• Show Date: 09/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kathy Moores Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Manchester Terrier

Judge Results: Kathy Moores (Gorman)

East of England Agricultural Society - Championship Show 2022

Breed Results: Manchester Terrier (Day 2)

BD 4016 - Talanors Time for Fun (Mr F & Mrs P Warner)

RBD 4009 - Ch Talanors Typically Elite (Mr C & Mrs G Knight)

BB 4010 - Ch Talanors Typically Special (Mr C & Mrs G Knight)

RBB 4005 - Ch Digelsa Dark Indulgence at Wystry JW (Ms M & Mr G Davies & Brown)

BOB 4016 - Talanors Time for Fun (Mr F & Mrs P Warner)

BP 4006 - Wystry Dempsey's Tipple (Ms M & Mr G Davies & Brown)

BSB 4015 - Ysabelkid Dusty Fog TAF (Mrs E Bunning)

 PD 1

1 Davies & Brown’s Wystry Dempsey's Tipple. Best Puppy Took my eye as soon as he entered the ring and did not disappoint upon examination. Very nice 6 months baby displaying elegance and substance who I am sure will have a promising future. Good ribs & correct angulation infront and behind. Lovely head shape, ear carriage, eye shape & colour. Sufficient bone. Nice bend of stifle. Good coat colour and markings. Moved OK when settled.

JD 1

1 Bunning’s Ysabelkid Dusty Fog TAF. Best Special Beginners. Very well handled by his young handler. Nicely balanced throughout. Nice eye shape & expression. Ears just need to fold a little more towards the head. Excellent depth of chest. Sufficient rise over the loin. Good bone. Nice length of neck leading to well laid shoulders. Excellent bend of stifle with hocks well let down. Moved well.

 PGD 1

1 Simmons’ Perriford Simmons Charmer. Very compact in body & excellent depth of chest. Nice length of head, good ear size & set on of ears. Sparkling eyes of correct shape; well filled in underneath. Excellent spring of rib. Nice strong, compact loin. Well angulated throughout. Good coat colour. Moved a little wide behind.

 OD 2

1 Warner’s Talanors Time for Fun. Best Dog and Best of Breed. Nice size, compact with sufficient bone and displaying elegance. Lovely head of good length with flat skull and excellent ear carriage. Straight front and good topline. Well muscled throughout & sufficient bend of stifle. Good set on and carriage of tail Moved soundly, driving well from the rear and covering the ground well. Good coat colour and markings.

 2 Knight’s Ch Talanors Typically Elite. Res Best Dog. Nicely shaped head with long, flat, skull; good eye colour & expression. Good depth of chest & bend of stifle. Feet a little flat and not as ground covering as the winner on the move.


1 Y Dusty Fog

 PB 3, 1

1 Sharpe’s Rosettia Keepsake. Very nice bitch & well grown for 7 months. Good ear shape & ear carriage. Nice length of head; pleasing eye shape, colour & expression. Excellent depth of chest & spring of rib. Good strength over loin with correct slight rise. Nice feet. Good bend of stifle. Moved soundly fore & aft really covering the ground. Nice coat colour and markings.

2 Davies & Brown’s Wystry Rennie Dubonnet. Very nice promising baby with all the essentials. Lovely head shape of good length, nice eye & expression. Good forechest for age. Well spung ribs & nice length of loin. Good bend of stifle. Needs more practice on the move.

JB 1

1 R Keepsake


1 Talbot’s Harliboo Pretty in Pink at Ysabelkid. Lovely, typical outline; good length of wedge shaped head; Nice eye shape and colour and well set in. Large open nose; erratic ear carriage. excellent angulation fore & aft. Good bone & feet. Nice depth of chest and straight front. Moved well, really driving from the rear. Nice coat colour and shown in good muscular condition.

OB 2

1 Knight’s Ch Talanors Typically Special. Best Bitch. Found the winner a little more compact but both are very nice, typical bitches. Nice length of head, good ear shape & straight front. Excellent spring of rib & depth of chest. Nice bend of stifle; good, well-arched feet. Moved soundly both coming and going. Good coat colour and markings.

2 Davies & Brown’s Ch Digelsa Dark Indulgence at Wystry JW. Res Best Bitch. Lovely head of correct wedge shape, pleasing eye colour & expression. Ears well shaped and held close to head over eyes. Sufficient width in front. Excellent depth of chest. Nice tail set. Good coat colour. Moved well both coming and going..


1 H Pretty in Pink at Y

Kathy Moores (Gorman)