• Show Date: 09/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Joy Middleton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Junior Handling

Richmond Championship Show 
Junior Handling 
9th - 11th September 

Thank you to everyone for braving the weather for Richmond Championship Show, rain, sun and a lot of mud! I hope everyone had a good time. I certainly enjoyed my appointment, thank you to everyone for entering and giving it your all. 
Please remember your sportsmanship throughout your time in the ring (and outside). Regardless of your placing, a quick - thank you to your follow competitors and judge takes a matter of seconds to do. It was great in one class parents reminding and encouraging handlers to congratulate those around them. 

Day 1 Toy & Utility 

6-11 years old 
1st - Mia Rogerson handling a German Spitz (Klein). On her own in the class today. Presented her dog in good form. This young handler coped very well when her dog put her through the paces wriggling on the table, didn't fluster once. Her patterned work was neat and correct, showed teeth correctly without getting in the way and coped when the dog put up a fight too. Correctly looked back at myself throughout her movement phases. Pleasure to judge. Just keep that arm band tight on your arm. Kept slipping down. Commended for saying thank you to the judge after as well. 

12 - 16 years old 
Congratulations to everyone in this class. Dressed smart despite the wet and damp weather! 
It was however a little disheartening how many turned up late. The schedules were published over a week ago, it's always good to check when and where your ring is in order to be on time. If you need to check your breed classes that may clash... it's good practice to let the steward know before judging.

1st - Isabelle Collier handling a young Dalmatian. This handler had to work to keep the dogs concentration throughout. One of the few handlers of the morning who was concentrating from start to finish. Well done. Watched the judge throughout her movement phases, presented her dog in fine form through out. Not easy with a young free standing breed that requires constant observations. Young lady who can certainly multi task. 

2nd - Edward Eddery handling a Pug. A young gentleman who clearly knows his stuff. Sadly turned up to the class late. Showed dogs teeth correctly without getting in the way. Scored on noticing the leg of the dog had been moved and quickly re-set the dog. Clean lines on the movement and watched judge throughout. Moved around the dog with ease. Well done. 

3rd - Kaitlyn Collier handling a miniature poodle. 

Day 2 Pastoral, Working and Hound 

6-11 years old 
1st - Cara Wakeling handling a Siberian Husky. Another young dog who was putting her handler through their paces. Handler coped well correcting the dog where she could. Correct turn on the up and down, clean lines on the move, and good observation checking where the judge was through movement. Just need to watch the judge at all times from start to finish. Well done. 

2nd - Joseph Skinner handling a Basset Hound. By far the best dressed hander of all three days, what a young gentleman. I wish so many more of the handlers had this young gentleman's positivity and attitude. Happy, enthusiastic, spoke to Rosey his Basset the whole time. Handler stood his dog correctly, Bassets are a hard breed to use in handling, for their stubborn nature, but not for this young handler. He got his dog moving with lots of eagerness and power around the ring. Many congratulations, I hope to see more of these two in handling classes to come.

3rd - Bethany Guillod-Rees handling a Norwegian Buhund.

12 - 16 years old 
1st - Phoebe Toublic handling a Basset Hound. Observations and awareness of what was going on was top notch. Noticed and correct a moved leg on her dog. Pattern work was clean and correct. Lovely turns on the straights. Showed teeth correctly without getting in the way. Movements on the floor was faultless. Well done. 

2nd - Claudia Kennedy handling a Great Dane. Good awareness of size of her dog and handled him correctly. Just remember when presenting a dog that they have a back end as well. Presented the dog well at all times. Good patterns and checking for the judge on the move. 

3rd - Francesca Wilson with a Bouvier. 

Day 3 - Terrier and Gundog 

6-11 years old 
1st - Myla Savory handling a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Smart duo these two made. Free standing breed is never easy to handle, but this handler made it look easy. Pattern work was clean and correct. Good turns at the corners. Presented her dog correctly at all times. Noticed and observed the judge almost a tall times. Just remember to look behind you too. Great duo. 

2nd - Molly Whisker handling a Border Terrier. Clever handling, moved the dog well on the move with good pattern work. Just need to watch those straight lines on the up and dog. Presented her dog on the table well (loved the foot stool). Watched where the judge was and moved on the floor correctly. Great work. 

3rd - Henry Parker-Miles handling a Curly Coated Retriever. 

12 - 16 years old
1st - Phoebe Toublic handling an English Springer Spaniel. Came back for second lot of handling today. Same comments as above. Great observation work, pattern work was clean and correct. Almost couldn't fault this handler today. Just not as clean on turn away when finished. But that is nit picking. Fantastic handler. 

2nd - Lillie Morgan Cadman handling a Labrador. Very brave handler, handling a chocolate Labrador, coped very well. Just remember if a dog is rather food obsessed, practice showing those teeth! When on the move, clean lines up and down. Presented the dog well. You were certainly put through your paces with your dog and coped very well. Well Done. 

Joy Middleton