• Show Date: 17/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Griffon Bruxellois Breeders Association

Breed: Griffon Bruxellois

Griffon Bruxellois Breeders Association

17th July 2022

It was a pleasure to judge the GBBA 40th Anniversary Championship show, and I would like to thank the Association for the honour and the exhibitors for a decent entry. It was a hot day, but we were fortunate to have a spacious inside area with a pleasant airflow throughout.

Thanks also to my steward, the fabulous Hilary Norbury.



1: Robert’s CH BEAUVIEW RAINING MEN, 9-year b/t rough of decent size and type. He pleases in head and expression. Super front and strong topline into well set tail. Moved on the right track and is in super condition.

2: Oliver-Barratt’s RISETHOR LAIDBACKJACK, 7-year red from a slightly bigger mould. Liked his expression and is short and cobby. Not quite the front of the winner and just roached slightly in topline. Moved out well and another who is in excellent condition.

Minor Puppy

1: Barney’s MOVALIAN DUMAS, exceptional red rough of 8-month-old. His head and expression are truly textbook, and he has that almost human expression with a perfectly placed nose. On the move he is so very sound, even at this age and puts his feet in exactly the right place. Strong neck and superb topline and tailset. Square cobby and beautifully presented. Champion in the making for sure and he pushed the CC winner very hard. RCC and BPD. In the challenge for BP his mind was elsewhere and so the nod went to the equally beautiful bitch puppy.

2: Blore’s MOVALIAN MUSCETEER, red of 8 months and litter brother to the winner but not quite as together today. I liked his head and expression, and he has super ears. Moved out well and kept his outline, just not as cobby as the winner.


1: Selby & Whitehead’s ZILCAN TOY SOLDIER, 10-month red rough who is exceptionally cobby and presents a very typical outline in profile. His head and expression are a delight with superb ears used all the time. Moved out with style.

2: Spurr’s ZILCAN GIN RICKY, 10-month-old and going through a bit of a the teenage at present. Another who has a very typical expression, good coat texture and has a strong topline. Slightly taller than the winner, which made him look a little rangier. Moved out soundly and presented very well.


1: Kenyon’s OSTHAEN LIGHT MY FIRE FOR MOVALIAN, Red Smooth who presents a super outline stood. His head and expression are typical, and he is very good to go over on the table. He moves on the right track and holds an outline, just not happy about coming back to me today, but this may have had something to do with the dark corner and I won’t take it personally! However, he did enough to show me how sound he is. He will have better days and a title will soon be his.

2: Ferneyhough’s BEAUBORNE OBAMA AT FERNSTAFF, b/t smooth who is good for size. Pleases for expression but not quite the turnup of the winner. He is cobby and has a good topline and tail set. Moved out well, but perhaps could have been a tad tidier coming towards me.

3: Donnellan & Roberts VONICI VIPER


1: Martin’s DONZEATA ROYAL AGENT, really liked this red rough for type and size, he has a delightful head and expression and is ultra cobby and balanced in angulation. Won the class on the precision on the out and back. He could just be a little more confident about the proceedings. He is certainly of champion quality.

2: Swinge’s BALTHAZAR SUPERSONIC, ultra-confident and presented beautifully. This boy also possesses a beautiful head and expression. Out of a slightly bigger mould, he is at that teenage stage at the moment and because of this he was a little erratic on the out and back. Strong topline and well-set tail.

Special Open Black

1: Donnellan & Roberts’ SHEVILAN SCRUM MASTER (IMP), rough boy with an enchanting temperament. Enthusiastic on the move, he keeps his outline and has a firm topline, relatively large head and strong neck.

Special Open B/T

1: Farrell’s BLACKSTAR BAROQUE, rough boy who scores for size and is cobby in outline. Relatively large head with well place nose. Decent neck and level topline. Looks decent in profile, he was just a tad erratic coming back towards me today.

Special Open Red

1: Guy’s DONZEATA ROYAL ANTHEM, superior rough with the most beautiful head and expression. His nose placement is perfect, and he has that delightful terrier attitude. He is cobby in outline and has great depth and spring of rib. Moved with such importance and style. In the challenge it was as if he defied me to look elsewhere and every time I looked at the Minor Puppy you could visibly see him stamping his feet. CC and RBIS

2: Gullon’s CH BARNFALL SUNSHINE, rough boy who is cobby and square in outline, pleasing expression and relatively large head. Decent topline but would perhaps prefer a slightly better tailset. Good ribbing and moved well in profile. Just a tad untidy going away from me.


1: Donnellan’s VONICI VILLIAN, b/t rough who won the class on front and precision coming towards me he presents a cobby and typical outline and has a very decent relatively large head and expression. Strong topline and well-set tail. Uses himself in profile.

2: Robinson’s OSTHAEN RED HOT CHILLI PEPPER AT TAZMANIC, red boy out of slightly bigger mould and he too has a super head. He is very typical and has a strong topline. Just not as precise coming towards me today.



1: Swinge’s VENDETTAS TANGERINE BALTHAZAR, 8 and a half red rough girl who was really enjoying her day, yes, she could possibly be said to being a little matronly now, but she is entitled to be. She still scores highly for type and has a delightful expression. Moved out really well and this is where she clinched the BVIS award. In super condition.


1: Selby’s ZILCAN AELIA, supremely smart red smooth of exceptional quality. She is beautiful for type; her head and expression are a delight, and she is sound and stylish on the move. She holds herself with importance and is a certain title holder. Compact and totally balanced. She is already the ultimate showgirl, and it won’t be long before she starts picking up the big green and white cards. Today she had to settle for the slightly smaller one, but I predict a very very bright future. Delightful. RCC, BPB and BPIS


1: Swinge’s BALTHAZAR PILLOW TALK, red rough who has a pleasing head and expression. Needs to drop into herself at present but she has a firm topline and well-set tail. Won the class on precision in profile and kept her outline.

2: Selby & Whitehead’s ZILCAN BLAZING AWAY, red smooth who I liked for size and possesses a delightful head and expression. On the table there is little to change. However, today she had her mind on other things and as hard as I tried, I could not get her to change it! Shame. She will have better days


1: Gullon’s DALTIRO CHICKADEE, adorable red smooth who scores for type and size. Pleasing in expression, she has a very well-placed nose and good upturn of jaw. Cobby in outline and well set and carried tail. Moved out well, if not a little enthusiastically.

Post Grad

1: Oliver-Barratt’s CHINASKY QUEEN GRANDE, b/t smooth who has the correct shape. She holds a strong topline and carries her tail well. Well placed nose pad with open nostrils. Moved out holding her outline.


1: Scourfield’s FOXFLY DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, red rough who scores for type and size. Pleases very much for head and expression and has a firm topline. True in front and balanced in outline.

2: Guy’s ADREEAM COUNTESS AT DONZEATA, red smooth who also pleases for type and size. Decent topline and moved out holding her topline. Just preferred the expression of the winner today.


Special Open b/t

1: Selby & Allen’s CH ZILCAN COLOUR PURPLE, rough girl who is good for size and type. Relatively large head and well-placed nose. She has a firm topline and is balanced in angulation. Perhaps could just be a tad more positive going away from me, but in profile will always take the eye as she holds herself so well.

Special Open Red

1: Barney & Chapman’s CILLEINE LA VIE EN ROSE, glorious red rough bitch of superior type. Her head and expression are a delight. She is compact and sturdy. Correct in outline and as sound a a bell. Presented in hard coat.

2: Rouse’s SETTRENDA SMOOTH OPERATOR, red smooth who is good for size and is cobby in outline. She needs to start enjoying herself a bit more and then she will reap the rewards. Keep going.


1: Guy’s CH DONZEATA ROYAL ATTRACTION outstanding red rough bitch who is currently making quite a name for herself and there is no denying why. Quite simply she was a standout today. Another who possesses that desired terrier type disposition, and she defies you to ignore her. On the table, little to fault, with the most beautiful, almost human expression on her relatively large head. She has an arch to her neck which gives her that look of importance. On the move she is free and uses herself so well. Presented to perfection, she was the complete package. CC and BIS

2: Blore’s CH CILLEINE EVERYDAY JW, pleasing for type and size, she is cobby in outline. Moved out well and is without doubt very worthy of her title. She was just unlucky to meet her opponent on such form today.

Lee A S Cox (Judge)