• Show Date: 22/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: AV Import, AVNSC and Stakes Day 3

Scottish Kennel Club

22nd May 2022

AV Import Register (Toy)



1: SMITH, Mr Oliver Moyadacha My Guy. 6-month-old Russian Toy who is a real cutie, good for size and shape, carries himself well and moves with style when his mind is on it.

Post Grad

1: CODLING, Mrs A Kinas Budda Elbrus At Lingkiss, Russian Toy who was pleasing size and super ears. Balanced outline and moves on the right track. RBD


1: LEACH, Ms K Kinas Budda Edison At Moyadacha, Russian Toy, masculine but still dainty, decent expression and very good ears. Good coat. Moved out well holding an outline. BD



1: LEACH, Ms K Moyadacha Good Golly, 6-month-old Russian Toy and a real cracker, delightful expression, super on the move and really holds an outline. Liked her and feel she has a real future. BB, BIMP and BP

2: LEACH, Ms K Moyadacha Golly Gosh, 6-month-old Russian Toy and pleases for type and size, she has it all there and there are moments when she shows what she can do, she just needs confidence.

3: LYNCH, Mrs E & LYNCH, Mr W.M Moyadacha My Girl At Garnox


1: CODLING, Mrs A Darling Toy Eseniya, b/t smooth Russian Toy with a pretty expression. She is good for size, looks ok in profile but could be a little more positive on the out and back.

Post Grad

1: LEACH, Ms K Stempfort Galaxy at Moyadacha, b/t Russian Toy who is a very attentive showgirl. Pleases for ears and expression, good for size and moves out holding her outline.


1: LEACH, Ms K Ayla At Moyadacha, Russian Toy, pleasing for size and in good condition, could possibly use her ears a little more, once she got going, she put her feet in the right place. RBB

AV Import Register (Utility)


Post Grad

1: CUNNINGHAM, Miss R Champ of Noryeong Sanmaek for Yulyeong (imp kor), Korean Jindo, liked his expression and uses his ears well. Good topline and move with an easy stride, typical of the breed. RBD


1: UNWIN, Miss Sherrie & WINTER, Miss Liz Morningcalm White Wizard At Snowtrekka (AI), Korean Jindo. Mature boy who presents a typical outline for the breed, decent head, and expression, balanced in angulation, and moves with confidence. BD and BIMP

2: CUNNINGHAM, Miss R Cracker of Yulyeong (imp kor). Korean Jindo, pleasing in head properties and is an excellent shape. He just needs confidence on the move as he loses his outline. Hopefully this will come with time. Excellent coat



1: UNWIN, Miss Sherrie & WINTER, Miss Liz Liubice Diamante at Snowtrekka (ai). Korean Jindo. RBB and BP

2: CUNNINGHAM, Miss R Yulyeong Legend Of Zelda. Korean Jindo

Two differing types both with things to reward, the winner came towards me cleaner today and this was the deciding factor. Both have super temperaments and we’re in excellent condition.


1: SPRY, Mr Paul ROLTAMSHE SKYE. Xolo, beautiful skin in excellent condition. Good for head and expression, correct topline, hare feet and excellent ears. Moved out on the right track. BB

Post Grad

1: CASENTIERI, Ms CJ & Mr T F Amico Antico Plum-Thing Magical (Imp Rus), Xolo, super skin, balanced and in super condition, a bit more confidence will be to her benefit.

2: WILLIAMS, Miss Yvonne L Fr Ch Morningcalm Cool As Ice, Korean Jindo, decent type, pleasing in outline, just a tad untidy coming towards me today


1: SPRY, Mr Paul Tamoanchan Venus at ROLTAMSHE, Xolo who produces a very eye-catching outline stacked, delightful expression and balance in angulation. Moved out ok

2: CUNNINGHAM, Miss R Morningcalm Firethorn Of Yulyeong. Korean Jindo who is good for type, pleasing outline moves soundly but could just use herself more

3: WILLIAMS, Miss Yvonne L Fr Ch Morningcalm Cool As Ice

Special Beginner

1: WILLIAMS, Miss Yvonne L Fr Ch Morningcalm Cool As Ice



Post Grad

1: DORAN, Miss Leah Limartine Reddy n'willing. Australian Silky Terrier, correct size, coat of good texture and decent colours. Uses his ears, moved out well. RBD


1; CONNOLLY, Mrs Julie & MACKRELL, Mrs Tanya & DOWTY, Sunny pearls gaspar amoroso, Australian Silky Terrier who is 7-year-old and in wonderful condition, he moves out soundly with style and carriage. Good for size and type. BD and BAVNSC



1: Chloe Black, listened to instructions and kept her dog between herself and the judge.

2: Rhys Duncan, kept the dog between himself and the judge just needs to concentrate on his lines

3; Victoria Plaude-Vitolina

12-16 yrs

1: Grace Rutherford, very polished performance handling her Pug with style and confidence. Very hard to fault.

2: Kristia Welbourn-Goddard. Didn’t have the easiest of tasks as her Maltese was doing everything he could to make life difficult. What I liked about this young handler is that she clearly knows what she is doing but did not let her charge rattle her and she kept calm and composed. Eventually, the dog started to show correctly which proves that you don’t need harsh handling to get the best of a dog, which I abhor. Well done

3: Amelia Jayne Dyer

Good Citizens Stakes

1: min poodle in a beautifully prepared saddle trim. Up to size, he is masculine but has a real poodle expression. Coat of excellent texture. Moved well and kept an outline

2: apso of good type, masculine head, coat of good texture, carries himself well on the Kiev.

Birdbrook Veteran Stakes

1: LEE-MORRIS, Mr A & Mrs S Michandy Back In Time At Pupstar. Miniature Poodle of quality. Superb shape and sound and stylish, excellent condition. Presented in perfect Saddle Trim.

2: MAXWELL, Mrs L & CHALMERS, Mrs Lesley Dimara Cheeky Charlie for Aintshe. Coton De Tulear in superb condition, moved out well and is good to go over, having the correct topline and balanced angulation. Beautifully presented

3; TAYLOR, Mr John & TAYLOR, Mrs Susan Billkenstar Amazing Story

Eukanuba Puppy Stakes

1: ROBB, Mrs Irene & ROBB, Mr Glenn Gleniren Daddy's Starmaker. Papillon of superior quality who simply took my breath away. She walked in and owned the class for the start. She is beautifully presented, and her coat is totally correct. Her head and expression are simply divine, and she has fabulous large flaring ears. Her topline is faultless and she has the perfect tail. On the move she simply cannot be ignored, she has style, deportment, and charisma. A star for the future and I could not get past her. My Overall winner over the 3 days.

2: O'HIGGINS, Miss S & KNUDTZEN, Mrs Wenche Smart Connection Sign Of Catwalk (Imp Rus). Very decent Standard Poodle who is gorgeous for type, beautifully presented and is a joy to go over. He has a long head with a super expression. Up on his legs and uses himself on the move. Will title, I’m sure.

3; LEMON, Mr S Susu We're Gonna Parti At Parloueve NAF

Special Beginners Group (Toy)

1: MASKELL, Mr Stephen Scapafield Schwarz Quarrel – AFFENPINSCHER. Very typical and has a cheeky expression. Good for size and coat of good texture. Could use his tail a little better for advantage.

2: BOWERS, Miss Nicola Bryelis I'm On My Way at Riveralca - CHINESE CRESTED

3: HARBRON, Miss Sheila Bratilda Starman – PEKINGESE

4: RUSSELL, Mrs C Dyffrynsands Destinys Day To Claravi – HAVANESE

Special Beginners Group (Utility)

1: FLYNN, Mrs Kathleen Moira Risepark All The Rage At Rynuan - MINIATURE SCHNAUZER. Robust and sturdy. He has the correct look for the breed and was presented in good order. Moved out well, particularly in profile and kept his outline.

2; FOSTER, Mrs Lauren Perdita's Tomorrowland – DALMATIAN

3: THIRLAWAY, Mrs A Donaska Pussy Galore - POODLE (MINIATURE

4: GUY, Mrs Katy Jane & GUY, Mr Andrew Wynele Trooping The Colour - BOSTON TERRIER

Lee A S Cox (Judge)