• Show Date: 12/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Joy Middleton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Spanish Water Dog

Thank you to all the exhibits who entered, it was a long day being last on in the ring, and I appreciate everyone who turned up and stayed. 
Thanks to the wonderful steward who must have been exhausted from a long day stewarding, it was very much appreciated. 

JD 1

Hodgkinson - Zorrazo Quest for Success (imp Hrv) 
Brown dog. A dog I have judged before, and maturing nicely. Medium in size for a male. Head in correct proportions, oval eye, correct set ears. Short neck which flows into a well laid shoulder. Moderately angled in the rear. Good to see he still enjoys his day out. Slightly narrow coming and going. Would like more of him. RBD 


Preece & Cooper - Janamorio Northern Arlo 

Brown and white dog. Lovely masculine head and look, good size for a male. Shown in short coat today with nothing to hide. Correct head proportions, with dark oval eye. Ear set correct. Short neck into well laid shoulders. Correct depth of chest, with lovely bone to him. Moderately angled rear, with good muscle tone. Correct tuck up, brisk sound movement with power driven from behind. BD / BOS 

OD 1
Peart - Josalyn Rio Ziggystardust via Janamorio
Brown male. Shown in short coat. Moderate throughout, correct head proportions. Oval eye and well set ears. Slightly longer in neck into shoulders. Would like a touch more chest to him. Lovely depth of bone. Rises slightly over the loin. Correct tuck up. Would like a little less second thigh. Correct tail set. Moved with drive from the rear. Nicely muscled. 

PB 1/3 
Thompson - Prizelands Fondant Fancy 
Sadly the only puppy present but that didn’t stop her. Very happy puppy. Black and white bitch. Correct head proportions, correct dark pigment, oval eye, nicely set ears. Short neck into well laid shoulders. Nice depth of chest on her for her age. Correct tuck up, and head her toppling throughout. Moved with drive. Pleased to see her go Puppy Group 2. BP / RBB

PGB 2/1
1) Salvatierra-Martinez & Salvatierra - Sierrasalva’s Regalo 
Brown Bitch. Oval eye with dark pigment. Short neck into well laid shoulders. Shown in coat today. Would like a little more depth of chest to her. Head topline throughout. A slight slop at the croup, with a moderately angled rear. Nicely muscled. Brisk movement with powerful drive. 

2) Thompson - Kurlibears September Truffle
Brown bitch. Shown in a shorter coat than one. Correct head proportions with correct overall eye and ear set. Slightly longer in neck than 1. With a slight rise over the loin. Correct depth of chest. Slight tuck up. Rounded at the croup, preferred the turn of stifle and drive of 1. 

OB 2 
1) Salvatierra-Martinez & Salvatierra - Sierrasalva’s Fuerza 
Black bitch. Judge this little lady as a junior and pleased to see how she has matured. Lovely type to her. Correct size for a bitch, head proportions 3:2 with a slight stop. Dark eye and nose pigment with a correct ear set. Short neck into well placed shoulders. Good depth of chest, and level topline held throughout. Nice tuck up with moderately angled rear. Brisk movement with tones of drive. Well muscled. BB / BOB 

2) Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Rutherford - Sh Ch Ir Ch Swisss Ch Chanderhill Hecho En Espana Jww18 Jun Ch 
Brown bitch, shown in a shorter coat than 1. Correct size for a bitch. Preferred the head proportions of 1. Correct ear set, with short neck into shoulders. Correct depth of bone to her. Lovely depth of chest. Level top line held throughout. Prefer more of a tuck up under her. Moderately angled. Lovely bitch. 

Joy Middleton