• Show Date: 27/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: joanne flanagan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Great Dane

I would like to thank the committee for my 1st CC appointment, my 2 stewards and the exhibitors for a lovely experience and day. I choose to walk all the exhibits prior to moving as this really shows what a handler can disguise on the move and changed many placings. All exhibits had the correct dentition and eyes, movement is still an issue with many not having the correct muscle or condition as not tracking or extending in front and driving from the rear.

Veteran Dog (1)

1st Searle’s Dainmajik The Conjuror To Murrayvhayle 8 ½ year old all fawn male, classic strong head piece, dark eye greying black mask, alert ears, strong neck into well laid back shoulders, stood four square and looked the picture standing, walked straight and true tracking and placing correctly but once moving didn’t get into his stride on the move which was a shame. Pleased to award him Best veteran in Breed. Sorry not to see him represent in the veteran group.

Puppy (4, 1 abs)

1st Pocock’s Tamzdane Empower Mint 8 month old well marked mantle. Head developing nicely, dark eye, strong neck, firm topline, well angulated rear walked enthusiastically but erratic but once moving he tended to over reach infront due to his enthusiastic showing but powered from behind, kept his handler very busy. Would like to see him in a years time when he has grown into his brain and clamed down a bit to see his full potential pleased to award him Best Puppy In Breed & to see him go working Puppy Group 2

2nd Primus Party Like Gatsby, 7 month old fawn, smaller make and shape than 1, dark mask, dark eye, well put together puppy, not as mature as 1 has clean head, nice drop of lip, strong neck into shoulders, little loose all round at the moment as expected at this age, nice angle fore and aft just not the maturity of 1.

3rd Henshaw’s Calchas Accord (AI)

Junior (4)

1st Lipman & Booth’s Rimor Aurellus 17 month old brindle, stood 4 quare on tight feet, strong head, neat ears used to his advantage, strong neck into well laid back shoulders, firm topline. Moved out well but his bursers on his elbows distracted and affected his front movement which took him out of consideration in the line up today. He just needs time to drop and fill his large frame but this will come in time,

2nd Dunn’s Allours Bonito, 17 month old also at the growing stage coming long at the correct pace, strong black male, strong head, dark eye, long neck, deep chest, firm topline, nice angles fore and aft moved with purpose and drive but just lost out on overall maturity to 1 as he needs more time to drop and has more frame to fill.

3rd MacDonalds Zeus Nero Von adamantium of Ranaldane (imp deu)

Special Beginners (1)

1st Dunns Allours Bonito 2nd in Junior, didn’t stay to be awarded best special beginner in breed.

Post Graduate (6, 4 abs)

1st Cunningham & Gilbert’s Lomondane Chuffed Tae Bits, 2 ½ year old fawn, nice head, dark eye, strong neck into well laid shoulders, well filled chest, strong topline, correct angles fore and aft. Stood 4 square on flat bone, tight feet and well muscled won this class on his light springy movement coving the ground with ease considered him for the RCC but just feel he needs more time to mature.

2nd Jacques & Kirby Jacqukir No Regrets 19 month old fawn, heavier make and shape than 1, looks a picture standing thought he was my class winner until he moved, strong head and neck chest developing nicely, good spring of rib, would prefer less angulation in the rear and stronger topline as this affects his movement which cost him the class.

Limit (6)

1st Simpsons Renescent Caught In A Spell (AI), 2 ½ year old gleaming black, classic make and shape, stood strong and proud, correct head, long neck into well laid shoulders, chest well filled, nice spring of rib, correct angles fore an aft, moved well but won this class on the walk, pleased to award him the RCC.

2nd McGlynns Allours Albus, 4 year old well marked harlequin male, smaller make and shape than 1, clean head, nice neck , strong topline, would prefer a tighter eye, moved with power and drive but unsettled on the walk which cost him the class, would just prefer more of him all over to complete the picture,

3rd Lawsons Creek Danes Out Of The Darkness At Droolakiss (imp usa)

Open (3, 1 abs)

1st Hogarth’s Fendanesylcrest American Outlaw At Sunlid ( AI IMP USA) 3 ½ year old fawn who took my eye as he entered the ring, classic head, strong neck into well laid back shoulders, deep well filled chest, correct spring of rib, firm topline, short coupled, correct angles fore and aft, strong flat bone and tight feet, well muscled, could not mistake him as all male but not overdone. Walked straight and true and moved with drive and purpose a pleasure to award him 1st and the CC.

2nd Butt’s Droolakiss Midas Touch, 5 year old brindle nice make and shape, strong head, dark eye, and has a look of dash and dare, strong neck, deep chest, well spung ribs a little over angulated in rear which showed on the walk and move which cost him the class and RCC.

Good Citizen No Entries


Veteran No Entries

Puppy ( 6, 4 abs)

1st Henshaw’s Calchas Addition (AI) 10 month old well marked harlequin, lovey head, dark eye, nice drop of lip, strong neck into good shoulders and chest developing nicely, good flat straight bone, angles developing as they should at this age, won this class on her front assembly and a little more training may be an advantage to get the best out of her, looking forward to seeing in in a years time.

2nd Harrisons Riocco My One and Only, 9 month old fawn, thought was my class winner on the initial look, nice head and neck, would prefer smaller ears but she used to her advantage, longer neck than 1, chest coming on as it should, good angles all round but on the stand and walk was toeing in which cost her the class.

Junior (4,1 abs)

1st Page & Concannon Novida Purple Calia Lilly, 15 month old gleaming black, pretty head, dark eye, long neck on good shoulders, chest deep and well filled, nice spring of rib, a little loose in topline at moment, good angles fore and aft, muscle tone coming on nicely, won the class on her movement and walk but just needs to tighten and fill her frame to complete the picture.

2nd Smith’s Lambrini Diamonds N’ Rust (AI) 15 month old well marked mantle, clean white front and socks, nice head, dark eye, alert expression, strong neck and shoulders, firm topline, good angles lost out to one on the strength in movement and maturity but has it all to come.

3rd Martin’s Keishant Athena

Special Beginners No Entries

Post Graduate (6,2 abs)

1st Bourton Thorne Verano Vivacious, 19 month old fawn, classic make and shape took my eye when she entered the ring. Classic feminine head, dark eye, long neck onto well laid back shoulders, deep well filled chest, strong topline, good angles front and rear, a picture standing. Moved true coming and going and on the walk, would just prefer more of her all over to complete the picture, pleased to award her the RCC.

2nd King’s Eppwood Indiana (AI), 3 year old fawn bitch, larger make and shape than one, classic clean head and quizzical expression, dark eye, strong neck into well muscled shoulders, nice spring of rib, strong topline held on the move, good angles all round, moved and walked true just lost out to one on the move as another exhibit in another ring took her attention and took away from her today.

3rd Searle’s Murrayvhayle Mystical

Limit (7,2 abs)

1st Pendleton Watkins’s Goldania’s Celtic Princess (AI), 22 month old rich fawn stood out for breed type in this class, strong head, dark eye, well chiselled foreface, strong neck into shoulders, well filled chest and good spring of rib, firm topline, moved and walked true but needs to move faster to really get her extending to show what she can do which cost her in the challenge for the RCC.

2nd Page & Concannon Novida Purple Calia Lily, 1st In junior.

3rd Grant’s Lomondane Ca Canny at Elidane

Open (3, 1 abs)

1st McLlean’s Ch Jutlanders Bat Out Of Hell to Anadain (Imp Dmk)3 ½ year old fawn bitch who lives up to her title, lovely make and shape strong but not overdone in any way, strong head and neck, well laid back shoulders, well filled chest, straight flat strong bone and tight feet, well sprung ribs, strong topline and loin, good rear angulation and second thigh seen and used as this showed in her movement and walk coving the ground with ease. Pleased to award her the CC and BOB. Pleased her qualities were recognised in the Group & being placed working group 2.

2nd Faulder & Cook’s Ch Keirkane’s Picture Perfect At Elvantiedane JW, 3 year old fawn bitch finer make and shape than one but has every quality to match 1 and she pushed her hard. Feminine head and neck, longer neck than 1, well laid shoulders, and chest strong topline and good angles all round. Just preferred the overall picture of one. Considered her for the RCC but lost that spark in challenge.

Miss Joanne Flanagan

Soupury Great Danes