• Show Date: 12/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Spaniel (Clumber)

Three Counties Championship Dog Show

12th Jun 2022

Spaniels (Clumber)

Of all my breeds, I think it is well known that the Clumber is my heart, soul, and absolute passion. I adore them. Having lived with them for 50 years I have seen many changes in the breed, some of them good and on occasion not so good. In general, I do feel that the breed is far sounder now, and breeders have done a great job with this, but there are still the odd niggles that need to be continually addressed. I had a handful of what I consider incorrect bites today. This has been a problem in the breed for as long as I can remember and, trust me, I know how difficult it is to get right. But it should not be forgiven. Presentation also in some could be better. We are fortunate to own one of the most beautiful of breeds and they deserve to be presented accordingly. White coats are not easy, and bitches, in particular, are notorious for the odd staining on their knickers, but eyes and ears should be clean. Let’s not let this slip.

Although I mentioned that I feel that the breed is significantly sounder, one concern that I had today that I have not found prevalent before, is front movement coming towards me. Too many are not reaching in front properly with some almost crossing over themselves.

The entry was a decent one for this day and age, sadly the larger entries are a thing of the past. My only wish is that we will have more youngsters interested in our wonderful breed, as this is so very lacking at present.

Thank you for bringing your dogs, all had good temperaments and the ringside atmosphere was super with congratulations to all being given. A lesson that many other breeds could follow.



1: WHITEHOUSE, Mrs Susanne & WHITEHOUSE, Mr Paul Maursett Muttley At Molvonia, just out of puppy and very much the type I prefer. Easy winner of the class. Liked his head and expression. Good eyes with clean ears. Balanced in angulation and perfect topline. In excellent condition and moved out well using himself to advantage. Just needs to finish in body, particularly in ribbing and depth of chest, which will to be to his benefit.

2: FENWICK, Mr ARTHUR G. & THOMPSON, Mr JONATHAN M. & BADGERSMOON MR BRANSON decent for type, he has a correctly shaped head, but his eye could be a tad darker. Excellent in front, good topline and balanced behind. Moved on the right track but could have just a tad more enthusiasm. He could relax a little when being gone over as this affects his expression, but he is a decent dog.

3: PICKERING, Mrs J Wahnahnish Superman TAF (ai) NAF (Imp NLD)

Post Grad

1: THOROGOOD, Mrs L J ANBROOK DON'T STOP ME NOW AT HARRIFIELD, heavily marked but very good for type. I liked his head shape, and he has a decent expression. Well-made front, good topline and well-set tail. On the move he is sound on the out and back but could possibly just use his front more in profile. In super condition, he is coming along on the right lines and with a few more months maturity could be a contender.

2: WAREHAM, Mrs Rachel & DUSTAN, Mr Stuart Imp Prestij Nachii Mandarin Shik (Imp Rus), smaller type, well-handled and a delightful temperament. His head shape is good, but he is a little feminine in outlook. Moved out soundly.


1: WHITEHOUSE, Mrs Susanne & WHITEHOUSE, Mr Paul Maursett Mallachie At Molvonia, very decent dog. His head and expression please, he is the correct shape and well off for bone and substance. Scores in front, strong neck into firm topline and well-set tail. Could possibly have a little more angulation behind, but he uses what he’s got to advantage and impresses particularly in profile. In super condition. In the challenge he had a change of handler who enhanced his shape and really caught the eye. For me, he deserved the CC and I really hope that he gets his title.

2: FENWICK, Mr ARTHUR G. & THOMPSON, Mr JONATHAN M. Suelynda Second Edition, decent shape, and the correct type. His head and expression please. Would benefit from a few pounds off to his advantage as this would help with his movement. Decent behind but does not use his front.


1: TAYLOR, Mr AJW & TAYLOR, Mrs M Sh Ch Maursett Malfoy, very worthy champion, liked his head and expression, in super condition and presents a typical outline. On the move he is sound and keeps his topline. Presented in first class order, he is also moved at the correct pace. I felt his brother was better in forehand and this was the deciding factor. RCC


1: SHEPPARD, Mrs Jackie & SHEPPARD, Mr Peter Whissgig Daddy Cool, 10-year-old, and great for his age. Decent for shape and typical. Moved out on the right track. Balanced in angulation.

2: SHEPPARD, Mrs Jackie & SHEPPARD, Mr Peter Whissgig The Bristolian, 8-year-old that tried his best to throw all his chances away. Pleasing shape and decent head shape, he just would not use himself on the move today.



1: PICKERING, Mrs J Wymeswold Verdejo (Imp NLD), 10 months, the most adoring temperament and super for type. Pleasing head, although still not finished yet, and expression. In good condition and well ribbed. She has a firm topline. Just needs to settle on the move which will be to her benefit. BP

2: HARVEY, Mrs Sarah gracedieu Finest Jewels, smaller type but produces a very decent shape. She has a typical expression, and she is sound on the move. Save for one small detail and she could have won the class


1: BODEN, Mrs & Mr S L & DK Suelynda Kreme Della Kreme, very much the type that I prefer, and she is very balanced in profile. In great condition, if not a little out of coat today. Pleasing head and expression. Still young, she has time on her side as she is going through that teenage stage. She just needs to fill in front, which meant she was a little untidy coming towards me, but I can see her gaining an easy title. She is sound in profile and extremely good behind. Well ribbed back and short in loin. Good for bone and substance yet retains that look of femininity. I did seriously consider her in the challenge but felt that she just needs a bit of finish, but this will no doubt come, and you must judge on the day.

2: TAYLOR, Mr AJW & TAYLOR, Mrs M Maursett Marayd, close up and similar in type and another that I liked very much. I loved her head and expression. In profile she has an exceptional outline which is totally balanced. Just could be better coming towards me. Presented to perfection.

3: DAWSON, RI &Mrs PE, and Miss M Dawson Ian Big Boom's Viking Liv Beskerby Imp HRV (Imp)

Post Grad

1: MONAGHAN, Mr & Mrs PM & HD Tweedsmuir she's so sheek. Won the class with some to spare. Super for type and shape, she is very good to go over. Pleases in expression. Well off for bone and substance but still feminine in outlook. Moved out on the right track and kept her outline, topline and carried her tail correctly. She is another who is very much the type I prefer and has a look of Clumber. In profile she took the eye and continued to do so in the challenge. Presented in first class order CC, her 2nd and BOB. Her title is not far off.

2: SHEPPARD, Mrs Jackie & SHEPPARD, Mr Peter Whissgig Crackerjack, pleases for type and shape, she has the prettiest head and expression. Strong neck, decent topline and well-set tail. On the move she puts her feet in the right place, when she puts her mind to it!

3: SHEPPARD, Mrs Jackie & SHEPPARD, Mr Peter Star Fidelis Isle of Sancerre Among Whissgig Nor I


1: SHEPPARD, Mrs Jackie & SHEPPARD, Mr Peter Whissgig Comedy Of Errors (A.I), good for type and the correct shape, her head is decent. She is balanced in angulation and is well ribbed. On the move she uses herself and puts her feet in the right place

2: WAREHAM, Mrs Rachel & DUSTAN, Mr Stuart Buckfarm In The Buff, smaller type and not quite the head of the winner. She is balanced in outline and moved out ok


1: REYNOLDS, Ms Caroline Ir Sh Ch Richley Morning Snow Over Glenariff (IKC), totally mature, she has a delightful expression. She is well ribbed back and short in loin. Would just prefer a slightly better tail set and a tad more angulation behind. Moves so well in profile and is beautifully presented. She is a very worthy title holder and definitely has a look of Clumber about her. RCC

2: CLAXTON, Mrs G Anbrook Olivia Rose At Fiverites, I have always liked this bitch and she so deserves her title, she is balanced and, again, is the type I prefer. Today she just was not as clean coming and going as the winner and so had to pay the price.

3: SHEPPARD, Mrs Jackie & SHEPPARD, Mr Peter Whissgig Wintersaga (A.I)

Lee A S Cox (Judge)