• Show Date: 27/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jonathan Daltrey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Pointer



It was an honour for me to be invited to judge again at this fabulous showground and the layout and weather were just superb which set the scene for a most enjoyable and rewarding experience.


1. Teisgol Double Trigger. I loved his classic head and very kind eye. He has an excellent depth of fore-chest and the smoothest and easiest and fairly accurate ground covering action. He has lovely tight feet and flexible pasterns and he presented a very good outline. This was a perfect start to the day.

2. Teisgol Massalia. Here was another good one and similar remarks apply. He just lost out to his kennel mate on head and forward extension but he impressed me a lot.

3. Penbro Under Pressure With Peteshe


1. Cattistock Cosmos With Marissolo. This raw baby has the most expressive and appealing eye and I really liked him for his lovely masculine and not overdone head. He has everything in the right place but was a little un-co-ordinated but he has time on his side and is an excellent future prospect.


1. Teisgol Keep on Going Via Penwest. I thought that this youngster was an easy winner today. I really did like lots about him. He has excellent depth and presents a wonderful flowing outline with a good straight front and he has lovely feet too. He is an excellent mover and should have a good show career ahead of him. Best Puppy in Breed.

2. Glenariff Mojito over Teisgol. This youngster was a totally different type but is pleasing in front and he makes a good outline on the stack. He just wasn’t quite as fluid in side gait as the winner today.

3. Millpoint Secret Encounter at Fisherbloom (taf).


1. Harvestslade Light Of Peace. I absolutely loved this juvenile’s head, his depth and his excellent muscle-tone. He is an excellent side-gaiter and he really uses his well-made rear quarters to advantage. He just needs to firm up in front action coming back to the judge to complete the picture.

2. Collholme Balthasar. I liked this boy for his classic head and excellent bone and feet. He is a sound and steady mover but did not quite match the forward extension of the winner today.

3. Myermore Jewel In The Crown


1. Sunhouse Banged To Rights. This dog won the class by a whisper over an equally good dog in 2nd spot. This one impressed me for his excellent flow, depth of body, rib and also his easy, free-flowing action which sealed him the prime position.

2. Tenshilling It’s My Party for Salmonmist JW. Here was a different type but one that scores in so many departments. I loved his head , outline, pasterns and feet. I just felt that he lacked the fluidity in side-gait of the winner on the final run around. I am sure that these two will change places as they continue to mature on the right lines.

3. Cumbrian Night King at Carofel (Imp USA).


1. Hawkfield Wickham. This dog was a very sound and accurate mover coming and going, sympathetically handled, but is just a touch too fine all through and a touch lacking in breed type for my taste.


1. Sunhouse You're Nicked. This dog gave his young handler a really hard time but he appealed to me very much. I loved his tip-top, firm body condition. He really used his well-muscled and well-angled rear to drive away with absolute propulsion and foot-perfect accuracy. He presents great flow in profile on the move and could not be denied the top spot over an equally good dog in runner up position.

2. Pipeaway Dreams Afyre In Merynjen JW. Here was another very good Pointer and he too presents an excellent outline and I loved his head type and his bone. He is a free and accurate mover coming and going but was just out-moved in side-gait today by the fluidity of the winner.

3. Lowsmoor Crazy For You JW….completing an excellent trio.

LIMIT DOG (12,1)

1. Joneva Born To Thrill. This dog screams breed type and he headed an excellent class. I adored his head and expression. He presents an excellent outline flowing from nose to tail, and he really does use his tail to maximum advantage. He has real depth and an excellent body with spot-on angles fore and aft. On the move he is sound in all directions and he reaches out easily covering the ground with precision and style. He was very close to taking the top-spot in the overall male competition but I just preferred the feet of the Open winner. I was, however, very pleased to award him the Reserve C.C.

2. Pytchley Chasing The Dream for Hookwood JW Sh.CM. Here was another good dog, if a totally different type. I recently awarded this dog BIS at an Open show and I liked him today as much as I did two weeks ago. He also presents an excellent flowing outline and has an easy and ground covering side-gait. Well-made throughout he was very close up for the top spot but I just preferred the head and rear action of the winner. He was handled and presented to perfection.

3. Kanix Peri Peri with Glenfinnan.


1. Sunhouse Chips Ahoy. This was another excellent class full of quality. I loved this dog’s head and expression, his excellent front assembly and his perfect tight feet and flexible pasterns. He has lovely angles, good depth and a superb and flowing outline. On the move not only is he accurate in all directions but he simply eats up the ground in his profile action using his tail perfectly. In very strong competition, I was pleased to award him the C.C. (his second, so I am now told) and I hope that his crowning certificate won’t be too far away. In the challenge for B.O.B. I thought that he complemented the Bitch winner beautifully but today just had to give way to her simply electric performance on the final run-round.

2. Sh Ch Sharnphilly Boondoggle JW. Here was another good one who pushed the winner all the way. I liked his head and expression, his depth, great flow and his excellent side-gait. Today, I just felt that the winner had the edge on the up and down.

3. Sh Ch Kanix News Flash at Glenfinnan.


1. Collholme Angelique. I thought that this was a clear winner on performance in this class. She has a lovely head and a smooth-flowing outline. She was foot perfect and deserved the top spot.

2. Tenshilling Here I Go Again. This dog was sound in this class and held his outline in profile and really did move out to take second spot.

3. Lundgarth Everest JW.


1. Teisgol I Am What I Am At Phlynnies. This bitch looked really well and won this class with some to spare. She has real scope and accuracy on the move. I liked her head, expression and great flowing outline. She’s ultra-feminine and has excellent feet and used her tail well. Best Veteran In Breed and Veteran Group 2. Congratulations!

2. Ir Ch Oxfordacres Trinity By Hookwood. She is a totally different and slightly heavier and workmanlike type but she also has a very good and flowing outline. She was sound on the move in all directions.

3. Asterope Lightening Star Via Teisgol JW Sh.CM.


1. Davigdor Poppies. What an excellent future prospect this very raw baby is! She has the most delightful head and the most intelligent and softest expression. On the stack she has excellent flow and presents the ideal outline. She has a perfect front with super angles and a lovely temperament too. She just needs time to fill her frame and to strengthen and I am sure that she will have a very rosy show career. She really did impress me for one so young.


1. Evaluna Chasing Rainbows with Hookwood. I really liked this bitch for her overall balance and her body condition. She has great depth, good flow and is a fabulous mover. She made the most of herself in profile, using her tail well. Best Puppy Bitch.

2. Teisgol Heaven Sent. Here was another good one and I actually preferred the head of this puppy. She scored for me in side-gait and she is sound both ways, I just preferred the overall flowing outline of the winner.

3. Lundgarth Everest JW.


1. Wilchrimane Sky Pirate. As the class entered the ring, I thought that this bitch was not only eye-catching but that she was also absolutely outstanding. She has the most feminine of heads with a wonderful expressive and intelligent eye. She has excellent flow and is the soundest and freest of movers in all directions. But for one vital and important requirement, she would have been in consideration for top honours, but alas that was not to be!

2. Collholme Angelique.

3. Lundgarth Everest JW.


1. Heartbury Northern Lights JW. Here was a lovely headed bitch with the perfect outline and a superb side-gait. To be hyper critical, I would prefer a little more width behind. She was extremely well-handled to make the most of her many qualities.

2. Millpoint Diamond Solitair Avec Frenetbull

3. Hawkfield Scandalous


1. Lundgarth Everest JW. I really liked this puppy but in her two previous classes she just did not get her act together at all. Here she was totally settled and presented a totally different picture of perfect balance. She has lots to commend her. I liked her wonderful feminine head and super eye. She has a great front assembly and really moved well here in all directions.


1. Sharphilly Toggi with Hookwood JW. This quality bitch headed a disappointing class with so many with narrow rear action. This was definitely not the case with this winner who won the class with some to spare. She has a lovely front with an excellent depth of fore-chest. Her flowing outline is spot-on and she maintains this on the move in all directions. She is ultra sound and shows good extension in side-gait.

2. Brent Break It Off at Richclass. She has a lovely head and expression and is another with good flow and she is also an excellent side-gaiter. I preferred the width behind of the winner.

3. Mocha Mayhem


1. Brent Cheap Thrills. This outstanding bitch headed the best class of the day. I just love her head and expression. The work and chiselling and that superb feminine, intelligent and dark eye is just mouth-watering. She has excellent depth to her fore-chest and she presents a wonderful and graceful outline of total balance from her nose to her lashing tail. Carrying exactly the right amount of weight, she is so well-muscled and this really showed in her flawless movement. She drives away using her quarters to maximum effect and she simply eats up the ground with real style and such precision that she cannot be ignored. I loved everything about her and had absolutely no hesitation in awarding her the C.C. (her first, so I am told). I am sure that she is a Champion ‘in waiting’. In the final competition, I thought that both she and the dog looked an absolute picture, complementing each other beautifully. It was, however, she who stepped up a gear in the challenge to win overall. Congratulations on a thoroughly deserved B.O.B.

2. Hawkfield Happy. This superb lemon & white was very lucky to meet the winner in such form. She is a totally different type but she really impressed me too. I loved her head and expression. She also flows from nose to tail, making a super picture of total balance. On the move she is foot perfect in all directions and reaches out showing good extension in her side-gait. She completely filled my eye and thoroughly deserved the Reserve C.C.

3. Sonham Chasing Rainbows….completing a trio of super bitches.


1. Sh Ch Kanix Petunia At Stargang. This bitch was a clear winner in the class and she impresses in many breed points. Today, however, I felt that she was carrying a touch too much weight and I just preferred the heads and the overall size of the Limit winners. A worthy Champion, she has excellent depth, a great flowing outline and is so very precise and accurate on the move.

2. Medogold Tartini With Sonham JW Sh.CM ShCEx. Another good bitch here with an amazing temperament and a lashing tail. I thought that her head was exceptional, like her kennel-mate who was third in the previous strong limit class. She has good flow and is totally sound in all directions.

3. Phlynnies Catch Me If You Can Of Dappleline