• Show Date: 12/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Gundog Society Of Wales

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)

Gundog Society Of Wales

12th October 2022

English Springer Spaniels

I enjoyed my day with the Springers and the entry was reasonable for a Wednesday show, for which I thank you. Just a couple of observations. I found bitches to be stronger today and there are a few, particularly males, that lacked depth of chest, heart room and width in front. This in turn affected their movement, being narrow coming towards me. Some almost hit the ground as they move in profile, which can’t be economical for a sporting dog. Also, being the highest on leg of the land spaniels, some were, in my opinion, lacking length of leg which spoils the overall outline. Temperaments were excellent and presentation, overall, superb.


Minor Puppy

1: Carlyquinn Captain Ross (Miss J A Such), 6-month-old l/w well grown for his age. I liked his head and expression. Strong neck into firm topline. Decent front and well ribbed for his age. Correct shape and balanced behind. He is a tiny bit erratic on the out and back but impresses in profile and has the correct swing in front. Very promising baby


1: Elazlan Tribal Craft (Miss E Chandler), 9-month-old b/t of obvious quality. He is in exceptional condition and presented beautifully. Stacked he is up on leg, strong topline and correctly set tail. His head is masculine, and he has a soft expression. Super front assembly, well ribbed back, and strong firm hindquarters. On the move he puts his feet in the right place and has the correct action in profile. Maturity and animation won him BP

2: Russell at Cumani (Imp Ita) NAF TAF (Mrs L & Miss L V Fugle & Cook), 9-month l/w. Not as mature in body as the winner. A little plain in head but his expression is soft. Decent size and well angulated in front. A tiny but erratic on the move, but he will settle with time.


1: Dexbenella Double Oh Seven (Mr S & Mrs W Walker), 13-month l/w of quality. His attitude is to be commended and cherished. His outline is breath-taking, and he is all male with fantastic bone and substance. Good length of leg, superb front and feet. Well ribbed and short strong loin. Correct topline and tailset. Well angulated behind, but not overly so. On the move, when he thinks about it, he puts his feet in the right place and holds himself well. His expression is super, his head just needs to finish. One with a future and a title ahead of him.


1: Dexbenella Double Oh Seven (Mr S & Mrs W Walker)

Post Grad

1: Sandylands Stand N Deliver (Mrs T E Topliss), mature l/w boy who is good for size. Has a decent length of leg and is well boned. In profile he produces a typical outline. Strong neck and firm topline. Well set tail and uses it all the time. I would prefer slightly more angulation in front, and he comes on a tiny bit wide. Sound behind and keeps an outline.


1: Calvdale Scaramouche Jones JW (Mr & Mrs M Calvert), l/w who won the class on slightly more angulation in front and positivity behind today. He pleases very much for type and produces a very pleasing outline. His head and expression are a delight and is he totally balanced in angulation without exaggeration. On the move he uses himself, keeps a firm topline and has the correct swing in front. In superb coat and condition, for me he was a clear winner of the CC today. His third I believe.

2: Sandylands Xpress Delivery (Mr E & Mrs E Casey & Jayes), l/w who is presented to perfection and initially I thought could possibly win the class. Pleases for head and expression. Super outline, just not quite the angles in front of the winner and he was a tad erratic going away today. In profile he cannot but impress as he really covers the ground and has such an eye-catching action. He will title I am sure, and I will not disagree when he does. RCC

3: Eastriding Royal Black (Mrs K Jenkinson)


1: Sh Ch Beresford Lockdown (Mrs T E Topliss), won the class on precision on the out and back. On the stack he produces a very pleasing outline, and his head and expression are delightful. Excellent front assembly and has heart room. He is well ribbed, short, strong loin and balanced behind. In good coat. In the challenge he tired, and the 2 youngsters upped their game, so he had to bow down.

2: Sh Ch Beresford As Good As It Gets (Mrs T E Topliss), superb outline on the stack and he is superior for type. His head is masculine, if not perhaps just a little too much rise, and he has a delightful expression. In full coat. On the move he really impresses in profile, but he was not as precise on the out and back today as the winner. Good one though

3; Daenerys Blood of The Dragon (Miss L & Mr L Ainsley & Nicklin)


1: Roqfolly Spectre (Mrs D Murdoch), 10-year-old l/w who was thoroughly enjoying his day. Good length of leg and balanced in outline. Moved ok for his age.


Minor Puppy

1: Petranella Tipping The Wink (Ms C P Savell), 6-month-old l/w and oh, what an exciting prospect. Her outline is simply beautiful. On the stack there is very little to change, super front assembly and totally balanced behind. Even at this age she is well ribbed, strong in body and has fabulous bone and substance. On the move she just needs a little in confidence, but her feet are put in the right place, and she has a typical action. One to watch in the future without a doubt. I loved her.

2: Carlyquinn Morwenna (Mrs H Cokell), liked this 6-month-old l/w too. She is pretty in head and has the correct outline. Good for bone and feet. One the move she had more animation than the winner, but she was not as precise. Champion quality for sure.

3: Barecho Fame Queen at Eastriding NAF (swe Imp) (Mrs K Jenkinson)


1: Daenerys Red Priestess (Miss L & Mr L Ainsley & Nicklin), feminine in outlook and balanced in angulation. She has a delightful expression, but her head is yet to finish. Strong neck and strong topline. Ribbing coming along and she is precise on the out and back. Looks good in profile.

2: Beresford It's A Sin (Mrs T E Topliss), really liked this young l/w who was apparently at her first show. Her outline is superb, and she has the most wonderful head and expression. To go over very little to change. On the move her inexperience showed and this cost her, shame.


1: Dexbenella Double Vision (Mr S & Mrs W Walker), such an imposing outline on this l/w, her head and expression are simply beautiful. To go over, she has everything in the right place, and she is well bodied and well ribbed. Her topline is strong and she has a good tail set. Well off for bone and she has super feet. On the move she holds herself and puts her feet in the right place.

2; Barecho Cover Girl (Imp Swe) NAF TAF (Miss L & Mr L & Miss A Ainsley & Nicklin & Gardiner), decent l/w with lots to like, pleases for head and expression. Strong neck into firm topline. Not quite the angles in front of the winner. In profile she holds an outline and has the correct outline. Just a tad untidy coming towards me today. Well presented and handled to advantage.

3: Trimere Taylor Maid at Pinhays (Mrs J I Kibby)


1; Allenie’s The Other Side (Miss J A Unwin), l/w who has correct length of leg, a tad plain in expression. Strong neck into firm topline. She is balanced in angulation but perhaps could have a little more width in front. Moved on the right track.


1: Dexbenella Double Vision (Mr S & Mrs W Walker)

2: Trimere Turn Back Time (Mrs J I Kibby), pretty l/w/t with a delightful head and expression. She produces a pleasing outline stacked and is in super condition. Well bodied and good ribbing. Strong topline and well-set tail. She impresses in profile on the move but was not as precise coming towards me as the winner today. Decent one though


1: Sandylands Send The Roses (Mr E & Mrs E Casey & Jayes), this bitch impressed me very much. To go over she is a delight with angles in the right place, but nothing exaggerated. Her coat, presentation and condition were exemplary, and her handler moved her at just the right pace. She pleases in head, yes, she could possibly have a darker eye, but the perfect dog has yet to be born. She has strength and length to neck, well made front, perfect topline and well-set tail. On the move she has a lightness of footfall, the correct swing in front and such an eye-catching outline. Out and back, she is precise, and she never let up. Add to this such a delightful temperament and you’re on to a winner. BCC, also her third I believe, and BOB. Shortlisted in the group.

2: Trimere Time Flys (Miss S J Corbett), very much the type that I admire, and I preferred the head and expression of this bitch. She is the correct shape, and she has a breath-taking outline stacked. She is champion quality for sure and it should not be long. She just needs to mature in chest and although on the move she is precise, she was just not as enthusiastic as the winner today and so decisions have to be made. RCC

3: Calvdale Flutter JW (Mr & Mrs M Calvert)


1: Daenerys Winds of Winter (Miss L & Mr L Ainsley & Nicklin), very pleasing in outline and a delightful head and expression. She has good length to leg, well ribbed back, and a strong short loin. Well presented, she has enough coat. Looks good in profile. Another who should carry a title with average amount of luck.

2: Sh Ch Beresford Night Class (Mrs T E Topliss), pleases for type and the correct shape, well bodied and good for bone. On the move she could just use herself more in front and this is what cost her today


1: Sh Ch Bordacity Honey Ryder (Ms S Watson), 8-year-old l/w in superb condition. She is well bodied, balanced in outline and in fabulous coat. Pretty expression. Decent neck and firm topline. On the move she covers the ground with a typical outline and is true out and back. A credit to the breed and her owner. BV and Vet Group 4.

Lee A S Cox (Judge)