• Show Date: 18/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jonathan Daltrey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Welsh Kennel Club




To be invited to judge the EUKANUBA Puppy Stakes at the Welsh Kennel Club was a real honour and it was my first such appointment.

Many thanks to the WKC team and also to Eukanuba for sponsoring such an interesting competition which afforded me, as a judge, a fabulous opportunity to judge some extra special young dogs and affords the exhibitors the chance to try to win their way through to the exciting Grand Finale competition held early next year!

Day 1 Gundogs (Dogs)

1. PITSWARREN SO NEX CENTURY. A lovely Hungarian Vizsla with a masculine, stylish head and a very intelligent eye. He has a super front assembly and excellent feet. He presents an outline of balance and great flow with a firm top-line and correct tail-set. He is a constant, even and accurate mover.

2. NASAILLEEN ON A MISSION AT SHADOWVIEW. A handsome American Cocker with a superb plush foreface, intelligent eye and refined back-skull. He, also, is a balanced youngster and moved out with some style and pushed hard for the top spot.


Day 1 Gundogs (Bitches)

1. TENFIELD SPARKLING SUNRISE, This very feminine and stylish Golden Retriever won this class with a bit to spare. I loved her outline and balance, size and colour. She holds a strong top-line at all times and she moved out with real reach and positive drive from behind. She was my overall winner on Day One.

2. CHAVEY MOONGLOW OVER BOCABLUE. A quality and very feminine Cocker here who fits the standard well. She is compact, well-ribbed and holds a good level top-line both stood and on the move. She is accurate in all directions and must have a promising future.

3. DAVIDGOR POPPIES….completing a very good trio.

Day 2 Working & Pastoral (Dogs)

1. BEARCROFT COULDN’T CARE LESS IN SANDBEARS. This Newfoundland puppy was shown in absolutely tip-top condition. He has a wonderfully expressive and balanced, masculine head with no hint of coarseness. His coat was gleaming and he held his top-line to perfection at all times. His side-gait is exemplary showing easy ground covering action. He just needs time to settle a touch in front and will undoubtedly have a very rosy future ahead of him. He was my winner on the day and overall Runner Up over the four days of the competition.

2. ARCTICSKIES FERNANDO AVEC KESSOM. Here was another really good youngster, a well-handled Siberian Husky who presents a picture of perfect balance. I liked his head and expression and he is coming along well in terms of maturity and filling his frame and is another who must surely do well in the future.


Day 2 Working & Pastoral (Bitches)

1. ARCTICSKIES SUPER TROUPER FOR LYRVID. This is the litter sister to the second in the previous class and she too has lots of potential. In fact at this stage in their development, I think that she just has the edge over her brother. I liked her head and expression and she is most definitely a female. Her ears and her feet are particularly good and she never let up showing, moving very efficiently and with the utmost accuracy.

2. ORORA’S ORIANA. This Bearded Collie is absolutely lovely to go over with a superb head and a fabulous top-line. Her side-gait is exceptional and she was shown in perfect jacket. She pushed the winner all the way and should finish well when fully mature.


Day 3 Toy & Utility (Dogs)

1. ZILCAN GIN RICKY. This ultra-smart little Griffon Bruxellois really is an eye-catcher. His lovely balanced and expressive head with the cheekiest expression captivated me. I loved his frim top-line, excellent straight front legs and very tight feet. He was shown in super textured jacket and his rear action was text-book unlike so many in this breed. He was my overall day winner beating a truly sensational Pug in the bitch competition, but when he returned on the final day for the overall competition he decided that it was most definitely not to be his day which was a great pity.

2. SHIRA VICTORY ZHUANGZI TAO TO CHIFIDO. This Shar Pei youngster has a very lovely shape to his head and a very clean eye. With good harsh jacket, he held an excellent top-line and presented a picture of moderation, moving steadily and with some style. When he matures on I think that he will do well.


Day 3 Toys & Utility (Bitches)

1. ZOBEAR LE GRAND CAROUSEL. This Pug is equally as captivating as the super Griffon male and it was an incredibly close call for today’s overall winner. Stylish and well-bodied, I absolutely loved her personality, ring presence, head and expression and she won this class with some to spare. She is one of the best moving puppies that I have seen for an age. I just preferred the feet of the Griffon in the final challenge. She must have an extremely promising career in front of her.

2. KIMEDEE HOT LOVE. This Miniature Poodle has a really lovely feminine head and a dark expressive eye. Her coat texture was harsh and she presents a good balanced outline which she maintained on the move. She just needs to tighten a touch in front to complete the picture but has time on her side.


Day 4 (Hounds & Terriers (Dogs)

1. SAREDON REDEMPTION. This Lakeland dog just demands your attention. He has the leanest of balanced heads and a lovely expression. He was presented in harsh jacket and handled to absolute perfection and was foot perfect. He pushed hard for the day win but I just felt that the Dachshund had the edge on personality on the final run round.

2. CLAONAIGLEN CAMGARIDH AT JULAM. A smart Deerhound youngster who was also handled to maximise his virtues. He is so well-balanced in outline with well-laid shoulders and good depth with lovely legs and tight well-knit feet. On the move he both accurate and stylish.

3. EARTHQUAKE STAFFS WEAR IT WELL AT TIGERBULL. I have to make special mention of this Stafford youngster as he is a real eye-catcher but had his mind elsewhere on the move today and gave his handler a very hard time. With maturity, I predict a strong future for this very good prospect.

Day 4 Hounds & Terriers (Bitches)

1. CARTHORNE GLENDA. Here was true quality. This Miniature Smooth-Haired Dachshund has the wow factor in profusion. She rightly holds herself with such pride and personality and obviously enjoys every moment to the full. She is beautifully balanced with an exquisite head with such work and the darkest of sparkling eyes. She has an excellent fore-chest, well-laid shoulders and the perfect top-line with an excellent tail-set and carriage. Quite superb on the move, she has great propulsion from well-muscled quarters and is so sound and energetic with seemingly effortless reach in front. Surely a star is born! I had no hesitation in awarding her ‘overall winner’ on the day and also “overall winner over the four days” of competition to proudly represent the Welsh Kennel Club at the EUKANUBA Pup of the Year Grand Finals early in the New Year.

2. SUPETA’S TASTE THE RAINBOW WITH ASTRAZONE. A minor puppy Whippet of such class and distinction. She is so very feminine and has a really lovely outline. She has such perfect movement in front exactly as described in the breed standard. She just needs to drop and mature and surely she too will trouble the best. I really liked her.

3. RUAROKATIRO LOLLIPO WITH BAREVE……completing an excellent trio of youngsters.