & Mr K Tonkin & Pellow), brindle bitch super for size and shape, lovely topline and balanced in angulation. Covers the ground when she moves in profile, in super condition. Liked her ears and expression. Another who should title, and I did consider her further today.

2: Kingfriend Miss Eunice at Rawshonbulls (Miss R Rawson), I liked this bitch too although felt that the winner scored in hindquarter. Superb head and expression, correct topline and moved soundly. Handled beautifully.

3: Ashstaff Secret Whisper for Baclaudi JW (Miss D Hogan)

Post Grad

1: Eastonite Nova Candy (Mr G Hickin), brindle bitch of type and size. Pretty head and expression, decent ears, sound in profile and ok on the out and back, could possibly have better feet, but she’s a good one

2: Warsons Madaline (Ms P & Mr N Warren & Jobson), Slightly different type but still quality about her. She please for head and expression, decent topline and scores in hindquarter.

3: Tytorro Paint It Black with Ruption Knightcott JW (Mr J A, Mrs A J & Mrs S S Vearncombe & Hale)


1: Chelmbull Kiss from A Rose (Mrs Thomas), superb bitch, super for size and type, glorious head expression and full open nostrils. Her movement in profile is wonderful and she was precise on the out and back. Will title.

2: Cossy's Black Betty at Barnlou (Mr S M & Ms L K Hill-Lonergan & Duff), close up and similar for type and size, another with a fabulous head and expression. Champion quality but today just a little loose coming towards me.

3: Casemates Soprano (Mr J & Mrs E Kelly)


A fabulous class of 5 quality bitches.

1: Jafrak So Flirty at Khanin (Mr R, Mrs M & Mrs J D Smith & Pratt), gorgeous brindle bitch who is superb for type and took my eye as soon as she came into the ring. Her head and expression are dreamy. Although at first, she was a little reticent to use her ears. She is the correct size, straight front, good topline and in super condition. On the move she came alive, put on a stella performance in profile and was precise out and back. Her handler worked extremely hard to keep her attention and so the class was hers. CC and her title I was told. Very well deserved. Absolutely superb bitch

2: Ch Winuwuk Solana at Pinedown (Mrs F & Mrs N Lovell & Beaumont), close up and very good for type and size, she is compact and sound on the move being in excellent condition.

3: Luekiki Given A Dream at Sealaw (Mr G & Mr D Corish & Shoemark)


1: Boremlyn Heart of Glass at Zilnor (Mrs E & Mrs T & Mr S Smith & Fawcett & Fawcett), 8-year-old brindle, pleasing for type and in super condition, a credit

2: Frabull's Let's Get It On with Mactawbay (Mrs S Watkins-Mcgowan), 8-year-old brindle, pleasing for type and delightful expression, perhaps just a little matronly now, but she can be forgiven

3: Ch Crashkon Audrey Hepburn (Mr J B Fallows)

Special Beginners

1: Oakprides Lucky Lady (Miss S Candiotes), fawn of good shape, size and type, sweet expression, and good ears, moved out well

2: Marsanne Mavis (Ms C Symonds), brindle, pleasing for type and size, liked her ears. She is in excellent condition

3: Fleur De Miraval (Mrs S J Roch James)

Lee A S Cox (Judge)