• Show Date: 11/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Julie Moyes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Norfolk Terrier

Crufts 2022 Norfolk Terriers

I would like to thank the committee for the honour of judging this breed at the show and the exhibitors for the time and effort put into to producing this breed for show.

My thanks too in keeping the ring running on time to my able stewards Mrs. A Salmon & Mrs L Malthouse.

VD 1 1st. Brown’s Dajean Dotty’s Digger. A super D showing the true temperament of this breed happily showing his socks off. Good head, level topline, good body condition. Not as compact in body shape as he could be.

PD 4 (1a) 1st. Gee’s Watercroft Neat and Dandy. Beautifully balanced D. I&2 had good strength and length of muzzle, good head shape, dark eye. Lovely fore quarters cobby body. Tail on top. Very good rear quarters. In excellent coat. Moved well.

2nd. Darnell’s Jaquidon Hot Off The Press. Similar to 1, lovely neck and shoulders. Moved steady and showed well.

3rd. Tate’s I Can Boogie At Jaeva NAF TAF.

JD 1 1st. Smith’s Javidel Maybach Smart jacket. Good head and neat ears. Good fore-quarters, spring of rib good, and length of back. Lovely rear angulation good steady movement.

PGD 5 1st. Thompson-Morgan’s Belleville Expectation. Super B&T. Lovely for size, Super head wedge shaped muzzle, lovely length of neck leading onto well place shoulders. Good depth of chest, cobby body, level topline, good tail set. Moved so smoothly.

2nd. Jenkins’s Kinsridge Talking Point. Super coated red D. Short backed and cobby on good legs and feet. Good head. Moved well happily showing off.

3rd. Smith’s Javidel Maybach.

LD 5 1st. Gee’s Watercroft’s Tea Leaf. Good headed D slightly rounded skull. Dark eye, good strong muzzle, neat ears, excellent expression. very good fore-quarters, level topline, good rear. Beautiful red jacket. Settled to move into 1stplace. RCC

2nd. Simpson’s Brickin Wish Me Luck at Megalex Happy free standing chap. Liked his head, super muzzle, neat ears and dark eye. Good shoulders, short back, cobby body, good rear angulation. Moved soundly.

3rd. Nash’s Ralph of House Nash

OD 7 (4a) 1st. Gee’s Ch. Watercroft Boozy Miller. Excellent topline kept on the move. Super stamp of D. Lovely head with kind expression, good neck and shoulders, deep chest, powerful rear used to advantage on the move. Shown in pristine condition. CC

2nd Thompson-Morgan’s Belleville High Life. A quality D who came to life once the placings were handed out! Handsome head on super neck and shoulders, good front, and rear, moved well. Preferred the topline of 1.

3rd. Smith’s Ch. Javidel Despicable May

Good Citizen Dog Scheme D 1 1st. Brown’s Dajean Dotty’s Digger.

VB 3 (1a) 1st. Lazenby’s Ch. Allright Black Bess (ImpDeu) Feminine B&T. Who reminded me of one mine. Good head with a varminty expression, deep chest, cobby body, short back, good spring of rib. Smart coat in good condition, striding out well. BV

2nd. Macartney’s Nordalset Little Bit Of Sun For Ivrig VW. Slightly longer cast than 1, with a longer muzzle to her otherwise good head, at nearly 10 years old carrying excellent body weight. Moving well, enjoying herself.

PB 2 1st. Thompson-Morgan’s Belleville Secret Hopes. 2 Lovely red bitches of whom I am sure will have many challenges together. Beautiful feminine head, dark sparkling eyes, wedge shaped muzzle, lovely neck, shoulders, level topline, good spring to rib. Excellent rear, lovely driving movement, super coat in excellent condition. Overall such a balanced picture at this age I shall watch her with interest. BP

2nd. Jenkins’s Kinsridge Songbird. Love this girls outline and so positive on the move. Beautiful coat in excellent condition, just preferred head properties of 1.

JB 8 1st. Stevenson’s Brickin Dare To Dream. A good class! 3 similar girls fighting for top spot. Lovely head with a kindly expression. Clean in neck and shoulders, deep chest, short back, well sprung, good rear, moved and showing well.

2nd. Devereux’s Vichea Dancing Shadow. She grew in confidence as the class went on, good head varminty but feminine expression. Good for size, liked her shape, lovely coat of great texture. Moved very well.

3rd. Atkinson’s Moortop Bobby’s Girl.

PGB 5 1st. Smith’s Javidel May I Present. Please forgive my short critique on the following classes as my recorder had stopped recording! so relying on my memory!! Presents a super outline, good front quarters, deep chest short level back, strong rear quarters, moved out with purpose.

2nd. Hess & Higgins’s Umbrage Special Delivery. A smart B who presented well on the table, however came alive on the move, she flowed around the ring smoothly and effortlessly.

3rd. Price’s Umbrage Red Van.

LB 7 (3a) 1st. Gee’s Watercroft Gold Leaf. Out of the same stable with all the same qualities, namely good head properties, excellent neck and shoulders, well sprung ribbing, short back, powerful rear quarters, moving soundly and showed sympathetically by handler in the challenge to beat off 2nd in open and a smart puppy! RCC

2nd. Phillips’s Blakens Look To The Stars. Smart B&T with good bone and substance. Deep chest, & strong rear quarters, moved well.

3rd. Nash’s Tiggy Of House Nash

OB 7 (3a) 1st. Gee’s Ch. Watercroft Pink Fizz. What a super model! Loved her for size. Feminine head but with good width, strong muzzle, almond shaped kind dark eye, neat ears. A powerhouse of a body, forequarters short, hindquarters well muscled, cobby body and level topline. Shown in excellent coat and body condition. Showing like a dream. Have given her a RCC before so pleased to see she has fulfilled her early promise. CC BOB.

2nd. Thompson-Morgan’s Belleville Natural High. Free moving B with a very pretty head. Super neck and shoulders level topline. Short back good tail set. Beautiful natural outline, just giving too much away to the more mature B today.

3rd. Dragon’s Ch. From Dash Mountain Farm’s High Falue Jaeva (Imp Nld)

Good Citizen Scheme B 1 1st. Macartney’s Ivrig Dancing In The Sun. Happy showgirl as well as obedient. Pretty head, level topline, spring of rib, good rear angulation , moving out well.

Julie Moyes Judge.