• Show Date: 01/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Gundog Group

Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show

October 2022

Gundog Group

It was an absolute pleasure to judge the Gundog Group at this, the 200th SKC Championship show, and I thank the council for their very kind invitation. I had a few concerns beforehand as to what I would be expecting but these were soon alleviated during pre-judging as I could see that the quality of the group in general was high, and I was going to be able to produce a decent shortlist. In fact, I could have shortlisted more. So, thank you to the judges for sending me some decent dogs to get my hands on.

As usual the show ran like clockwork, and the groups were judged in timely fashion. The welcome north of the border is a pleasure, and it is always special to see the ever-smiling faces of Secretary, Gillian Jones and Convenor, Stuart Payne.

As I have said, my shortlist could have been larger, but decisions must be made and so it comprised of the Brittany, GSP, Gordon Setter, Hungarian Vizsla, Flat Coated Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel, Welsh Springer Spaniel and Weimaraner. All excellent examples of the respective breeds and all putting on a great show.

Group 1 went to the Weimaraner, ALCORN, Mr David R & INGRAM, Mr Gavin - Sh Ch Gunalt Hendricks. Bang on form, this dog is produced by a kennel that is synonymous with great Weimaraner producing winner after winner and this one surely rates as one of their best. At present he is hard to ignore. He produces a breath-taking outline stacked and flows from nose to tail, completely balanced in angulation. Typical head and expression, strong neck into firm topline that never falters. He has a fantastic forehand and is balanced behind without exaggeration, something some Gundog breeds cannot say at present. What really impresses is his movement. He powers around the ring yet has a lightness of foot that confirms that he could work all day. His side gait is impeccable. Add to this superior muscle condition, a charming temperament and exemplary handling and you’ve got the complete package. A fit as a flea, sound, typical Gundog and, for me, a very worthy winner of this group.

Group 2 and by an absolute hairs’ breadth, was the Cocker Spaniel COLLIN, Dr P & WILDMAN, Mr M - Oktumi Opalescence. Completely charming and making quite a name for herself in the breed at the moment and I can absolutely see why. She is a delight. Delightful expression, strong, clean neck into the firmest of toplines and correctly set, ever wagging tail. On the table there is very little you would wish to change having an excellent front and she stands on super feet. Big ribbed, cobby and a perfect size. She screams femininity. On the move she uses herself so well, covers the ground and has that oh so typical cocker bustle as she moves away. Her presentation is a masterclass, and she will continue to have many more good days.

Group 3 went to the Brittany GRAHAM, Mrs Linda & YARROW, Mrs Janette - Sh Ch Bonapartist Pickpocket. I remember seeing him in the group at Crufts this year and was immediately impressed by him. Was delighted to have the opportunity to judge him today and he really didn’t disappoint. He is one of the best Brittanys I have seen in a very long time. Medium sized, square, and moderate all over. He has a super head with the desired parallel planes. Correct balance of foreleg giving that very slightly sloping topline. Energetic, brisk movement, keeping his outline, is his crowning glory. A special dog indeed and more than worthy of his placing here today.

Group 4 was the Gordon Setter, PHILLIPS, Mrs A & WATKINS, Ms Tereza - Sh Ch Flaxheath Top Model At Glenmaurangi. My group winner at Leeds last year, so no surprise that I rate her. She is a class act, and she is handled by an expert. She is so typical and is still as fit as they come. Her head and expression are a delight. She is feminine and is a delight to go over. Perhaps not quite in her best bib and tucker today and so had to bow down to the 3 above her, but she should not be disappointed with that. Girls, after all, will be girls. On walking around earlier in the day I noticed that it was her son that won the DCC. So not only a great show bitch herself, but a producer as well. Surely, what it’s all about.

Lee A S Cox