• Show Date: 12/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Spaniel (Field)

Three Counties Championship Dog Show

12 June 2022

Spaniels (Field)

I thoroughly enjoyed judging this good entry.



1: MACBAIN, Miss Allie & BREWER, Ms Danielle Fecimus Son Of A Gun, 6-month-old and full of potential. I liked his head and expression. To go over he is very good and balanced in angulation. Moved on the right track especially on the out and back and this is where he clinched the class. BP

2: OSBORN, Ms G Elgert Back to the Future, a beautifully head boy and so very typical in outline, he is just at that teenage stage where he is a tad erratic on the out and back and this is what cost him the class. When he settles, he will be a certain title holder, I have no doubt.


1: OSBORN, Ms G Elgert Back to the Future

2: HOUSEMAN, Mr JACK & HOUSEMAN, Mrs Carol flyenpyg first sight, lovely attitude and in super condition. Pleasing head shape. Flat bone and well ribbed. Moved ok when settled.

Post Grad

1: DAVIES, Mr & Mrs J & P Gadhelic Rum Tum Tugger to Benbreac, decent for type, he has a beautiful head and expression. Correct shape. Strong, long neck, decent topline and well-set tail. Flat bone of substance. He moves in typical fashion

2: HARDING, Mr & Mrs MJ & AE Kingsmist The Black Knight, black boy who pleases in head and expression. Correct shape and moved on the right track. Long neck, well ribbed and flat bone. Just needs finish.

3: HOPKINSON, Mr T & Mrs S R Thandiwe Twist of Fate


1: GALLEN, Mrs C M Woodsong Pleiades (IMP FRA), won the class on more precise movement on the out and back. Loved his head and expression. In super form, he presents a very typical outline. In profile he keeps an outline and uses himself to advantage

2: MOSEDALE, Mr Russell & MOSEDALE, Mrs Sarah & ROSSI Elgert Disco Inferno at Knightsbay, black dog who is presented to perfection and presents a very imposing outline stacked. At first thought he was my winner, but he was just a little erratic coming towards me today and this cost him. Champion quality though

3: SHIPTON, Mrs S Broomeece Firecracker Over Mishules


1: BENNETT, Mr D A & Mrs J Sh Ch Jesham Baronet, beautiful dog for type and today he absolutely shone. His head and expression are a delight. Fully mature and in perfect body condition. He moves on the right track and has a typical action. Loved him. I see he was my RCC winner last time I judged, today he has fulfilled that early promise and I simply could not get past him for the CC & BOB. A true Field Spaniel.

2: MOSS, Mr A D Sh Ch Fecimus Chase The Dream To Ewtor JW, another very nice dog who is very worthy of a title. Beautifully conditioned and handled. He too moves with the correct action and has a straight front. I just preferred the expression of the winner today. RCC

3: HOLGATE, Mrs Jill & HOLGATE, Mr Charles & BAUMANN, Prince Arthur Vom Belauer See at Nadavin (IMP DEU)



1: ADAMS, Miss Lucy & HIRD, Miss Calleigh & HIRD, Mis Irisbel English Rose, well grown 11-month-old. Her front is very good, she is well ribbed and balanced behind. Moved out well.


1: ADAMS, Miss Lucy & HIRD, Miss Calleigh & HIRD, Mis Irisbel English Rose

2: HARNETT, Mrs Stephanie Mary Flyenpyg First Lady, well ribbed, strong long neck and super topline. She is balanced in angulation. Left her dress at home today. Moved ok but just could have used her front a bit more to her advantage

Post Grad

1: ENGLISH, Mrs Sally Sonnetend Wake Up And Dream At Wireduck, black with a lot of quality. Pleases very much for head and expression. Strong, long neck, excellent front assembly, firm topline and well-set tail. Very balanced behind. Moved in typical fashion. In super condition

2: WEBBER, Mrs Lesley Fecimus Country Roads to Trevoris, close up and she too is the correct shape. Just preferred the expression of the winner, but otherwise, similar remarks apply.

3: BOWEN, Mrs V Clandrift Destiny


1: HOLGATE, Mrs Jill & HOLGATE, Mr Charles Nadavin Exclusive JW, absolutely beautiful bitch. Glorious head and expression, gorgeous for type. Long, strong neck, firm topline, well ribbed, and well set and carried tail. She has the correct action for the breed and impresses very much in profile. She demanded the CC today and I was pleased to be told that this was her 4th. A very worthy title holder and she will win many more. CC

2: HARDING, Mr & Mrs MJ & AE Kingsmist Miss Marple JW, black girl who is slightly bigger but is balanced. She has a pleasing head and expression, well off for substance, moved out well. Strong neck and good topline.

3: LEWIS, Mrs Sarah & LEWIS, Mr Gareth & ADAMS, Mr De Irisbel Cherish You


1: OSBORN, Ms G Sh Ch Elgert Lady Sta'dust JW, black bitch, imposing outline, sound to go over and moves in the right fashion. She was presented in pristine condition. Won the class today on topline and precision on the out and back. In the challenge I just preferred the head shape of the limit winner, but she is a deserved Champion. RCC

2: HOLGATE, Mrs Jill & HOLGATE, Mr Charles Sh Ch Nadavin Wenhaver JW, loved the head and expression of this bitch, she is good to go over, just felt she was losing her topline today. Moves well in profile, but perhaps a tad erratic going away from me today.

3: MOORE, Miss C Elgert Sweet Little Lies At Gadhelic

Lee A S Cox (Judge)