• Show Date: 21/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Laura Stephenson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Elkhound Association of Scotland Open Show

21st May 2022

Norwegian Elkhounds

Laura Stephenson – Brawdor

I would like to start off by saying, what an honour it was to be asked to judge the club show, something I never thought I would experience for a long time. I am so grateful to the committee, and would like to personally thank every single one of them for such a lovely and well run day. A special thank you to Annelise Haugstad, Vanessa McHugh and especially Nicola Callow, the jobs that these three take on to ensure the club and its members are happy, is outstanding. A lot of personal sacrifices take place behind the scenes and I think a big thank you to those that contribute their time and efforts is required. Another big thank you to all those that entered, with the current climate with fuel prices, hotels etc, I was extremely pleased and grateful for the entry and attendance that I had. A warm get well soon to the exhibitors that could not attend due to injury and illness either to themselves or family members, you were missed and I hope you recover swiftly. A special get well soon to the Chairperson, Marjory Macgregor after her accident, we hope to see you very soon.

Puppy Dog

1 – Shields, Ms L, Ravenheim Wulfgar Lothbrok, at 7.5 months and I think one of his first shows, this young boy took everything in his stride and certainly owned the ring. A lovely dark muzzle on a wedge shaped head leading to a strong neck. Nice straight and strong front, length of leg and short loin. Top line will strengthen with age but this dog looked impressive on the move. I look forward to seeing him mature and him and his handler attending more shows as they were a wonderful and fun team. BPIB

Junior Dog

1 – Shields, Ms L, Ravenheim Wulfgar Lothbrok


1 – Gold, Mr A W and Mrs K P, Graythor at the Venetian with Llassah, such a strong and solid dog with the most handsome of faces. Lovely dark features that just catch your eye and attention especially his ears that are placed well and stunningly dark. Slightly larger in size but well proportioned, nice deep chest and well curved ribs. Legs straight and strong which aid his movement, slightly close behind on the move but keeps a nice strong top line, looks and is built like he could do a day’s work. Lovely coat colouring and nicely set and curled tail. At 18 months he is impressive and I look forward to his future.

Open Dog

1 – Mortimer, Miss T, Ch Laakso Canute, what a pleasure to be able to go over this boy again 3 years on fully mature, yet again he did not disappoint. Lovely dark eyes, right amount of stop, short body with power behind it, well sprung ribs and lovely angulation. This all contributes to his movement, covering the area easily and effortlessly. Lovely set and curled tail that just doesn’t seem to stop wagging, which is what I like to see. Pleased to award BD, BOS and RBIS.

Veteran Dog

1 – Ms K H, Mrs H and Mr A Tress, Ch Grasilva Little Rock Avec Gilkaro JW, youngest out of the two at 7 years and in super condition, short in loin and square in body, slightly lighter in colour but coat is coarse with good markings. Legs are firm, front movement was stronger than the rear but covered the ground well. I can see this boy and his handler are going to enjoy veteran classes, I for one cannot wait to have a dog in veteran as they are my favourite. Well-deserved BVIS.

2 – Wallace, Miss E, Ch Steldawn Allclear ShCM, what can I say other than if it was a ‘dog the judge would take home’ class this boy would be my winner. At the age of 13 he could honestly pass for just entering into veteran classes, his face has not aged and still has a lovely dark muzzle, Benjamin Button of the breed! Movement around the ring was effortless and you could see he enjoyed every minute, as did his handler. He is slightly overweight but, he is enjoying life and rightly so. I cannot thank his owner enough for bringing him as he made my day.

Special Vintage

1 – Wallace, Miss E, Ch Steldawn Allclear ShCM, as above, loving every minute.

Puppy Bitch

1 – Mortimer, Miss T, Laakso Helli, 6 months old and just starting her show career and already looking like a pro, a neat and compact bitch with a lovely shaped head. Tightly curled and well set tail in line with the centre of the back, again didn’t stop moving! Plenty of coat with good colour, covered the ground well and was focused on handler. Ears are slightly large but well placed and dark. Look forward to seeing her mature. Pleased to award RBPIS.

Limit Bitch

1 – McHugh, Mrs V J, Laakso Dina of Conrick, nearly 3 year old bitch with a lovely coarse coat, lighter than others but markings are clear. Nice straight front leading to tight feet, lovely colour eye, well set ears. Movement was good and the floor was covered well after she was settled. Nicely set tail and carried well when on the move. I feel she has a bit more maturing to do which will come soon and look forward to seeing her in the next couple of years. Happy to give her RBB.

2 – Mortimer, Miss T, Laakso Belina, another pleasure to judge this girl three years on, she was slightly out of coat today but she has good colour and makings. She is slightly longer than 1 but nice and square and strong on the move. The first thing that you see is the happy face with this girl, she was smiling throughout. Again, attentive to handler and showed well.

Open Bitch

1 – Mortimer, Miss T, Ch Laakso Dana, at nearly 3 years old she looks like she has been doing this for many years. Immediately caught my eye in the ring and she did not disappoint. Compact, square, strong top line, lovely coat colour and dark eye. This girl ticks all the boxes, even more pleasing on the move, the best of the day for me. No hesitation in awarding her BB and BIS.

2 – Lees, Mr J R and Mrs C F, Skogly’s VL Ankerbrua Aftonlee, this girl did not give the impression she had been out the ring for a while. Lovely bitch of good size and proportion, legs are of good length and strength leading to compact feet. Good neck length holding a wedge shaped head that has the prettiest of faces. Nicely set and sized ears and correct amount of stop. Hope to see this girl out and about if possible at more shows.

3 – Ms K H, Mrs H and Mr A Tress, Treskha Just the One, a lovely bitch, took a while to settle but once she did it was easy to see this girl is just getting started. A beautiful and friendly expression, dark colouring on the muzzle and head nicely wedged. Eyes of good colour, ears set nicely and correct bite. Strong bitch kept in good condition, strong back and short loin. Nicely angulated front and rear aiding her movement, look forward to seeing her out and following her career.

Res – Mchugh, Simmonds and Mott, Mrs V J, Ms, S P, Ms M, Am Ch Kammgaard Kounterpoint (IMP USA), previously gave this girl a RBB and I remember favouring her movement at the time, she was not quite as consistent on the move today. 4 year old girl slightly larger and longer than the other three. Overall a lovely girl with good length of leg, strong front, lovely markings and colour of coat. Just not her day today but still a pleasure to have her in the ring and I look forward to seeing her again.


What a fun but also a difficult class to judge, both handlers flawlessly taking their dogs around the ring and holding their attention. Both sets of dogs in unison and working well on the move together creating a lovely picture. Well done to both.

1 – Miss T Mortimer

2 – Ms K H, Mrs H and Mr A Tress