• Show Date: 02/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kay Alexandra Strong Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Dogue de Bordeaux





I would firstly like to extend my sincere thank you to the Officers and Committee of The Scottish Kennel Club, for my invitation to judge my own special breed at their 200th Anniversary Show. I would also like to thank my hard working ring stewards Kirsty and Anna for their efficient, organised running of the ring.

Finally I would like to thank all the exhibitors who supported me at my first Championship Show appointment, with a lovely entry, and for making the journey to bring forward your beautiful dogs for my consideration. My decisions were all accepted graciously, with great sportsmanship on display ringside. All dogs were presented today in lovely condition, and credit to the owners on their wonderful temperaments.


1. Kenyon’s, Biscay Winston for Desquire.

An imposing powerful male at just 12 months old has only just stepped up from puppy class. Although he stood alone today he very much deserved his first placing. Showcasing the breed typical voluminous head with prominent cheeks, a strong broad muzzle, opened nostrils and good undershot dentition. A thick neck leading onto well muscled shoulders. His chest is already well developed with both depth and width. Forelegs are heavily boned, he really is immense in size. On the move this large, stocky male shows a free smooth gait, but yet so powerful from all angles whilst retaining his firm topline. I have watched this partnership develop from ringside, and from humble beginnings they are now becoming a formidable pairing and a joy to watch. I am sure if he continues with his progression he will be one for the future.  Personally I do feel this boy could have a strong input into the gene pool to add back in the size and substance the breed has slightly lost of late. 


1. Ansell’s, Justlazare Darknight rises.

This two and half year old male is ultra eye catching with the deepest of red short soft coat, with the blackest of masks complimented by dark clear eyes, and a strong pigmented black nose. His large trapezoid head is furrowed with symmetrical wrinkle, a wide powerful muzzle with a excellent upsweep of chin and good undershot dentition. He is not the biggest of males but his virtues outweigh his size. He presents a balanced muscular, athletic, compact outline, everything is in good proportion. His hindquarters are parallel when viewed from behind giving the impression of power. He stands on the neatest of feet with dark curved nails. On the move he displayed great reach and drive dropping his head as his pace quickened around the ring with his expert handler. As his name suggests, today he was my Darknight in shining armour and I was pleased to award him my BEST DOG AND BEST OPPOSITE SEX.

2. Hodgkin’s, Piechottka Goldeneye.

A beautiful 18 month old red male has lots of qualities to like. Well presented in good coat condition. A large trapezoid head, tight clear eyes, wide opened nostrils and good dentition. Pendulous flews creating the desired inverted v. Developing chest, dropping just below the elbow. Topline strong and firm, underline with a slight tuck up. Croup moderately slopping to the root of the tail. He was unfortunate to meet my first place who definitely brought his A game to the ring today. This young male I considered for higher honours so I called him back in to challenge, but he just missed out as I wanted a little bit more pizzazz from him. For one so young, as he matures i am sure he will be competing amongst the best.

OPEN DOG. (3,1)

1. Hargreaves, Aibrean Rocketman at Roiliondogue.

An honest, solid three year old red male whose silhouette shows his breed standard qualities, and is very pleasing on the eye. Large distinctive trapezoid head, skull slightly domed and broad between the ears. Stop deep at an almost right angle with his wide muzzle. Nice opened nostrils, clean oval eyes set wide apart. Neck muscular and thick , chest deep and broad. Forelegs well off for bone. Short powerful Pasterns leading on to tight feet. Topline held firmly in stance and on the move. The hind angulation is in balance with the angulation of his fore quarters. On the move he showed good extension of his forelegs and strong drive from the hind quarters. This boy was very attentive to his handler moving effortlessly around the ring together. Pleased to award him RESERVE BEST DOG.

2. Moran’s, Aibrean Cosmonaut.

Litter brother to my first place and shared some of the same attributes. A deeper red male with a beautiful large trapezoid head, with ears set at the level of the upper line of the skull, with a good undershot bite. He is well off for size and substance, and creates a concave outline when viewed from the side. Thick tail reaching to his hock with correct set, stood on strong limbs but would just prefer tighter feet. He was a little more excitable today than his litter mate on the move but clearly enjoying his day out.


1. Moran’s, Aibrean All That I Know.

Fawn 11 month old female who is very together for her age. Her developing head has the right proportions for a youngster, I would have preferred better eyes. Good undershot dentition and a nice upturn of chin. She is large in frame and solidly constructed and scores well in the chest displaying both good depth and width already. Good straight front and stands on well boned limbs with tight feet and nice short nails. On the move, just as a puppy should be, she was having lots of fun playing her handler up, in fact I thought she was showing us her version of the highland fling, but once she settled, showed soundness using her rear quarters. She did put a smile on my face today. BEST PUPPY IN BREED.

2. Hodgkin’s, Piechottka Mustang Sally.

A raw 7 month old baby still in her early stages of development. Finer in bone than my first place but still of good proportions. A pretty developing head, I preferred the eyes on this puppy than my first place, she has nice clean wrinkle and a well marked chin. Good straight front, fore chest is starting to fill . A nice outline for an immature female. Visible muscle starting to appear in her upper thigh. For one so young she wasn’t fazed by the whole experience, as she is only just at the beginnings of learning her craft.


1. Stubbings, Katarna De La Bulle Rouge (Naf) (Imp Hun)

I have admired this young lady from ringside for a while, and it was so nice to finally get my hands on her and she didn’t disappoint. At just 17 months of age she has a lot going for her, with her striking red coat and the breed characteristic sour expression, a quality head piece of good proportion, broad, short muzzle with clean wrinkle without excess, clear eyes. Good depth of brisket and a broad, short, solid loin, well angulated stifles and low set hocks. She was groomed to the highest of standards from her gleaming white teeth to her beautiful neat nails, in fact she just looked like she had walked out of a beauty parlour. In stack she looks really impressive. On the move she just needs to tidy up but this is what can be expected in a giant breed at this stage, but with so much time on her side in the development process I am sure she has a really bright future ahead of her.

2. Judd’s, Tissie’s Red Dawn.

At just 12 months old, this female was slightly different in type to my first place, and just not quite as advanced in her maturity. She was another one who greatly appealed with already the breed typical forbidding expression, clean hazel eyes and ears placed perfectly on the upper line of her skull which accentuated the width, chin well marked. Still so young but already showcasing a developing muscular harmonious outline. Length and height in good 11/10 ratio. Withers were well marked, ribs well let down and well sprung. I loved the relationship between dog and handler, who had a gentle persuasive manner to give this young lady all the confidence she needed to really get the best out her, and they really looked like they enjoyed their time together in the ring today. I will be watching with great interest as she matures.


1. Moran’s & Davidson’s , Aibrean Cosmic Chaos.

This 2 year old deep red female certainly lives up to her name ‘Chaos’, what a delightful character she is, I am actually sat here smiling as I am writing her critique. I had the best of greetings from this crazy fun loving girl. As I approached to go over her, every muscle, bone and sinew was moving as if she was just greeting her long lost friend. An exciting prospect who gave a good account of herself. Loved this girls large voluminous head proportions and expression, clean oval eyes and wide opened nostrils. She portrays a powerful, muscular compact image and built quite close to the ground. Neck is thick, merging smoothly with the shoulders, well defined dewlap. Chest is broad and deep let down below the elbows. Underline curved from the deep brisket. Topline well sustained in stand and on the move with a slight dip at the withers. Tail thick at the base with the tip reaching to the hock. She was the showgirl on the move making great use of the big ring, and putting her handler through her paces today. Pleased to award her my RESERVE BEST BITCH.

2. Moran’s, Aibrean Heart of Glass.

A 19 month old strong red female who was taller than my first place and longer in cast. Another girl who appeared to be having the best of times in the ring today, as her tail never stopped wagging throughout my inspection and whilst on the move. A beautiful head with fine wrinkle and a pronounced stop. Eyes clean and broad nose with very good wide opened nostrils. Good reach of neck with skin supple and loose. Chest long, deep and broad and a lovely straight front assembly with elbows in the axis of the body. Well up on her lovely tight feet despite her size. Topline solid with a muscular back. Moved around the ring with her handler displaying supple free movement, but just didn’t quite match the attitude of my winner today.


1. Holland’s, Willsanburg Simply The Best @ Rougerocco.

A stunning 5 year old female, was my ‘Simply The Best’ today. The cleanest of heads and lovely clear hazel eyes set wide apart, nice opened nostrils, mobile wrinkle without any excess. if I am being ultra picky I would just like a little more fill in the cheek and a slight more upturn in chin, but that being said the perfect dog does not exists and I could not deny her of her overall outstanding qualities . She scores top marks in balance and construction, her hind angulation is a reflection of her front. When stacked my eyes were drawn to her with her impressive imposing stature, but still retains so much femininity . Both dog and handler mirrored each other, they certainly are a class act. Everything about her is clean without exaggeration. She is one true honest female. Her movement was effortless with her precision of footfall, coming into the stand with natural balance without any need for correction. She was in total harmony with her excellent handler. I was so pleased to award her my BEST FEMALE AND BEST OF BREED. I watched her in the group but for whatever the reason the working group was pre judged which denied them of their full time in the main ring, but I felt extremely proud of such a wonderful representation of our lovely breed today.

2. Moran’s & Davidson’s, Aibrean Cosmic Chaos.

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Kay Alexandra Strong