• Show Date: 18/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Julie Da Silva Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Russian Black Terrier

Border Union 18 June 2022

Russian Black Terrier

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at this lovely show. The weather was kind this year and made the day really special. Special thanks to my very able stewards, Barry & Alan, for stopping everything on the table from blowing away in the breeze!

This is a lovely breed and I had some fine examples to go over today, so thank you for your entries and the sporting manner in which you accepted my placings. Beware of over-grooming and making the breed into something it is not. This is a powerful working animal, customarily trimmed to make the most of its attributes. There is a slight risk that it will become more about how well someone can groom as opposed to how good the dog is if you are not careful

Puppy D/B (3 entries 0 absent)

1. Rigby’s Ya Namaste Tara’s Sarja for Omiant (Imp Deu). Very nice 10 month old male. Good head and eye. Correct bite. Nice big nose. Excellent pigment. Good bone and feet, thick pads and black nails. Nice front assembly, good topline and sufficient quarter, which balances well with this front. Typical puppy movement, but looks like he will mature into a very nice dog. Well presented, although coat a little soft just at the moment and well handled. RBD and BPIB.

2. Clelford’s Kenig Foreign Blek Berkut (Imp Rus). Another very nice male puppy. Not quite as trimmed or trained as the winner, but equally as well constructed. Good head and eye, good bite, nose and pigment. Good bone, feet, front assembly and topline. Quarter a little loose just at the moment, but he’s a baby. Different coat texture to the winner. Would benefit from more training without the need to bait.

3. Blair’s Blasius Beauty Anatolic (Imp Hun) NAF. The baby of the class at just 6½ months and he was so sweet. Good head and eye, bite and nose. Bone is coming. Soft coat just now and loose in movement, but he has everything he needs to grow into something very nice.

Junior D/B No Entries

Post Graduate D/B (2 entries 0 Absent)

1. Bull’s Fortuna Feeria Nikita Kozhemjaka (Imp Deu). Very impressive 2½ year old male. He must be getting up to the top of the standard. Good flat skull, good stop and muzzle, good eye. Correct bite, large black nose. Good pigment. Good reach of neck, strong and powerful, blending into well laid shoulders. Deep chest and well sprung ribs. Lovely straight forelegs, thick pads and black nails. Short strong loin and lovely big bottom with good tailset. Excellent quarter, strong and well muscled. Good bend of stifle. Stands straight from behind. Powerful and expansive movement. He really looks like he could do a day’s work – covers the ground effortlessly. Well presented and well handled. BD and BOB and I understand he was shortlisted in the group. Well done!

2. Gavaghan’s Black Recording Angel Mandala at Vaghna. Very nice, substantial 3 year old bitch. Good head and eye, good bite, large black nose and excellent pigment. Profuse furnishings on her head. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulder. Good straight bone in her forelegs, again profusely coated. Good firm topline. A little longer in loin, but she is a bitch so this will give her room for puppies. Gentle slope of croup and good tailset. Good bend of stifle. Strong movement although not as sound as the winner. RBB

Open D/B (3 entries 0 absent)

1. O’Donnell’s Kalaslane Revenge for Nukiebear (IKC). Lovely, balanced 4 year old bitch. Good flat skull, correct stop and muzzle. Good bite, large black nose and excellent pigment. Good reach of neck, blending into well laid shoulders. Strong straight bone in her forelegs, well padded feet, with black nails. Firm topline, good croup and tailset. Lovely quarter with good bend of stifle and low set hocks, in balance with her front. Strong, sound mover. BB & BOS

2. Williams’ Proud of Being Ava Gardner at Evrussky (Imp). Another nice bitch, although a little on the small side. Very balanced though with everything in proportion. Good head, eye, bite and pigment. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulder, firm top and good quarter. Sound and well handled.

3. Newton’s Funnords Mazimum at Lintweed (Imp Rus)

Veteran D/B (1 entry)

1. Newton’s Lintweeed Diva. 7½ year old bitch. Good head, eye, bite, nose and pigment. Good coat. Reasonably well laid shoulder, straight forequarters and good feet. Looks to rise a bit towards her hindquarter. Equivalent angulation in hindquarter to balance front. She didn’t really want to move today. BV