• Show Date: 04/12/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kim Ellis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Midland Golden Retriever Club

Breed: Retriever (Golden)





It was once again an honour and a privilege to be presented with so many high quality bitches, there is so much quality in depth and I must thank the Midland GRC for inviting me to judge their 43rd Championship Show. A very enjoyable day made possible with the help of my two very efficient stewards, I really was splitting hairs and making some very tough decisions in most classes. Generally make, shape and movement has improved substantially since I last judged. As someone who worked their dogs on shoots for many seasons, I am always looking for an active and fit for function dog. I felt the majority of the entry could have fulfilled this role. Although I found no particularly overweight bitches, I do however think that a small number are still too heavily built overall to maintain the stamina required for a shooting day and some lack femininity. There were a few flat feet as well, good feet are so important for a dog who is to work all day.

There are so many outstanding bitches out there that never have a sniff of a green card, it was certainly no disgrace to go cardless in many of the classes.

My co-judge and I agreed on all of the top awards, Best in Show being awarded to the dog Weisford Guilty As Sin winning his second CC, as was Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex Rathcloon Highways N Byways. We were amused to find they had travelled over together in the same car from Ireland and worked together on the same shoot, two superb examples of true dual-purpose Goldens. Best Puppy in Show was the bitch Thornywait Nemesis, Best Veteran in Show the bitch Shearstone Grace And Favour and Best Special Working in Show the dog Ch Chinnordale Cue Card JW, who also happened to be the sire of the BIS winner.

Veteran Bitch (15)

What a fantastic class to start the day, with no absentees.

1. Porter’s SHEARSTONE GRACE AND FAVOUR. Compactly built and on the lower end of the height standard, this consummate 9 year old show girl is hard to fault, in pale golden coat she is handled to advantage and never stops wagging her tail. Beautifully proportioned feminine head with good width and depth of muzzle, excellent length of neck and shoulder layback, so well balanced all through, absolutely sound in all respects standing on cat-like feet and strong bone with correct angulation front and rear. An active, sound and purposeful mover with perfect footfall, reach and drive. So very eye-catching and absolutely sound in all respects, for me stood out in a high-quality class and deserving of top honours. With my co-judge’s agreement Best Veteran in Show.

2. Clunie’s WARRENTOR MAPLEMOON VW. Dark golden, slightly larger and heavier, but very similar in type to 1, 8 years, feminine yet workmanlike, intelligent dark eye, expressive well-balanced head, she stands so four square presenting a very pleasing outline with level topline and another wagging her correctly set tail non-stop, evident will to please, good depth of brisket and spring of rib, front legs set well under her with good upper arm and well bent stifles set on strong hocks, good bone and neat feet, presented in gleaming full coat with plenty of feathering. Moves so soundly and truly without effort, simply flowing, not quite the drive of 1, but these two were easily the best movers in the class on the day, another deserving of top honours.

3. O’Gorman’s CH/PL CH RATHCLOON HUNTER IN PINK FOR BERYYMEADE. A favourite of mine, 9 year old golden, not looking her best today, but so feminine and well-proportioned all through with excellent length of leg and at one with her handler, was out moved today, though retains her length of stride and overall balance.

Minor Puppy Bitch (22, 4 Absent)

Fantastic class, so many high quality 6 month old puppies, many of whom will be changing places in the coming months.

1. Moss’ OUSEVALE ANGEL’S KISS. 6 months old, mid gold, appealed instantly for her overall balance and femininity, just right for her age. Head and stop yet to develop, but she has the sweetest attentive expression with a dark eye, nicely set ears and presents a very pleasing outline with good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, level topline and correct tailset, good length of leg standing four square on neat feet. For one so young giving of her best at all times, at one with her handler, beautifully handled and presented. Her effortless free striding movement with reach and drive caught the eye immediately and she was equally correct coming and going.

2. Randall’s’ KELVERQUEST OCEAN BREEZE. Another top class feminine puppy, very typey golden, compactly made and very well-balanced all through, head of pleasing proportions, well chiselled and expressive with good pigment and set on a strong neck. Correct angulation front and rear, good spring of rib and depth of brisket, well-boned and cat-like feet, also with a level topline and correctly carried tail. Well presented. Moved with power and drive and absolutely straight and true, pushed 1 hard. I liked both of these promising puppies very much and shall watch their futures with interest.

3. Seamons’ RAMCHAINE LUMINESCENCE OVER MESSANO. Very Forward and well grown for her 6 months, good length of leg and proportionate in body, feminine well-balanced head, good neck and shoulders, level topline, deep brisket and good spring of rib, true and free movement with good extension. Well presented.

Puppy Bitch (20, 7 Absent)

1. Zubair’s THORNYWAIT NEMESIS. Stood out for me, dark golden with a stunning outline. Strongly made yet absolutely feminine with a harmonious outline. Beautiful head of correct proportions and with excellent pigment, neck of good length correctly set into well laid shoulders, level topline and tailset, deep through the heart and well ribbed back. Standing correctly from all angles on strong bone and neat feet. On the move she simply flows around the ring, moving effortlessly and freely with good stride. Presented and handled to perfection, another from this kennel with a great future. Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show.

2. Ewart’s PARLICKVIEW BLAZE OF GLORY OVER BEAUPIPPIN. Different in type, honest and workmanlike mid golden, well-proportioned body with good length of leg, presents a pleasing outline, nothing overdone and moderate in all respects. Feminine head, kindly expression from dark eyes, strong neck, excellent spring of rib, straight front and rear, good bone and cat-like feet. Moves so absolutely straight and true, with a strong topline and correct tailset, free and easy stride. Stood away from the rest of the class for her overall soundness. Expertly handled and well presented.


Junior Bitch (16, 3 Absent)

I wrote in my notes that the first two were my ideal for Golden bitches,

1. Price’s PUTJADE PUMPKIN SPICE FOR SYBITON. Dark golden bitch who has regularly caught my eye, from her lovely well-proportioned head with good depth and width of muzzle down to her strong cat-like feet, she exudes Golden and did not disappoint on close assessment. So well balanced all through, strongly made and well off for bone, Another standing four square, short-coupled and well sprung ribs with correct angulation front and rear standing absolutely straight and true on strong hocks. Powerful, free striding level mover with correct tail carriage. Well-presented and handled, with luck should have a bright future.

2. Walker & Roberts’ GLOI YOU MAKE LOVING FUN. Shares the same sire as 1 and of similar type. Pleasing feminine mid gold with a beautiful head, dark pigment and giving her best at all times with a wagging tail correctly carried. Standing four square on strong bone and cat-like feet, good spring of rib, short-coupled and mature in body. Just preferred the hindquarter construction of 1, but she really comes alive on the move, so balanced and sound in all directions, animated and level with powerful long stride, so eye-catching.

3. Harper’s TULLOCHMOHR SHOOTING STAR AT GLYNERVA JW. Absolutely correctly made cream, so very well balanced all through, everything in proportion from her head to her neat feet, short-coupled with dead level topline and tailset, good angulation front and rear and moves absolutely soundly and truly. Handled to advantage. Completing a trio of top quality youngsters.

Yearling Bitch (11, 3 Absent)

1. Healey’s MARSABIT SHIMMER AND SHINE. Dark golden in well presented coat, her handler does not get the best out of her standing, placing her hind legs too far under her, but when she stands naturally looks a picture, symmetrical free-standing, not overdone in any way, being attentive and portraying an intelligent expression from dark eyes, well-proportioned head. Very similar in type to 2, On the move she is difficult to ignore, for her runner she was at one and absolutely flowed around the ring without effort, illustrating great reach and drive, absolutely accurate and level. It was a delight to award her surprised owner the Reserve CC and watching her power around the ring with my other three main winners, I knew I had made the right decision.



Novice Bitch (17, 3 Absent)


2. Smith’s GOLDMARKER XENOBIA. Dark golden, just a little apprehensive, which cost her the class, but held it together lucky for me, as she is an absolutely beautiful example of a Golden, so much to like with everything in the right place. Lovely balanced and feminine well chiselled head, beautiful expression with dark eye and pigment, short coupled, balanced body, level topline, good upper arm and shoulder angulation and well bent stifles. Moves joyfully and truly with freedom of action, liked her a lot.

3. Clarke’s SUNNYOAK THE LOOK OF LOVE. Cream, another puppy with much to like, so well constructed all through, profuse wavy coat well presented, pleasing head with sweet expression, balanced body with good length of leg and tribute to her sound construction moves truly and freely.

Graduate Bitch (17, 2 Absent)

Type wise a very mixed class, but this was one of the high quality entries with so many excellent young bitches, who appealed immensely, leaving the ring cardless.

1. Hill & Smith’s MEGARVEY CLEMENTINE JW. Strongly made mid gold, in full gleaming double coat with attractive feathering, presented and handled to the highest standard. Slightly longer cast than 2, but her quality cannot be ignored, Beautiful feminine well-proportioned and expressive head with good depth and width of muzzle. Mature in body with good depth of brisket and well sprung ribs, well off for bone. Good length of neck, level topline and tailset, excellent shoulder layback and well bent stifles, moves truly and soundly, glides around the ring at one with her handler.

2. Ives’ BALSAMINA BELLINI JW. Quality cream, very appealing in a slightly smaller frame, ultra feminine, so very well balanced from head to toe, straight when viewed from front and rear, very pleasing head with kindly expression, very good shoulder and upper arm angulation and equally correct hindquarter angulation not overdone, illustrating four square construction. Level topline and tailset, moves freely, stylishly and precisely. Very well handled.

3. Crookes & Jenkinson’s QUAKERHALL FLARE BY PANDORA. Another super quality mid gold, well balanced head with dark eyes, good length of neck and shoulder placement, good bend of stifle, level topline and tailset, also moves so freely, soundly and with style.

Post Graduate Bitch (12, 5 Absent)

1. Foreman’s AMBERSUN HEART OF GOLD. A close contender for top honours, free standing with an ever wagging tail, expertly handled and presented, she is so eye-catching and was an easy winner for me. Darker golden, perfectly balanced standing four square on good bone and cat-like feet. Workmanlike profile, looks capable of a days work, active and symmetrical with a beautiful balanced head and kind intelligent expression from dark eyes, good length of neck and shoulder layback, well angulated fore and hindquarters. Deep through the heart and well ribbed back, level topline, active, free and level movement, absolutely correct when coming and going. One to watch.

2. Russell-Bond’s ROSINANTE DEJU VU. Mid gold with excellent length of leg, very typical with a balanced feminine head, dark expressive eyes and good pigment, another who can stand freely wagging her correctly set and carried tail. Just preferred the upper arm and shoulder layback of 1, but this not detract from her overall appearance, strongly made and straight when viewed from front and rear, well angulated hindquarters, good bone and cat-like feet. Effervescent personality, really strides out on the move portraying good length of stride with power, activity and drive. She and 1 out-moved everyone else in this class.

3. Bufton & Riley’s PHOSLAS POLLY FLINDERS. Very well constructed quality cream with a beautiful feminine head, balanced all through, good length of neck and shoulder placement, level topline and tailset, short coupled, good bone and cat-like feet. Moves soundly from all aspects.

Mid Limit Bitch (8, 3 Absent)

1. Robbins & Rowark’s BREKSWOOD LADY ELEANOR. Oozing quality, paler golden with a most beautiful gentle head, well chiselled and of correct proportions, soft expression from dark eyes, excellent pigment, good length of neck and shoulder layback, good spring of rib and depth of brisket, level topline and tailset. Correctly made and so well balanced all through, symmetrical angles. Stood away from the rest for her powerful movement portraying reach and drive, effortless and free flowing and absolutely true coming and going. Very well presented in full gleaming coat and looked a picture either free standing or stacked, handled to advantage and deserving of top honours.

2. Falconer’s CONTEMPORARY BEGUILE AGAIN VIA SIATHAM JW. Darker golden who I have much admired for her overall femininity, breed type, soundness and personality. Just coming into full coat, most lovely feminine head and sweet intelligent expression from dark eyes, set on a strong neck of good length, well laid shoulders and deep brisket with good forechest, level topline and short coupled, correctly angulated front and rear, well off for bone and cat-like feet. Moved truly and soundly with correct tail carriage and slashing tail action, but not getting into her full stride in profile, mainly due to her exuberance and evident biddability, her tail never stops wagging.

3. O’Neill’s LINIRGOR MISTY MORNINGS AT STRATHLON JW. Mid gold, mature with deep brisket and good spring of rib. Moved well.

Limit Bitch (20, 4 Absent)

1. Little’s BLUEBRAES JACOBITE LASS. To be super critical, she could have more length of leg for perfect balance, but she is such a consummate show girl, my eye kept being drawn to her in a strong class. Enthusiastic with a non-stop tail and displaying biddabilty and will to please, giving of her best. On the move she powers around the ring with effortless ease and is so very sound, absolutely straight and true coming and going, difficult to ignore. Well-proportioned and chiselled head with good width and depth of muzzle, dark eyes and pigment, very good neck and shoulders, level topline, excellent angulation front and rear, deep brisket and well ribbed back, straight front and rear, good bone and cat like feet. Mature and at her best in attractive well presented golden coat.

2. Russell-Bond’s ROSINANTE MORWENNA. Different in type to 1, real quality cream, presenting a very balanced and harmonious outline. Feminine head with kind expression, dark eyes and pigment, good length of neck and excellent shoulder layback, well angulated forequarters and good bend of stifle, short coupled, level topline, correct tailset, another who wags her tail constantly with obvious will to please. moves levelly with reach and drive and absolutely soundly, very well presented and at one with her handler.

3. Porter’s SHEARSTONE MUCK FE JW. Smaller dark golden, very close up to 1&2, another real quality feminine bitch of pleasing type, also constantly wagging her tail. Correct in every respect, very well balanced and beautifully constructed, standing four square, feminine head with a dark eye and soft expression, good neck and shoulders, straight front and rear, her movement is an absolute joy, sound and powerful maintaining a level topline and with slashing tail action. Well presented and handled.

Open Bitch (14, 2 Absent)

Wow, wow, wow, what a class! Brimming with quality, an honour and a pleasure to be given the chance to assess so many beautiful bitches.

1. Murray’s RATHCLOON HIGHWAYS N BYWAYS. At first glance I thought ‘wow, who is this?’ and once everyone had moved around the ring, it was clear to me that if she passed closer inspection she would be my overall winner. Beautiful chiselled and well-proportioned head displaying an intelligent attentive expression from dark eyes. So absolutely well balanced and soundly made all through with good length of leg, correct unexaggerated angulation both front and rear, enabling her to free stand with an ever wagging tail and move perfectly truly without effort, with quality bone and strong feet, completely filled the eye, in gleaming well-presented double coat she was an absolute joy. Sympathetically handled, giving her all in tough competition, exhibiting the desirable biddable temperament. It was a pleasure to award her the CC, on this form I hope the third one follows soon.

2. Zubair’s SH CH THORNYWAIT CASSIOPEIA. A real favourite of mine, mother of BPIS and her daughter is almost a clone, both have the same ring presence and outstanding on the move displaying precision, power and drive and overall similar comments apply. Very well angulated, level topline and tailset, compact in body, absolute quality and so correctly constructed with straight limbs and cat-like feet in gleaming dark golden coat. Handled to advantage and closely considered for top honours, a worthy Champion.

3. Smith’s SH CH GOLDMARKER LUMINARA. Another favourite and another worthy of her title, typical dark golden so very well presented. Feminine well proportioned head with dark eye and pigment, neat ears and balanced body with correct angulation front and rear, profile movement is a joy and just as positive coming and going maintaining a level topline and tail carriage.

Special Working Bitch (5, 1 Absent)

1. Turner’s GRAIN OF GOLD’S ARWEN OF AMILONE SGWC. Paler golden, almost 10 years old and still as sound as a bell in all respects. Feminine head with a pleasing soft expression, good length of neck and shoulder layback, well angulated forequarters, deep through the heart, good spring of rib, level topline, perfect tailset and carriage, good bend of stifle, strong hocks, straight when viewed from front and rear. On the move she is absolutely stunning, moving so freely and effortlessly with great reach, power and drive, which won her the class, a real credit to her owner.

2. Harding’s’ EVENINGHILL GOING DUTCH SGWC. Similar in type to 1, pale golden of real quality. Balanced feminine head, reachy neck and excellent forequarter and shoulder angulation, straight front and rear and good bend of stifle. Level topline and tailset, stands on good bone and cat-like feet. Another who moves very soundly and effortlessly with reach and drive, unlucky to meet 1 who was moving on top form today. Well handled and presented.

3. O’Gorman’s BERRYMEADE KINVARA JW SGWC. Workmanlike golden, typey, but not at her best today. Feminine and well balanced with a kindly outlook, soundly constructed all through and well balanced with good length of leg, was out-moved by 1&2, though free flowing in profile.