• Show Date: 27/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jonathan Daltrey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Lagotto Romagnolo




1. Bedeslea Otterbright. I thought this youngster presented a balanced outline with a good tail-set and carriage. He has a masculine and not overdone head with enough stop and a good eye. He is fairly well-bodied and his coat texture was excellent. I liked his angles fore and aft and he was a sound and steady side-gaiter.

2. Bedeslea Bishops Tipple. The litter mate to the winner and similar remarks apply. He just needs time and I felt that he was a touch straighter in stifle than his brother. I particularly liked his expression and eye shape.


1. Truffalusa November Moon From Mizani. This youngster scored for me in head shape, dark eye and intelligent expression. He has good depth, lovely bone, tight feet and a good tail-set. I liked his rough and woolly coat-texture. On the move he showed some extension but was a touch closer than ideal going away. Reserve Best Dog.


1. Arcticbreeze Turbulence at Allsong. Here was another excellent side-gaiter. I liked his head shape with good width and excellent nose. He has a kind and intelligent eye. Well-bodied with tight feet and presented in good harsh jacket, he was just a touch closer than ideal going away.


1. Dario Della Caveja. Another good shaped dog here with an ultra-keen eye and with perfect dentition and good width to head with good plains. I liked his depth of body and perfect ribbing and he uses his well-set tail to advantage. Like so many today, although good in profile action he was a touch closer than ideal going away.

2. Gaesten Top Tinker. I liked this dog for balance of body and his outline. In good jacket and well-presented, I just thought that the winner had the edge on head shape and slightly better rear action.


1. Kan Trace Viking Invader (Imp). I liked this dog for his total overall balance, head shape and expression plus his very correct coat texture. He moved out with some style in this class and was fairly accurate both ways using his tail to maximum advantage. His sound movement won him Best Dog but later in the challenge for BOB he just lost momentum, seemed unsettled and subsequently was pipped by the young Bitch for the overall prize.

2. Mizani Diorbe Of Slovakia At Dumdiddly ShCM Sh.CM. Another good one here and similar remarks apply. He scored for me in coat texture, head shape and expression but today could not match the winner for strength or accuracy of rear action.


1. Bedeslea Bishops Tipple.


1. Gaesten Just Jago at Joydon. I imagine that this stylish dog was quite something in his day! He is an ultra sound mover with an excellent flowing outline. His head plains are evident and he has the perfect tail and set. Not in the best of jacket today, his quality could not be denied.

2. Yduns Blue's Mellis. Ultra- feminine and compactly built she was in good jacket but just not quite as fluid or as accurate on the move today as the winner.


1. Hazelnut King of the Truffles NAF (Imp Serb). For me the best and most correct of all of the outlines today, she presents a super picture of total balance with the desired very gentle, sloping, straight top-line from withers to tail (which was missing in so many here). She has an excellent coat and texture for one so young with a really feminine and oh so correct head and that ‘look at me’ expression. On the move she showed real accuracy both ways and some very strong propulsion from well-muscled quarters, plus, in profile, she is simply electric. She just needs to tighten up in front but overall she impressed me greatly and she definitely stepped up a gear in the challenge with the Dog to take a well-deserved B.O.B. Best Bitch and BPIB.

2. Gameglow All About Me. Another good future prospect but just not quite the head, as yet, of the winner. I liked her balance and sound movement. She was presented and handled to maximise her qualities and was shown in good jacket.

3. Disi Imp Itl.


1. Vodka King of the Truffles. This juvenile was shown and handled to absolute perfection. I liked her outline and excellent tail. She was in hard condition and in excellent jacket with a decent head shape, tight ears and a kind expression. She is another good side-gaiter and is fairly accurate on the up and down. She pushed the winners hard in the challenge competition.

2. Gameglow All or Nothing. Full of promise but just that bit raw at this stage in her development. She is another with good balance and a lovely overall shape and is a sound and happy mover.

3. Arcticbreeze Truth or Dare.


1. Arcticbreeze Outbraker. A more leggy type but with lots to like, particularly good for head shape and balance. I liked her outline and tail but just felt that she could be a touch more positive and wider going away.


1. Heidsieck L'Apparita. I thought that this bitch was in excellent jacket with good texture and undercoat. She presents a balanced outline but needs to body up and drop in fore-chest. On the move she was a little lack-lustre today.

2. Fullforge Frsh As A Daisy. Another one in good coat with the correct texture but she was just a touch hesitant and unsettled which affected her action going away today.


1. Il Granaio dei Malatesta Strawberry Syrup at Arcticbreeze. This bitch was by far the best mover in this class. She has a lovely feminine head and a kind and expressive eye. I liked her outline, head plains, her flow and coat texture. Another good side-gaiter. Reserve Best Bitch.

2. Rumolboys Cascade Of Fire. Similar remarks apply to this second placed bitch. She also presents a very good shape but was just not quite so accurate going away as the winner.

3. Magpieblue Cassiopeia.


1. All About Star Sigi Tolo For Gameglow (Imp Serbia). I particularly liked the width behind and the rear action of this one. She also scored for me in head shape and plains. I liked her side-gait and her outline but just felt that her coat condition was not quite that of the main winners today.

2. Radiva Baby Oh Cherrie at Arcticbreeze (Imp Svk). Another with good flow and a balanced outline with excellent side-gait but today she could just not match the strength or muscle-tone of the winner.