• Show Date: 27/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Keeley Newman-Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla

Midland Counties Canine Society Championship Show 27th October 2022

Hungarian Wire-haired Vizsla

Thank you to all at Midland Counties Canine Society and the two very efficient ring stewards.  A lovely entry full of quality which made for some difficult decisions especially in the higher classes.  Coats have improved considerably and are far more uniform in texture.  All had good bites.  There are, however, many variations in size and shape, bone and structure.  Front and rear angulation could have been better for some exhibits, especially prevalent is short upper arm length having a distinct impact on the move.   There were also exhibits too long in the loin, once again this showed on the move with a tendency to weakness in the back.  These issues were my observations but must not distract from a wonderful breed which continues to improve, temperaments were as expected, with some showing their very exuberant nature, which always brings a smile to my face.

 MPD (4,0) What a start to the day, a super class of pups. 1st Spillane’s Belatarr Kodiak 6mth, first time out and enjoying himself.  So much to like about this dog, from head to toe I wrote in my notes.  Presented a lovely outline, already his head was masculine with moderate breadth of skull.  A lovely expression, eye and ear set.  He was the best on the move and this is due to his wonderful front and rear angulation.  A good length of upper arm and well laid shoulders.  This was balanced with moderate rear angulation. I liked his body proportions, especially short couplings and length of loin. Super feet.  His coat is correct and will only improve over time.  Everything needs to mature and his movement become tighter but he was exactly as expected a 6 month old should be and I hope has a good future ahead of him.  BPD and BPIB 2nd Elders Enryb Pink Panther 7mth Another lovely puppy with similar qualities to 1st.  Longer cast in the body and this meant his movement was not quite as strong.  A masculine but in no way course head, good ear and eye set.  Balanced front and rear angulation.  Another already with a super coat of the correct wire texture. Has time on his side for everything to mature. PD (4,0)1st Harris’ Fitzrovia Take a Chance 11mth Another lovely puppy with a wonderful textured jacket.  A masculine head, not coarse but maybe could be a little longer in muzzle.  Eyes darkening nicely.  His neck flows into super front angulation, his chest is already deep with good tight elbows.  I very much liked his length of back, strong in the loin and short coupled.  His strong topline was complimented by a moderate stifle and rear angulation.  I hope he comes up in height as he matures.  He is a little down on his front pasterns currently and his feet need to tighten, I attributed this to him being at “that age”.  Moved soundly, the best in the class but still needs to tighten and become more balanced. 2nd Beardshall’s Karndor Tamas 10mth.  Longer cast than 1st and more up to height, just not quite together or balanced.  I liked his head very much, with correct proportions, ear and eye set.  Good eye colour.  Balanced front and rear angulation.  Slightly long in the loin and couplings.  His chest needs to drop.  A super coat with such a wonderful texture.  Another who just needs time to mature. PGD (1,0) Harris’ Fitzrovia Gideons Way 18mth.  A more mature dog of super deep russet colour and fabulous coat.  A lovely masculine head.  His neck flows into good front angulated shoulders.  Chest depth nearly there.  Longer cast than some and not quite the rear angulation to balance his front.  Tends to carry his tail a little high on the move.  A little loose on the move but still a youngster.  LD (7,2) A class which showed how the breed can still differ so much in size and type, so proved a difficult class to judge.  1st Summerfield’s Miadsc Cast a Spell 2yr old of super colour and coat.  Very much presented an outline of a correct HWV.  Super head with a lovely expression and dark eye.  Lovely flow of neck into well balanced front angulation with a good length of upper arm. I would not like any less length of neck to him.  His chest still needs to drop a tad further, but this does not distract from his qualities.  Super topline, strong over the loin, ribs well back and therefore he is short coupled.  Has lovely rear angulation which compliments his front.  Has a correct tail set but can on the move carry his tail a little high which spoils his outline.  Lovely tight feet.  A little hesitant on the move initially but improved considerably as the class went on and improved again in the dog challenge.  Pleased to award him RDCC. 2nd Collier’s Belatarr America 3yr. A masculine dog with a lovely head, front and rear angulation. I would prefer a tad darker eye to compliment his coat colour.  Super wire coat of good texture.  He could do with a slightly more depth to his chest. He has a nice spring of ribs well back.  I liked his topline and tail set.  He was good on the move but not quite a strong in his front movement, he is a little down on his front pasterns and not quite as tight in his feet as he could be. OD (4,0) Another class where the types were very different.  1st Byrne’s Ch Enryb Simply Red 3yr.  Not surprised to see this dog is a full champion, it was evident from his muscle tone and balance on the move, he worked.  There is no denying this is a male but that is in no way a criticism, he is full of bone and substance but without a hint of coarseness.  Presented a super outline stood, with a fabulous textured coat.  His head presented the squareness seen from the coat covering.  Correct head proportions, eye and ear set with a wonderful soft expression.  His well-muscled neck flowed into well laid back shoulders, has a super depth of chest and strong in his sternum, which can be lacking in some.  Ribs well back, short coupled, well-muscled back and loin.  Correct tail set.  Has good rear angulation with a moderate stifle and well-muscled in the second thigh which was so evident on the move with the best rear driving action seen on the day.  On the odd occasion he can be a little lazy in his front movement, it seemed as though he was saying I could be lazy because I have so much quality! Very pleased to award him DCC and BOB, so pleased to hear the group judge liked him to make the cut.  Well done Not surprised to see the MPD I liked so much shared the same sire with this dog. 2nd Guest’s Sh Ch Bardantop Banoffee 4yr.  Another lovely male in super, well-muscled condition, with a wonderful coat of good texture.  Presented a lovely, breed typical outline stood. A liked his head very much, such a soft expression with a lovely dark eye.  Liked his front assembly very much from his neck into his well angulated shoulders. Not quite the depth of chest as 1st.  Super topline and tailset.  Ribs well back and short coupled.  Presented well on the move, balanced and together but just not quite the animation of the winner or the LD winner during the challenge for the RCC. VD (2,1) 1st Howard’s Lanokk Szivos JW. A lovely 8 yr veteran who belied his age.  So much to like about him, his coat has a correct texture, his outline was one of balance and bone.  I liked his overall shape and size.  Nice in the head, front and rear angulation. Good depth to his chest.  Ribs not quite so far back as some so a tad longer in the loin.  Lovely on the move but tends to carry his tail which can spoil his topline.  MPB (4,0) 1st Bryne’s Enryb Tickled Pink 7mth.  As with the MPD, this puppy caught my eye.  So much to like and I am sure a super future ahead of her. So feminine but with bone.  I liked her head; she has a super soft expression from a super dark eye.  Her chest is beginning to drop.  Lovely front and rear angulation already so balanced. Ribs well back.  Shown with a super coat and in lovely condition.  On the move was the strongest of the class, yes she is loose but just as expected for this age.  Really splitting hairs for BP but on this occasion just pipped by the MPD.  I was not surprised to see in the catalogue she is from a repeat mating of my BOB, she already has similar qualities to him. 2nd Cooper’s Hazean Donetsk to Deifstock (IKC) 8mth. Another quality puppy bitch.  Shorter cast and more feminine than 1st but with so many similar qualities.  Rear angulation not quite a strong as the winner and this showed on the move where she was less balanced and had less rear drive.  She is still young though and has plenty of time to mature. I am sure she will have a good future ahead of her. PB (4,1) As per MPB. JB (1,0) 1st Wearing’s Vernum Ventulus Hanga at Genlusa (Imp Hun) 17mth bitch with a super coat.  Smaller stature than some but still time to come on.  Has a super head.  Chest needs to fully develop and this will improve her front construction.  Ribs back but a little longer coupled than some.  Her rear angulation is a little more developed than her front.  Tends to move a little wide at the rear at times.  Erratic on the move but hopefully this will come as she matures. PGB (7,2) A super class of young bitches, different types yes but lots of quality.  1st Newton’s Jaktays Vida 19mth.  Caught my eye as she came in and did not disappoint in anyway at all.  Belied her young age stood and on the move.  The most beautiful deep russet colour and super wire coat of correct texture and length.  She presented that classic HWV outline of bone and substance but with no coarseness, and yet retained her femininity.  The loveliest feminine head of the day with correct proportions, eye colour, set and ear set.  Just enough coat to give that squareness.  Her well-muscled neck flowed into her well laid shoulders.  She has a good length of upper arm, a lovely depth of chest.  Well sprung in the ribs, short coupled.  Strong over the loin.  Her stifle balanced her front.  Has a good second thigh.  Her strength in the loin enabled her to hold on topline on the move.  She has front reach and rear drive.  She has so much quality for one so young she will only continue to improve and I hope she had the future she deserves.  Her quality deserved the BCC and I was very pleased to award it to her, in the challenge her young age showed against the dog for BOB. 2nd Court’s Twelveoaks Carolina Red 3 yr. A longer cast bitch than 1st, similar qualities of coat.  Well of for bone but still feminine.  Slightly stronger in the head than some but has a good soft expression, eye and ear set.  Has a good length of upper arm but a little bit more upright than preferred.   Slightly long in the loin.  Good rear angulation, held her topline on the move with good rear drive just not the front reach or movement as the winner.  LB (3,1) 1st  Branney’s Belatarr Asia 3yr.  A beautiful feminine bitch with many qualities.  Lovely front and rear angulation, liked her stifle and second thigh.  I would prefer her to have a little more depth to her chest.  Well-muscled in the neck and good spring to her ribs. Presented in wonderful coat and condition.  Held her topline on the move and presented a balanced picture of front reach and drive.  Considered for the RCC. 2nd Court’s Twelveoaks Crimson Delight 3yr taller and longer cast than the winner.  Liked her head, depth of chest, well sprung ribs and topline.  Not quite the front and rear angulation of some and this showed on the move with not quite the reach and drive. OB (6,1) A super class of quality HWV so difficult decisions had to be made, especially as they differed so much in type. 1st Cooper’s Deifstock Desert Rose 2yr.  Well up to size and I certainly would not like her to grow anymore.  Very pretty and feminine but with the bone and substance of a HWV.  Presented a balanced outline on the move and stood.  Super coat and colour.  Lovely feminine in her head with correct proportions.  Liked her neck and how it flowed into well angulated shoulders with a good length of upper arm.  Has a good depth of chest but I hope it will deepen further.  Well sprung ribs, strong over the loin.  Has very good rear angulation.  Used this to achieve strong rear drive and coupled with good front reach was the best mover of the class.  Was giving her handler a hard time today but settled down for the challenger where I was pleased to award her the RCC from strong competition. 2nd Smilie-Gray’s Sh Ch Oakberrow Let the Fun be Gin JW.  4yr old.  Not surprised to see she is a champion.  Has a lovely coat and texture, shown in well-muscled condition.  Lots to like and has similar qualities of the winner but is a different type which just did not present quite a balanced outline stood and on the move.  A lovely pretty head, has good front and rear angulation, her chest is of a good depth, ribs well sprung.  Held her topline on the move.  Had good rear drive but on the day not quite the front reach on the winner. VB (3,0) The day started with a super class on MPD and it finished with a quality class of VB. 1st Beardshall’s Zoldmali Kefir at Lanokk JW Sh CM 7yr super bitch, not showing her age at all.  Shown in super coat, condition and has a lovely colour.  A beautiful head, balanced front and rear angulation.  Liked her depth of chest.  Moved out well with front reach just not quite as much rear drive to present a balance picture.  Another considered very much for the RCC.  2nd Summerfield’s Ambermoore Tanzanite Blue at Miadsc ShCM 8yr.  Yet another lovely VB, shown in super coat and condition.  Very well muscled.  Liked her head which is feminine and very pretty.  Balanced front and rear angulation.  On the move had good rear drive but just beginning to show her age at the front where she was a tad wide.

Judge Keeley Newman-Jones