• Show Date: 21/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kathy Moores Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer

Judging Critique - Manchester Dog Show Society 21st January 2022


JD 3, 1

1 McCullough's Kimmax Kort in Action. RCC. lovely dog with good furnishings for age. Displaying a well-balanced and typical outline. Good length & sufficient strength of head without any coarseness. Excellent neck, chest & topline; good bone and excellent width of upper & lower thigh. Nice feet and shown in good coat. Moved covering the ground well. Should have a bright future.

2 Quinn's Kentwone Cloudberry. Not quite as mature as one. Nice head & expression and large open nose. Good depth of chest and front & rear angulation. Nice feet. Would just like more bone. Moved soundly.

LD 1

1 O'Connor's Karlejay Gump They Live In Yu (AI). Nicely proportioned head with large open nose, sufficient width of skull & good ear set. Excellent length and strength of neck. Good depth of chest and front & rear angulation. Good width of upper & lower thigh; well let down hocks. Pleasing coat texture. Covered the ground well on the move.

OD 5, 1

1 Donnelly's Sh Ch Kimmax Knock Yourself Out JW ShCM. CC. This dog really caught my eye on entering the ring. Won here on overall outline & excellent front angulation. Lovely head, eye & expression with nice ear set. Excellent length and strength of neck; good lay of shoulder & return of upper arm. Excellent depth of chest and displaying strength over the loin. Nice rear angulation; excellent coat texture throughout. Moved soundly fore & aft.

2 McCullough's Sh Ch Ger VDH Ch Kimmax Kurious George BS'17 BS'18 Lovely head & expression with good furnishings. Good neck; nice topline and good depth of chest. Would prefer a little more angulation in front. Nice rear angulation and well-shaped and padded feet. Covered the ground well on the move.

3 Russell's FT Ch Tickencote One Way Ticket


1 Geary's Germanus Stands out a Mile. Best Puppy. Lovely feminine puppy. Pleasing and typical outline with excellent front & rear angulation. Attractive feminine head with sufficient substance. Nice eye & expression, large open nose. Good shoulder placement & sufficient length of neck. Nice topline & depth of chest. Good width of upper & lower thigh. Moved soundly fore & aft.

2 Turnbull's Kimmax Two Kan Play At Elagram (AI). Nicely grown for age with excellent coat texture and good furnishings on head. Feminine and intelligent expression with good ear set, eye shape & nose. Nice length & strength of loin; good bone. Moved well but a little looser in front than my winner.

JB 1

1 Pinkerton's Bareve Burra Burra Lake. Well grown for age; displaying femininity & strength throughout. Good length of head which is well-proportioned and displays an intelligent expression with nice ear set. Excellent bone; lovely angulation throughout. Excellent topline, spring of rib & depth of chest. Excellent width of upper & lower thigh with well let down hocks. Shown in pleasing muscular condition. Correct, well-padded feet. Excellent movement infront & behind and correct coat texture.

PGB 3, 1

1 Sharkey's Kimmax Baby Kome Black. Won on overall outline & substance. Lovely head with large, open nose, good eye shape & colour; nicely balanced between skull & muzzle. Good depth of chest. Excellent hindquarters with good width of upper & lower thigh. Nice body length, well ribbed up leading to strong loin. Covered the ground well on the move. A little loose in front.

2 O'Connor's Karlejay Gump Circle Of Life (AI). Not quite the substance & bone of my winner. Sweet head, expression & large open nose. Good ear set. Would prefer more width in muzzle. Excellent angulation fore & aft. Good spring of ribs and nice coat texture. Moved a little close in front.

LB 3

1 McCullough's Kimmax Kindly Stand Black. Res CC. Lovely outline, coat & substance & shown in excellent muscular condition. Lovely eye colour and shape; nice width of skull compared to width of muzzle. Good furnishings on head and large open nose; nice ear set & shape. Sufficient width in front; good depth of chest, spring of rib and length and strength of loin. Excellent hindquarters; correct top line. Moved well fore & aft.

2 Johnston's Glenquin Athena. Another nice one & shown in excellent muscular condition. Nice expressive eye and large, open nose. Correct ear set & carriage. Excellent front & rear angulation. Good topline & length of body; well let down hocks. Moved well both coming and going.

3 Donnelly's Kimmax Who Kares Wins JW

OB 4, 1

1 Pinkerton's Bareve By The Book. CC & BOB. Stood out in this class for overall type, substance & femininity. Nicely developed, balanced head, lovely eye shape & expression. Good ear carriage. Large open nose. Nice width of front with excellent forechest. Excellent bone & feet. Lovely neck, shoulders & return of upper arm. Excellent depth of chest, spring of rib & strength over loin which was of correct length. Excellent rear angulation. Coat a little soft in places but nice texture overall. Strode out well on the move, really covering the ground well.

2 Johnston's Bel Sh Ch Canis Fortuna Harda (IMP POL). Shown in excellent muscular condition. Feminine head with intelligent expression. Large open nose. Nice ear set & carriage. Good angulation fore & aft. Well let down hocks. Good top line & length of body. Moved well.

3 Donnelly's Beechillawn Ooh Betty

Kathy Moores