• Show Date: 06/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kris Kingsley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Spanish Water Dog

Paignton Championship Show

06/08/2022 – Spanish Water Dog

Firstly, thank you to the exhibitors for waiting so long in very hot conditions, and for taking my placings in good spirit and humour.

Thanks also go to my stewards, who were friendly and efficient with a good sense of humour, and had worked tireless in that ring all day throughout the previous breeds.

I thoroughly enjoyed my judging, my only disappointment was no entries in the younger classes although I was very happy with my winners.

Special Beginners D/B, 0 entries

Puppy D/B, 0 entries

Junior D/B, 0 entries

Yearling D/B, 0 entries

Open D/B (2,0)

1st Treberts Valentisimo’s Ballesteros, 5yo brown dog, robust and typey, well corded coat at length of apx 5 cms, good head proportions 3:2, short, thick, muscular neck, well angulated shoulder, good topline with withers slightly higher, good leg length to height ratio, well ribbed with depth reaching to elbow, moderately angulated hindquarters – well muscled, natural bob tail, looked very slightly long, moved well with a brisk side gait, but very slightly close behind. Best Dog.

2nd Napiers Josalyn Palba Leonara, 7yo white b, of nice type, correct head proportions, good ear shape and set, hazel eyes with slightly light pigment on nose, short neck, good shoulder angulation with correct length of upper arm, body of good depth reaching to elbow, slight rise over loin at times stacked and moving, low set hocks, good tail, woolly coat, corded but not quite the texture of 1. Moved briskly and soundly.

Veteran D/B (2,0)

1st Napiers Josalyn Juananci, 12 yo brown b, in super condition and cord, robust, balanced outline, correct head planes, dark, oval eye, lovely expression, short neck into well angulated shoulders, well sprung ribs with depth reaching to closely fitting elbow, strong bone, round tight feet, correct topline and tuck up, moderate hind angulation with good width and muscle to thigh, low set hocks. Moved very well in profile, coming and going, brisk with purpose and power, couldn’t deny her BOB and BVIB.

2nd Sweet’s Bondadosa Beach ShCM, 9yo brown dog, coat corded at length apx 2cm,

good head planes, dark eye of good shape, ears good for set and shape, short neck, well angulated shoulder, topline ok stacked but not kept on the move today, correct moderate hind angulation with good width of thigh, low set hock, good round, tight feet, natural bobtail, unfortunately underweight today which gave him a ‘racy’ rather than robust outline, a great character – and only interested in the females today, hence hard to assess movement. Res Best Dog.

Judge: Mrs K Kingsley