• Show Date: 07/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Julie Williams Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Spaniel (Welsh Springer)

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South Wales Kennel Association 7th October 2022

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Thanks to the Officer’s and Committee for the invitation to award my first set of CC’s in my breed. Many thanks must go to my two stewards who kept the classes coming. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and was pleased with my winners.  

Veteran Dog (3,0 abs)

Lovely class to start the day  

1st BV and RCC Barkley’s Cherryheath’s Mr Mischief JW ShCM just love this dog from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail, 11 yrs and everything about him screams welsh, he has a masculine head, good eye, super topline which he still holds on the move, super sound. Balanced, well off for bone, he has adequate angulation and stands on the best of feet.  

2nd Dimond, Boumonte and Boumonte’s Islanza Going Dutch Of Roxdale another dog that I have done well in the past and he was unlucky to meet the first in such good form, similar remarks apply and another sound lad on the move.

3rd Attwood’s Ir Sh Ch Kylowen Drym ShCM

Puppy Dog (2,1)

1st 7 BPD Lewis’ Kidenoan Mark Up Von Trannon Nearly 12 months he has a lovely head, adequate angulation, good topline which he held on the move, Just got a bit spooked in the challenge for BP  

Junior Dog (3,2)

1st Stevenson’s Mymmsbrook Matador With Blythway super young dog, very smart, love his head, good spring of rib, deep through the chest, ample bone, good shoulders and hindquarters, topline held on the move, moved well  

Post Graduate Dog (1,0)

1st Leach’s Islanza Hey Dude 3 yrs super shape on this dog, stands on the best of feet, well muscled, in the best of condition, he has ample bone and a super topline, just didn’t put his all in on the move today

Limit Dog (4,1)

1st and DCC Graham’s Nyliram Let’s Twist Again lovely shape on this boy, he has a super front, good angulation, good eye and kind expression, deep through the brisket, good spring of rib and correct length of loin, best of muscle and best of feet. Moved with drive.

2nd Barkley’s Chanangel Mr Whodat At Cherryheath JW this boy was very naughty and gave his handler quite a hard time, would like a little more layback of shoulder however when he settled he moved well although a little proud of his tail

3rd Philipson’s Menstonia Meteor

Open Dog (6,0)

2 / 3

1st Sutherland’s Jacranella Solo Super headed boy kind intelligent expression, he has a super shape and is Welsh all through. When he settles on the move he can move so well but on times he tends to move too fast and his true movement is lost.

2nd Ritchie & Butler’s Sh Ch Slapestones Diamond Mine JW another with a lovely shape when stacked, super head and expression, stood on the best of feet and shown in a super fit condition. Ample bone, good angulation and this boy has certainly matured and moved the best I have seen him move  

3rd Harrison’s Sh Ch Glenbrows Revolution JW

Good Citizen Scheme Dog  

1st Ir Sh Ch Kylowen Drym ShCM super head and expression, balanced with ample bone, stood on good feet, well muscled and moved really well.

Veteran Bitch (1,0)

1st Attwood’s Kylowen Demelza loved this bitch, super head with a real melting expression, ample bone, good feet, super topline held on the move, beautifully presented  

Minor Puppy Bitch (1,0)

1st BPIB & BPIB Ritchie’s Renascent Bleaberry At Slapestones (Imp USA) 8months and what a character she is, very outgoing. Lovely shape stacked and doesn’t disappoint when hands on, correct topline and good tailset, ample bone and angulation, moved really well. Pleased to see her short-listed in a quality Puppy group  

Puppy Bitch (3,0)

1st Renascent Bleaberry At Slapestones  

2nd Dimond & Edwards Amblelight Meissa sweet headed bitch, this one just needs a bit of time to mature, ample bone, needs to body up a little and settle on the move  

3rd Moore’s Kidenoan Mark That Bird

Junior Bitch (3,0)

1st BCC & BOB Graham’s Nyliram Telling Tales JW I absolutely love this girl, she has the most beautiful of heads with an expression that melts and makes you smile, super dentition, clean neck, correct amount of angulation and so well-muscled, correct amount of bone and super feet, deep through the brisket and moves so soundly. She was presented beautifully and certainly deserves her Champion status which she achieved on the day. So pleased to see her pulled in the Group  

2nd Ritchie’s Sarabande Dancing Queen At Slapestones Not happy in her surroundings today and was a little worried on the move, however she has everything in the right place just didn’t settle to show of her best.  

3rd Lyon’s Mymmsbrook Mismo

Post Graduate Bitch (3,1)

1st & RCC Johnston’s Nalydris Hakuna Matata maturing into a lovely bitch, she has the most lovely head and expression, good reach of neck, lovely layback of shoulder, deep through the chest, good

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spring of rib, ample bone, good feet and presented and handled to get the best out of her, moved well.

2nd Cooper’s Gilstonia Snow Moon another lovely bitch, looks super on the stack, everything to like about her just moves a little close behind on times

Limit Bitch (2,0)

1st Williams’ Crimicar Stand By Me For Bodlon maturing up nicely, she has a lovely head and expression, good kind eye, ample bone and good angulation, super topline moved well  

2nd Mcilwaine & Reynolds’ Benoveor Can’t Buy Me Love – really liked this bitch, loved everything about her, sadly she was very overweight which affected her movement and her shape.  

Open Bitch (7,0)

1st Lancett’s Cwmbeili Madlen Bitch I have really admired, love her head and expression, she has the correct amount of bone and stood on good feet, presented in a good condition, moved well  

2nd Cooper’s Isfryn Lady Grey of Gilstonia another I have admired on many an occasion and close up to 1 in this class, she has the best of outlines, nothing overdone and moves so well. Presented and handled beautifully.

3rd Harrison’s Sh Ch Glenbrows Rhapsody JW

Good Citizen Scheme Bitch (3,1)

1st Attwoods Kylowen Demelza

2nd Cooper’s Gilstonia Snow Moon  


Julie Williams