• Show Date: 11/12/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Julie Frost Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Bracco Italiano

Ladies Kennel Association

11 December 2022

Bracco Italiano

I had a very good entry of undocked dogs, many thanks to the exhibitors entering under me.

My stewards, Jeni and Marlene, ensured the ring was well organised and, despite being later in the ring, the best of Breed had time before the group commenced.

I found front construction better than my previous appointment, with very few poor fronts or loose elbows. However, I was concerned to find long, flat feet with weak pasterns and this must be addressed by breeders. The breed standard asks for strong, slightly oval, tight, well arched feet with pasterns slightly sloping – all necessary for a dog that can work tirelessly on varied terrain. All dogs were clean and well-presented, temperaments were good. It was lovely to see all the confident puppies, some of them in the big ring for the first time.

For me, the essence of Bracco Italiano type can be distilled into three main features – a distinctive head; the almost square outline with breed specific topline and movement – powerful drive and an extended trot. Unfortunately the floor was slippery and some coped better with it than others.

Puppy Dog (2,1)

1st Teverlarni Stick To Ya Guns (Miss & Miss Smith) a well-schooled, typy, 7 month old showing a lot of promise. He has a masculine head with divergent planes, lean enough with plenty of work in it. Perhaps more dewlap than I would like, but he is still growing and this may change. He has a very good forehand, excellent oval bone and substance but at this stage his feet could still improve. He is short coupled with the required, almost square outline. His rear angulation is balanced, thighs long and muscular with rear edge almost straight. He moves very well for such a young dog, especially in profile. Considered for top honours, his time will come I am sure. Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd Teverlarni Keep The Faith (Miss & Miss Smith) litter brother to the class winner and not as forward as his brother, still clearly in the raw puppy stage but there is a lot to like about him. He has a lovely head, perhaps more balanced than his brother, long, angular and narrow at the zygomatic arches, with chiselling below the eyes. Not quite the balance in body of his brother and still a little bum high today. Could still strengthen in pasterns. Not as steady and accurate on the move but there is a lot to like about this puppy and much may change as he matures.

Junior Dog (6,1)

1st Canemamans Primo Al Fine (Mr & Mrs Forbes) I liked the balance of this young dog when he came into the ring and he just stood right. At 15 months he still a somewhat raw, but he had everything I was looking for and fits the standard well with nothing overdone. His head is very good; long, angular and narrow with oval eyes of good colour, a big spongy nose, and well set on ears of good length. He is almost square with balanced angulation, a deep forechest, text book topline and well set on tail. He could perhaps have more spring of rib but there is plenty of time. He has excellent oval bone and the best of feet. He moved accurately with drive from behind. In the line-up he stood out for his correct type and I could not deny him his first CC. Congratulations.

2nd Teverlarni Stick To Ya Guns

3rd Withamfriary Charles (Mrs Pillinger)

Post Graduate Dog (5,2)

1st Canemamans Primo Al Fine

2nd Konigsbracci Pavey Ark (Miss Fazenfield) Not the most typical in head, being slightly broad in skull and short in muzzle, with shorter ears than desirable but this dog scored in outline. He had a good forechest, deep and well sprung rib, slight tuck-up and well balanced angulation. He moved with a long stride.

3rd Jakobstown One Fine Day (Mrs Northey)

Limit Dog (5,1)

1st Valcor The Confessor At Canemamans (Mr Sladden) Not the easiest of classes to judge and these 4 dogs will no doubt change places on another day. The class winner had an excellent head and skull; long, lean, narrow and in profile has a deep muzzle, with divergent head planes – nothing is overdone. He has a good forechest, good length of neck, excellent oval bone, best of feet and pasterns and has balanced angulation meaning he moves very well. He is slightly longer than square and today lacked a little in body condition to take him further.

2nd Gunsyn Ginspiration (Mrs Bowley) another nice dog who appeals in head. He presents a good outline, standing almost square, and being shorter coupled than 1st. He moved very well with plenty of drive, but I would prefer better feet and pasterns.

3rd Gunsyn Wave Runner In Brackenmist (Miss McAndrew)

Open Dog (4)

1st Sh Ch Lexus Z Pogonskiego Wzgorza By Gunsyn (Mrs Bowley) this dog fits the general appearance description in the breed standard being strong, powerful and well-muscled. He has a striking head – plenty of divergence, lean and narrow but for me he is a little overdone in depth of muzzle and flews. He has outstanding oval bone and the best feet and pasterns in the class. He is strong through body, being deep in brisket and well angulated throughout. However he is longer in body than ideal. He moved very well with extended reach and drive. RCC.

2nd Tyrbechgyn Believe You Will at Canemamans (Mr Sladden) a well balanced dog, lighter in bone than 1st but within the breed standard which allows for such variation. His head is a little broad for me but he has a good outline, being almost square with correct angulation fore and aft, good topline and tailset. He moved very well.

3rd Jakobstown Wray of Joy (Mr & Mrs Hartley)

Good Citizen (2)

1st Tyrbechgyn Believe You Will at Canemamans

2nd Jakobstown One Fine Day (Mrs Northey) a well-schooled and presented dog which was taller and rangier than 1st. Head a little broad and eyes could be tighter. He has a good forehand and long second thigh, being balanced in angulation. Moved well.

Veteran Dog or Bitch (1)

Sh Ch Int Ch Ir Ch Gunsyn Sesto Elemento With Brackenmist An Ch 17 JW ShCM (Miss McAndrew)

1st A 7 ½ year old who has lost none of her earlier appeal. She is feminine with a lovely lean head with plenty of work in it, large oval eyes of good colour, with soft expression. She is well balanced in body, deep in brisket, with good angulation, correct oval bone. She is enthusiastic on the move with extended reach and drive, carrying her tail well. Well deserving of her very many titles. Pleased to award her the RCC and Best Veteran.

Puppy Bitch (7, 1)

What a lovely class of promising puppies who will no doubt change places as they grow and mature.

1st Withamfriary Star Struck Millie (Mrs Pillinger) one of the oldest in this class being almost 12 months of age and this benefitted her as she was the most balanced and well-schooled. She has a good head, being lean and narrow with enough divergence, is almost square in body with good angulation, deep in brisket and showing the desired topline with a well set on tail. She moved very well both ways and in profile. BPB preferred the overall type and substance of the dog for BP.

2nd You Can Crown The Queen NAF (Miss & Mrs Hurst) Another very nice puppy who I am sure will do well. Giving 4 months away in age and development to the class winner. She has a lovely head, being lean and narrow with sufficient divergence. Not as good in shoulder placement as 1st but presents as almost square with good angulation behind. She has correct oval bone and neat feet. Moving well. Promising.

3rd Teverlarni Secret Dreams (Miss & Miss Smith)

Junior Bitch (4)

1st Withamfriary Star Struck Millie

2nd Teverlarni Secret Dreams 7 month old with a good head and well balanced outline, if standing a little bum high at times. She moved well in profile but was a little close behind today.

3rd Teverlarni Cama Da Rosas (Miss & Miss Smith)

Post Graduate Bitch (4)

1st Gunsyn Gineva (Mrs Bowley) I liked this bitch very much. She fits the three key elements of the standard well. She has a super head, narrow, lean, well chiselled with sufficient divergence, kind eye and fine leathers. She is almost square in outline with a correct topline, good length of neck flowing into her shoulders, well balanced angulation, deep in brisket with well-sprung ribs. On the move it all comes together with a lengthy stride, driving from the rear. She looked super in profile and carried her tail well on the move. I was pleased to award a first CC & BOB. Pleased to see she was also awarded Group 4. Congratulations.

2nd Elfrindew Kinky Reggae (Mr Kelsey) I liked the head on this bitch, being lean with lots of work in it, correct ear carriage and kind eye. She has good angulation, is almost square in outline but is let down by her feet and pasterns. However she was one of the better movers on the day and coped really well with the unforgiving floor.

3rd Gunsyn Ginontherock Dei Majikisles (Miss Moulin)

Limit Bitch (2)

1st Gunsyn Ginerosity (Mrs Chadwick) Another with a good head, lean and and narrow with good divergence, oval eyes, close fitting eyelids. She is balanced in angulation, deep in brisket, good oval bone. She moved well on a light stride.

2nd Elfrindew One Love (Mrs Lewis) Not as typical in the head and eye shape, but was well made in body with balanced angulation, deep in brisket. She moved out really well. Could have neater feet.

Open Bitch (7,3)

Fancyguns Dancing Queen (Miss & Miss Smith) One I remember as a puppy and she has fulfilled her early promise. A substantial bitch with a well-proportioned head, lean and narrow if a little deep in muzzle, and would not want more dewlap. She has an excellent body, balanced angulation, deep in brisket, well sprung rib, standing almost square on strong oval bone and tight feet. She moved very well with a long stride driving from the rear quarters. Considered for top honours.

2nd Gunsyn Little Lies (Mrs Chadwick) lighter all through but still within standard. These two bitches side by side exemplify the height and weight variation within the breed. Her head has sufficient divergence, she has a balanced outline demonstrating a typical topline and stands on good bone and feet. She moved well.

3rd Gunsyn Gingerlicious From Dawbourne (Mr Moore)

Good Citizen Bitch

1st Elfrindew Justice For All (Mr & Mrs Hartley) a beautiful head on this young bitch, lean, narrow, correct divergence, kind eye and expression, correct leathers. She is moderate all through with balanced angulation, good topline held well on the move. A very typy bitch, just needs to tighten in feet.

2nd Feel of Pride Eva Elettra at Canemamans (Mr Sladden) a more mature bitch who is not as typy in the head as 1st but there is lots to like about her. Another lighter in frame and smaller in stature but correct for the standard. Balanced in angulation, standing almost square. She moved steadily but another who found the floor hard going today.

Julie Frost