• Show Date: 02/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Tibetan Terrier

Scottish Kennel Club

2nd October 2022

Tibetan Terrier


Minor Puppy

1: COOPER, Mrs L & PURSLOW, Mrs L Bheehind closed doors, 7-month-old and full of himself. Pleasing expression, moderate in outline. He is still a baby, but time is on his side


1: MULLEN, Mr Gerry Kazaju Midnight Dancer, 10 month and mature in coat. Decent size. Typical in outline, just needs his brain in gear but this will come


1: HADLOW, Ms E Snoanda Doing This My Way, superb young male. Beautifully presented in in full coat. Delightful expression, moderate all over and square in outline. He has a very typical outline which he keeps on the move. Uses himself in profile and is sound out and back. Champion in the making and considered him strongly in the challenge.

2: COOPER, Mrs L & PURSLOW, Mrs L Ahgainst All Odds, decent one who, when he thinks about it, can produce a very eye-catching outline in profile. He too is all male and has the correct outline. Just needs to concentrate

3: THAIN, Mrs Susan Gentle Sweet Shadow

Post Grad

1: HARRISON, Mrs S D Tegkei Playing The Game, mature and all male. He is presented in full coat, super head with strong underjaw. Typical outline and moderate in angulation. He moved out well holding his topline. Well presented.

2: LOW, Mrs W routenburn chasing status, good for size and shape, he doesn’t carry the coat of the winner, but it is well textured. Moved in typical fashion holding his outline.

3: MULLEN, Mr Gerry Kazaju Midnight Dancer


1: PEDIANI, Mrs L Routenburn Ultragold, in full coat and presenting a typical outline, he won the class on forward reach. He has a decent head and expression, strong topline and moderate in angulation. Kept his outline on the move.

2: KING, Miss Karen Araki Magic Dancer for Karamyst JW, close up and has a very eye-catching outline stacked. Presented beautifully, he has a superb textured coat. On the move he is precise out and back but felt he rushed a little in profile and this affected his reach. Good one though

3; LOW, Mrs W routenburn chasing status


1: PRICE, Mr Mark & COLLINSON, Mrs S & BARRON, Mr A Lux Ch Swiss Ch Esp Ch Ti La Shu Whisky Bravo, beautifully presented and so typical in outline, this dog screams type to me. All male in head, superb expression and moves with deportment. On the table there is little to fault. Moderate all over, well boned with big feet. Sound on the out and back and really uses himself in profile. A class act indeed and I’m sure we will hear a lot more of him. CC and BOB over the superb bitch and delighted to see him go Gp 2.

2: CHAMBERLAIN, Mrs J Araki Shamana JW, liked this young dog too and he is very close up. Super head, exciting shape and moved so well. Champion for sure. RCC in good company.

3: COOPER, Miss C L & COOPER, Mrs L Araki Glowing Ember

Good cit

1: MULLEN, Mr Gerry Kazaju Midnight Dancer


Minor Puppy

1: PETTIT, Miss M T Boshanti Elyana Rogspa, interesting class as all at different stages of development. The winner held herself better on the move and had balance of outline. Pretty head and expression.

2: KNIGHT, Mrs Y Snoanda Morgan Le Fay, another with balance in outline, moved out ok, just not quite the texture in coat of the winner today

3: LOW, Mrs W routenburn kikimora


1: WILSON, Mr & Mrs P C & E Djankay Starlight Fair, absolutely super puppy, with style in spades. She is the correct shape and is totally moderate in angulation. Loved her head and expression and moved with such style. BP

2: UNDERWOOD, Mr P KAZAJU MIDNIGHT GEORGIA, another decent puppy who presents a typical outline and had a super texture to her coat. She was just not as polished as the winner today

3: LOW, Mrs W routenburn kikimora


1: SUMMERS, Mrs D Palshar Glitter and Glitz, super bitch for type, she uses herself in profile. Presented to perfection, she is the correct outline. Super for head and expression.

2: KING, Miss Karen Karamyst Love Actually JW, another decent girl who presents a typical outline stacked, presented well and coat of good texture, she too moved out well but just lost her outline slightly on the go round


Post Grad

1: MARLEY, Ms G & THIRLWELL, Mr P Myrlea Motown Ink, superb bitch who has champion stamped all over her. She has a wonderful outline, being so typical. Her head and expression are a delight. Her presentation flawless. She moved out using herself in profile and keeping her outline. RCC behind her kennel mate who just pipped her on finish.

2: HARGREAVES, Mrs J A Karamyst time to shine with islantic, liked this bitch too, decent type and well presented. Good to go over, she presents a typical outline. Moved out well and kept her outline,

3: BRIDGES, Mr A M & ROSE-DAWSON, Miss C A & ROSE, Ms Sanchara Tart With A Heart JW


1: GREEN, Mrs Veronica Mary & GREEN, Mr Anthony Verony Mystic Charm, very typical and smart. She is good for size, unexaggerated in angulation and moderate all over. Moved out well, being precise on the out and back. Delightful head and expression and considered strongly for higher awards. Presented beautifully.

2: HADLOW, Ms E Snoanda Hello Dolly, lovely for size and type and close up today, she has the correct outline and is sound in the move, just not quite the front of the winner

3: PEDIANI, Mrs L Routenburn This Is The One At Glencoul


1: MARLEY, Ms G & THIRLWELL, Mr P Ch Myrlea Martha Reeves, very good class of 5 quality bitches. Headed by this super, mature bitch of absolute quality. Her head and expression are divine. She is the correct shape, moderate all over and in superior condition. On the move she is precise and stylish, holding a very typical outline. CC. In the challenge for BOB she tired slightly whereas the dog stepped up a gear.

2; PRICE, Mr Mark & BARRON, Mr A Ch Araki Santa Barbara, close up and a quality bitch, presented to perfection. Full of type and holds herself so well. Just perhaps not quite the reach of 1 today

3: GREEN, Mrs Veronica Mary & GREEN, Mr Anthony Verony The Usual Suspect

Special Beginners

1: METCALFE, Mrs Fiona Pippalata Overtime Magic, presented very well, she is in super coat, and she moved out on the right track.

Good cit

1: UNDERWOOD, Mr P KAZAJU MIDNIGHT GEORGIA, pleasing type and good for size and shape.

2: CHAMBERLAIN, Mrs J Araki Bitty Bobetty Betty, good for type, a little on the smaller side, she moved out well.

3: DAVISON, Mrs Trudy Routenburn Realta

Lee A S Cox (Judge)