• Show Date: 07/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: John Abraham Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Bracco Italiano

Birmingham National Dog Show.


I would like to thank the committee of the National Dog show for inviting me to judge the breed today; I had a very enjoyable day & thank you to my very efficient stewards who kept the ring running nicely. I would also like to thank the exhibitors for their super entry. Breeders take note: steep upper arm & long backs are becoming prevalent.


1.    Fazenfield & Smiths Konigsbracci Pavey Ark

Orange & white roan, Strong & powerful, narrow across the zygomatic arches, kind soft

expression, steep in upper arm, stood on sloping pastern & tight arched feet. Was

unsettled on the move.


1.    Miss S Groves Bushwacker Demetrio

Orange & white roan, almost square in profile, classic head proportions, deep muzzle,        divergent headplanes, strong neck, well sprung ribcage, correct topline, slope from withers to 11th vertebrae & rising to croup, well arched feet. Preferred his overall type to 2.


2.    Frost’s     Bushwacker Donatello

Long narrow head, kind eye, well balanced standing, correct fore & rear angulation, topline showed break at 11th vertebrae, sloping croup with correct tailset.

Moved with reach & drive.

3.    Goode’s Viljetun’s Viking Sigurd (Imp Norway) at Brackenvale Naf Taf

    PUPPY DOG (2,1)

1.    Goode’s Viljetun’s Viking Sigurd (Imp Norway) at Brackenva

Immature, strong head, divergent head planes, kind eye, shows plenty of bone & should develop into a powerful type. A touch long in body & steep in upper arm, on the move was still quite loose.


       JUNIOR DOG (4,1)

1.    Goode’s Mathew Ursus Di Cascina Croce (Imp It) Naf Taf

       Orange & white roan, his super head proportions won him this class. Correct      

       divergence in headplanes, deep muzzle, lovely expression, short truncated neck flowing

       into sloping withers to 11th vertebrae, rise to croup. Stood on sloping pasterns & arched    



2.    Mrs N Jackson’s Solwaypoint Portofino

      Another with a well proportioned but heavier head than 1, divergent headplanes,  

      topline shows sloping withers to 11th vertebrae & rise to croup. He has a super well  

      angulated front & stands on sloping pasterns & tight feet. Unfortunately moved wide in  


3.    Rush & Duggan’s Kelevra Cioccolatino

       YEARLING DOG (3,0)

1.    Miss E Towns Caio Di Cortelara (Imp It)

       Chestnut & white roan, a youngster showing classic breed specific qualities, scores in   

       head proportions, long, angular & narrow in skull. Lean cheeks, well chiseled & narrow   

       across the  zygomatic arches. Head planes divergent, median furrow visible to mid skull,

       unexaggerated dewlap & good forechest, well angulated in front showing good length to

       upper arm, strong bone, straight forelegs & padded feet. Well sprung ribcage, correct topline  

       & powerful hindquarters showing muscle development.

2.    Fazenfield & Smith’s Konigsbracci Pavey Ark

3.    Mrs G Pillinger’s Withamfriary Scrabble Star


1.   Miss D Beecham’s Allegro Nord Bohemia Sheram (Imp Cze)

      Balanced outline and profile. Strong, square & powerful. Typical head, strong neck  

      flowing into well placed shoulder, deep brisket, break at 11th vertabrae. Strong loin,  

      moderate hindquarters

2.   Goode’s Mathew Ursus Di Cascina Croce (Imp It) Naf Taf

3.   Steel’s Sazmallin Beijing Boy to Juhua

      LIMIT DOG (11,1)

1.   Mrs J Rose’s Braccorions Running Rings Around Piccorino

      Orange & white roan, masculine, strong & powerful, balanced right through.   

      Typical breed specific traits, soft kind expression, well divergent headplanes, deep  

      muzzle, moderate double dewlap, topline slope from withers to 11th vertebrae then rise

      to croup, well sprung ribcage, well angulated front & rear which really showed on the  

      move, reached out well in front & drove from his hocks, this movement gave him this

      strong class. RCC.


2.   Mrs L Bowley’s Gunsyn Ginspiration

      Not as heavily built as 1, showing the classic Bracco specific traits.  He has a good head,

      divergent planes, deep muzzle, super kind melting expression, short truncated neck.  

      Did not have the forward extension of 1, nevertheless a very good specimen of the breed.

3.    Hurst’s Braccorions Quest For Glory

       OPEN DOG (8,2)

1.    Mrs N Jackson’s Sh.Ch Gunsyn Tusk

      This dog oozes quality. Orange & white roan, liked his breed specific attributes of narrowness

       across his zygomatic arches, deep muzzle, divergent headplanes & kind eye. Neck is short &  

       truncated flowing into a typical topline broken at the 11th vertebrae then rising to the  

       croup which slopes giving the correct tailset. Strong & balanced in profile which

       showed in his movement giving him a powerful, smooth action with reach & drive. CC.

2.    Miss E Towns Ooh La La Du Clos Petites Vignes

Orange & white roan, almost square in profile, powerful strong & masculine, liked his

divergent head planes, symmetrical mask & kind eye. He exhibited strong quarters well angulated

rear, a good spring of rib, topline shows the breed specific break at the eleventh vertebrae,

strong bone, sloping pasterns & well padded feet. Would prefer more angulation in front.

3.    Miss E Longman’s Braccorion Quick Look Of Callaiscroft

       VETERAN DOG (1,0)

1.    Cotterell’s Sh.Ch. Fancygun Luke Skywalker

       White & orange roan. A dog that I have admired in the past & still exude’s those    

       attributes that endear the breed to so many. Loved his head, he has a kind eye

       sculpted foreface, deep flew, pronounced occiput, short truncated neck, well laid back   

       shoulders & spring of rib, short loin & wide sloping croup. Almost square outline standing.

       On the move shows a balanced stride that will carry him all day. BV.


1.    Mr S Kelsey’s Elfrindew Kinky Reggae

       Orange & white roan, a super youngster of lighter build, almost square in outline,  

       divergent headplanes, kind soft expression, sculpted foreface, narrow across the

       zygomatic arches & well sprung ribcage. Well angulated front & rear which showed in

       a smooth & balanced stride. The handler through experience will learn not to over

       extend her when standing. BSB.

2.    Miss K Moulin’s Gunsyn Ginontherock del Majikisles

       A heavier type, her head is good with divergence, depth & narrow across the zygomatic

       arches. The most gentle of expressions, has the required break in topline with a  

       sloping croup. Unfortunately was unsettled on the move.


       No entries.

       PUPPY BITCH (3, 0)

1.    Rawlings & Johnston’s Camelia Della Radura Von Lloydrose

       Loved this puppy, balanced movement with reach & drive for one so young. Head divergent,

       topline with break at 11th vertebrae, almost square body with strong bone, sloping pasterns &

       arched feet. BP.

2.    Mrs N Jackson’s Iolanda Di Cascina Croce at Solwaypoint

       Shows a pleasant head, divergent, kind eye, short strong neck, well sprung ribs. Correct

       sloping croup, a little steep in upper arm. She was unsettled on the move today.  

3.    Hartley’s Elfrindew Justice For All Naf Taf

       JUNIOR BITCH (10, 3)

1.    Miss L Coghlan’s Braccorion’s Va Va Voom

       Chestnut & white roan, in my opinion the classic shape of a bracco, soft expression

       with dark eye pigmentation, correct ratio of skull, scissor bite & ear set, with moderately

       short neck. Just over square in profile, looks strong with her well sprung ribs, correct topline,

       bone & forechest.  Moved true coming & going, has good reach & drive. Giving away too

       much at this stage in the challenge, has a bright future.

2.    Pearson’s Kelevra Covo Di Ladri

       Not as heavily built as 1. Very good in head. Planes diverge, well chiseled foreface, not too

       wide in skull, good depth to muzzle. Correct topline with break at 11th vertebrae, well sprung   

       ribs, short loin, Lots to like but didn’t move well today.


3.    Miss E Longman’s Braccorion’s Will U Be Mine

       YEARLING BITCH (4, 1)

1.    Miss L Coglan’ Braccorion’s Va Va Voom


2.    Mrs J Chadwick’s Gunsyn Ginerosity

        Orange & white roan. Well proportioned head with correct planes and slight stop.  

        Typical in outline, well angulated shoulders with good length of upper arm, strong

        bone and tight well arched feet. Good body strong right through, correct topline &

        sloping croup,  moved with good profile extension. Liked her muscle tone. Another that

        will do well

3.    Hayes Bushwacker Dolly Daydream


1.    Mrs J Chadwick’s Gunsyn Little Lies

       A lot to like. Of good breed type, correct divergent head planes, eye colour, & chiseling   

       displayed across the zygomatic arches. Standing almost square, her body proportions

       are correct, well sprung ribs, short enough in loin, sloping wide croup. Stood on tight  

       arched feet & sloping pasterns. Strong over loin and good rear angulation. Moved well.

2.    Mrs L Angus’s Braccorion’s Ruddy Gorgeous

       Heavier in construction than 1. Looks like she can do a days work. Moved out well,  

       liked her very good divergence in headplanes & expression. She has plenty

       forechest, well sprung ribcage, sloping pasterns & arched feet.  


3.    Mr T Moore’s Gunsyn Gingerlicious from Dawbourne


       LIMIT BITCH (7, 4)

1.    Mrs M Critchley’s Braccorion’s Never Say Never JW

      Loved this bitch.  Chestnut & white roan, almost square outline when stacked. A classic head

      with correct head planes and muzzle depth, slight stop, pronounced occiput, short truncated   

      neck. Well made front, with good depth of forechest, correct lay & length to upper arm,

      elbows are held tightly into well sprung ribs, body with correct break in topline and sloping

      croup giving the correct tailset. Nothing overstated when standing. On the move was in fine

      form, smooth, powerful with reach in front & great propulsion from the rear. CC. BOB.

2.    Mrs Laura Angus’s Braccorion’s Livin It Up at Sparkenhoe

       Another I really like, well proportioned standing. Good neck and shoulders, upper arm of

       correct length.  Her ribs are well sprung and carried well back, the loin is short. Strong rear

       quarters with good width of thigh & strong hocks Has extension in front and drives well from

       behind. RCC.

3.    Whitney’s Owlspoint Faith In Trouble

       OPEN BITCH (6, 2)

1.    Mrs L Bowley’s Sh. Ch. Gunsyn Everywhere

       Another bitch with a classic head, melting expression, well chiseled foreface, lean

       cheeks, & depth to muzzle. Short truncated neck flowing into sloping withers, break at

       11th vertebrae & thereafter rise to her sloping croup which gives the correct tailset. A  

       touch long in body, she had the best movement in this class, smooth with a powerful

       rear propulsion.

2.    Miss S McAndrew’s Sh Ch. Int Ch. Ir Ch. Gunsyn Sesto Elemento With Brackenmist

       Love her classic overall shape, exudes breed type. Lighter in build, feminine, well

       proportioned head, kind expressive eye, divergence in headplanes. Almost square in outline,   

       deep brisket, well laid shoulder, tight elbow & strong straight legs stands on tight

       arched feet. Movement could have been better.

3.    Pearson’s Braccorion’s Int Ch, NI Ch, Ir Sh Ch, Sh Ch, Nesta Vipas JW.


      No entries.


      John Abraham.