• Show Date: 01/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: John Bloor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Afghan Hound Club Of Scotland

Breed: Afghan Hound

I was grateful for the invitation to judge dogs at the Afghan Hound Club of Scotland’s Championship Show. Although I am not a huge fan of partnership shows, I do feel it worked well on this occasion and resulted in an entry that was higher than I had anticipated. There were a number of dogs missing that I have admired from the ringside, but I appreciate the cost of living/fuel crisis makes it difficult for everyone to enter as many shows as they used to.

I was well looked after on the day and would like to add my thanks to the stewards, who kept the ring flowing at all times, and to the exhibitors for bringing their dogs under me and accepting my decisions so sportingly.

Presentation was excellent, given that it had been raining earlier in the day, although I found one exhibit with mats under his armpits. I was looking for well-balanced dogs with typical, easy, ground covering movement and the correct amount of lift. The quality was pretty even throughout the classes and a number of my decisions could easily have been different on another day.

VD (3, 0) 1. Cullen’s Ch. Syrdarya Toffy Pop at Eweyisska. Brindle, 10 ½ years old and in superb coat and muscular condition. He has a well-balanced head with pleasing expression and attractive beard, his neck flows into his shoulders. His back is level with a natural saddle, he has a well- defined croup, prominent hip bones and his ringed tail is carried correctly on the move. He is well-angulated fore and aft and moved with an easy gait. A worthy Champion and a credit to his owner. BVIS in agreement with my co-judge. 2. Appleby, Minchin, Edwards & Mulvaney’s Ch. Ir Ch. Int Ch. Davashey To Tell The Truth. Also 10 ½ years old. Upstanding brindle dog, shorter in back than 1, long neck, masculine, balanced head with long foreface. He moved around the ring with great style, his head and ringed tail held proudly. I preferred the front and the classic outline of 1, but he is a worthy Champion who was beautifully presented and in good muscular condition. 3. Latimer’s Zharook I Had A Dream.

MPD (7, 1) 1. Walsh’s Khawari you Got The Look. Flashy b/s, aged 7 ½ months with a pleasing head and delightful monkey whiskers. Well-angulated front, with matching quarters and great length from hip to hock. Correct length of back and his ringed tail was raised on the move. Moved well with an easy gait. One to watch as he matures. BPIS in agreement with my co-judge. 2. MacMillan’s Sitana The Winter Soldier. Another promising b/s, aged almost 7 months, with a face full of monkey whiskers and many of the same qualities as 1. He has a good length of leg, pleasing depth of chest and moved well, although he was not quite as together as 1. One to keep an eye on when he settles down. 3. French’s Sitana Moon Knight at Zalmeerah.

PD (6, 1, 1W/D) 1. Walsh’s Khawari you Got The Look. 2. MacMillan’s Sitana The Winter Soldier. 3. French’s Sitana Moon Knight at Zalmeerah.

JD (2, 0) 1. Semple & Beck’s Ayoubkhan Stargazer. S/m cream with attractive, balanced head, dark, well-shaped eyes, long foreface and delightful chiselling. Well-laid shoulders and good return of upper arm, with matching angulation to the rear and low set hocks. Beautifully presented with an attractive saddle and prominent hip bones, his ringed tail completed the picture. He could use a little more weight, but an excellent prospect for the future as he gains more confidence. 2. Marsh’s Ancymon Piaffini. Solid black with a dense coat and the most beautiful head and expression, long foreface with dark, well-shaped eyes. Good length of neck flowing into his level back, correct saddle with prominent hip bones and good croup finished with a ringed tail. He has well-laid shoulders, but I would prefer more return of upper arm. He is moderately angled to the rear, with good length from his hips to his low set hocks. On the day I preferred the scope in movement of 1.

YD (1, 0) 1. Semple & Beck’s Ayoubkhan Stargazer.

ND (1, 0) 1. Thomson’s Light By The Silvery Moon. S/m cream, another with an attractive head and eye shape, his long neck leading into well-placed shoulders. His front & rear is balanced and well-angulated and although he was placed Reserve in the Puppy class, he moved with a lot more confidence in this class and was a joy to watch. He needs to fill out with maturity. I believe this was his first show and he definitely needs more practice at ring craft, but he is worth persevering with!

UGD (1, 0) 1. Russell & Richardson’s Jazzmeehah Wandering Star. Beautifully presented b/s with an appealing head & expression. Attractive ‘pips’ above his dark eyes. He has a level back, prominent hip bones and a ringed tail. He has moderate angulation fore and aft, but I would prefer more return of upper arm. He moved with style, his head and tail raised proudly, just lacking a little in reach.

GD (2, 1) 1. Hills & Thornton’s Absolute Afghans Djibouti at Karnak JW. A very typy b/m/g, beautifully presented with a wealth of coat, which is a credit to his owner. He has a masculine head with lovely underjaw, long ears, beard and a dark eye. He is moderately angulated at the front and his back is level, with a natural saddle. He has prominent hip bones, the correct croup and carries his ringed tail well. He is slightly longer cast and I would prefer a shorter loin. He moved well, but I would like to see a little more lift in his movement.

PGD (3, 1W/D) 1. Walsh’s Calamus Devil In Disguise. Brindle with a well-balanced head, dark mask, dark almond shaped eyes and attractive mandarins. Correct saddle, prominent hip bones, well defined croup & ringed tail. He has a good front and well-balanced rear, both of which he used well on the move. A promising dog and I am sure higher honours will come. 2. Cowley & Maroney Cowley’s Hariri Ebn Mahsati von Haussman. Beautifully presented sh/m gold with deep saddle. Finer in the head, with dark well-shaped eyes, good length of foreface, attractive beard and slight roman nose. He is so well-balanced and presents an attractive shape with prominent hip bones and the correct croup. Sadly he was not too happy today, which reflected in his movement and we only saw a glimpse of his ringed tail towards the end. His owner told he showed much better at the earlier show. Oh the joy of Afghans!

MLD (2, 1) 1. White’s Shine On You Crazy Diamond at Ruannas. Well-proportioned sh/m cream, with balanced angulation front & rear. Attractive head with dark eyes, good depth of chest, level back with short, broad loin, saddle, prominent hip bones, correct croup and a ringed tail to finish the picture. Very well presented. I only wish he showed a little more sparkle on the move.

LD (6, 2) 1. French’s Sitana Bijali Toofan at Zalmeerah. Very well-presented b/m gold of classic type with masculine head, dark well-shaped eyes and beard. He is well-balanced, with a good length of neck, strong back, short saddle and correct croup. He was carrying slightly too much weight today, but he really pulled out all the stops on the move and I was pleased to award him the RCC. 2. Lancashire & O’Donnell’s Drishaun Star Among Lilies JW. Attractive brindle with well-balanced, masculine head, dark, well-placed eyes, beard, long neck, correct saddle, prominent hip bones, well-defined croup & ringed tail. Beautifully presented and carried himself well on the move, but I just preferred the scope of 1. 3. Reed’s Cloudside Sunstrike JW.

OD (2, 1) 1. Appleby, Minchin, Edwards & Mulvaney’s Valkor Vritra. Well-presented brindle, with well-balanced, masculine head, dark eyes and a strong underjaw. Deep chest, level back, correct saddle, short, broad loin, good croup, curved tail. He has well-laid shoulders with moderate angulation to the front and rear and he moved confidently around the ring.

CHD (4, 2) 1. Anderson’s Ch. Zandahar Tartan Xplorer JW. One I have admired from the ringside and he did not disappoint. Well-balanced sh/m gold with good angulation front and rear, he has a deep chest, good length of neck and level back with the correct saddle. He moved powerfully around the ring with excellent reach & drive, his ringed tail was set correctly and raised in action. I felt he could have moved all day, it was effortless. He was beautifully presented and is a worthy Champion. I was delighted to award him the CC and he was later awarded RBIS by the Referee against his equally lovely sister. 2. Thompson’s Ch. Drishaun The Vampire Lily via Gothika JW. A very appealing, slightly more compact b/m gold dog with the most beautiful head and expression, dark, well-shaped eyes, long ears and a beard. He has an excellent front and matching quarters, his heavy coat is impeccably presented with short saddle and prominent hip bones leading to the correct croup, finished with a ringed tail. Unfortunately, the surface did not appear to suit him and he seemed unsettled on the move, which was a shame. Another worthy Champion.

John Bloor (Judge)