• Show Date: 02/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jo Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Afghan Hound

SBD (2 Entries)

1st: WALSH, Calamus Devil In Disguise (Imp POL) brindle with a lovely head and dark eyes, His profile has a good balanced look, with the front and rear angles complimenting each other; a level topline with a firm loin; and he moves with a wonderful smooth stride, and today his tail was raised.

2nd: KELLETT, Geordele Born Free, Black Masked Gold, He moved well with his ring tail raised but lacked forward reach. Going over him, he does not have the front and balance of 1. And personally, I would want a little more weight.


VD (3 Entries)

1st: BUNNEY & WILLIAMS, Gezancol Strike A Light At Zadal JW, B/M Gold in a smaller package, His shape is one of balance. He has lovely dark eyes and a nice head. This dog never disappoints his handlers and always gives his all. He moves purposefully, with plenty of style. presented and handled to the advantage...BEST VETERAN

2nd: CANNON & CANNON, Multi Ch Calamus Mediator (Imp) Sh.CM VW. Black, Standing he is a picture, holding his topline and standing firm on strong limbs and big feet. He is well angled back and front and gives a lovely outline, but at 11, he is beginning to show his age on the move,

3rd: CULLEN, Ch Syrdarya Toffy Pop At Eweyisska

MPD (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: WALSH, Khawari You Got The Look, Black/Cream He stands square with a good front and rear, nice head with lovely shaped dark eyes, lengthy neck into well laid shoulders, like a typical baby needs to drop behind, he comes into his own on the move with such lovely free movement. It will be interesting to see how he develops. BEST PUPPY IN BREED

2nd:  GORMAN & GORMAN & LATIMER, Shahfoladi Sphinx riddle at Zharook (ai)  Black, I've been admiring this puppy from a distance, and now that I've handled him, I see so many things I like about him. He has a lovely profile, with good angles in the front and back. However, he lost out to 1 on his front assembly, which may improve with chest development. Viewing from the front, he stands very east-west with his elbows tied in, which I hope corrects itself because he is a lovely puppy.

PD (3 Entries)

1st:  WALSH, Khawari You Got The Look

2nd: GORMAN & GORMAN & LATIMER, Shahfoladi Sphinx riddle at Zharook (ai)

JD (3 Entries)

1st: GOSLING & GOSLING, Ayoubkhan Silk Road JW, Cream, rangy dog with a houndy appearance, long neck leading into a well layed back shoulder, head of good proportions with a dark eye and good pigment, topline level ,strong loin, and correct fall away. He is a dog who moves out well, with lots of reach and rear drive, showing his lovely open side gait. He needs more weight. But I'm sure his day will come

2nd: MARSH, Ancymon Piaffina, TAF NAF (Imp Pol) Black, who has a lot to admire, is smaller throughout and shorter in the body; I wish his front assembly was more beneath him; he exploited what he had and moved effectively, but lacked the winner's reach and lift.

3rd: PEEK-MATAR, Yansukhim's Sherbet Fizz

YD (2 Entries)

1st: DAVIES, Rhajikhan Adrastus, Brindle, has a good overall look; balanced back and front, level topline, nice fallaway, and he moves nicely with his tail raised.

2nd: KELLETT,  Geordele Born Free (See SBD)

GD (4 Entries)

1st: DRAGE, Shimalma Drambuie, Shaded Mask Gold, who is developing into a beautiful-looking hound with a rangy build, a nice neck length that flows into his shoulders, a front that is squarely beneath him, a level topline, and a complete rear. A great headpiece with a dark eye, he moved beautifully across the ring.

2nd: KELLETT,  Geordele Born Free (See SBD)

3rd: HILLS  & THORNTON,  Absolute Afghans Djibouti at Karnak JW (Imp Nor)

PGD (4 Entries)

1st: COWLEY & MARONEY COWLEY, Hariri Ebn Mahsati Von Haussman (IMP CHL), "Shaded Gold , He has a decent neck length, leading into well laid back shoulders, a level topline, and a well angled rear, good head with dark eyes. He demonstrated today that he can move well with his ring tail raised. Well done to his owner, who has put a lot of work into this dog

2nd: WALSH, Calamus Devil In Disguise (Imp POL) (See SBD)

3rd:  MITCHELL & SMITHSON,  Zandahar Xplosive Storm

LD (6 Entries)

1st:  PASCOE, Popovs Aladdin at Sarakhan (Imp NLD) BLK Masked Gold, perfect size, plenty of substance, lean head, and dark eyes, In contrast to the breed's current tendency toward coarseness, his foreface is balanced with a correct backskull, a slightly arched neck into well-laid shoulders, the correct return of the upper arm, which allows him to stand  over his front, and a good spring of rib and depth of brisket. He has a classic shape with a level top line and powerfully angulated hindquarters, as well as a good fallaway and ring tail. His movement is correct and fluid, with lots of reach and drive, which, along with his beautiful carriage, won him the class, and eventually, his performance in the challenge, ultimately won him the CC and BOB.

2nd: JAMES & JAMES, Syrdarya Darjeeling chai of Simkhan, self-masked gold, attractive head and dark eyes, balanced in angulation front and rear, and nice overall size and shape. He has a good topline and a good depth of chest. The handler needs to watch pulling his head too far forward when stacking him, and he can be erratic on the move. 3rd:  STABILE, Calamus Forever Together (Imp Pol)

OD (6 Entries)

1st: PARSELL, BEANLAND, & THORNTON Ch Gezancol Never Say Never at Harlextan, Black Masked Gold, a quality male who is very sound all through and well off for bone. Head a little heavy for my taste but acceptable, good shaped dark eye, clean neck, correct length of back, good spring of rib, well turned stifle ,  he has a good stride on the move with plenty of showmanship,  well handled.  RCC

2nd: GARDNER, Ch. Drishaun Said Tiger To Lily, Brindle, a classy male who has a very clean outline. Correct in body proportions with good length of back, level topline, well muscled quarters, moves well.

3rd:  THOMPSON   Ch Drishaun The Vampire Lily Via Gothika JW


VB (5 Entries)

1st: LINK, Int. Ch. Ned Popov's Bora Bora at Orashan JW, Black masked gold, well balanced bitch, stands over her ground, correct length of back, good spring of rib, well angulated both ends, good eye and pigment, happy mover.

2nd: GUNN & CANNON, Int Ch Lux Ch Amal Salang Hey I'm The Star At Zushkhan, Black, more refined than the winner, has a good head and eye, front could have more return,  good rear angulation and firm topline, nice mover

3rd: DOWNES, Juwan El-Shariat Von Zorba (Imp).

JB (4 Entries) Abs: 2

It was a tough and very close decision with these two litter sisters.

1st: HALL, Saxonmill Majic Mirror, Black, a quality bitch made on clean lines, presents a lovely outline with a level topline, nice neck & shoulders, good spring of rib, firm strong loin, well angulated quarters, and well let down hocks. This bitch is sound and elegant; her body proportions are ideal, and she doesn't disappoint when she moves, You cannot deny her quality. RCC

2nd: DOWD  & MALIA, Saxonmill Mirror Image Black, litter sister to the winner, and many of the same remarks apply. I was splitting hairs and just favoured the head of the winner. Two lovely young bitches who will no doubt make up easily.

YB (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: GUNN & CANNON, Karagez Kartina Maslom at Zushkhan (Imp) Black,  A well made bitch of a lovely type. She is now maturing and more settled in the ring, showing balance and a pleasing outline with good bone and substance. Nice head with dark eyes, moved well  

2nd: DAY, Ambrozja Piaffini Khorinya (Imp Pol) Black, not so together as 1 at the moment, but will come together as she matures. OK in front, correct length of back, nice rear angulation, moved well.

3rd: MITCHELL, THORNTON & SMITHSON,  Absolute Afghan's India at Karnak (IMP NOR)

GB (4 Entries)

1st: EDWARDS, Rhajikhan Aurora, Brindle, appealing young bitch, nice head with dark eyes,front and rear angulation matching, short strong loin and correct tailset, handled and moved well

2nd: KIRK-VICKERS, Calamus Dirty Dancing At Istani CJW11 White, Black masked Gold, another nice bitch, lots to like, moved well

3rd: BEAVON, Altside hot gossip

PGB (5 Entries)

1st: MILLIGAN-BOTT, & BOTT, Medawlark Attitude Is Key The Wones Thendara(imp.Rus) Black bitch who impresses with her overall conformation and body proportions , producing a very striking appearance. She has a fantastic headpiece and dark piercing eyes that look at and through you; pleasing front and rear angulation, which compliment each other; good depth of chest with plenty of spring. Her coat gleams and she is presented to the last hair. She can be her own worst enemy on the stack. Today she decided to cooperate. Moving, she has a lovely style and attitude befitting an Afghan. I had no hesitation in awarding her the CC.

2nd: HUGHES & HUGHES & LUTY, Gezancol Fallen From Grace, Black Mask Gold, who is of a pleasing type. She has an attractive head, with dark eyes and good pigment; a good length of neck into decent shoulders; balanced fore and aft; moved well.

3rd: HUMPHREYS, Joneca Eternal Flame

LB (7 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: LANCASHIRE & O'DONNELL, Drishaun Consider The Lily JW, Brindle, quality bitch who was in optimum muscle condition. She has a real appeal about her. Nice head with dark eyes, correct body proportions, lovely for size and bone, clean neck, good length of back, spring of ribs, lovely rear angulation, moved well with her tail raised.

2nd:  NEWTON, Brindle, Shimalma Midnight Liaison, Brindle, Another great bitch for whom I have previously done well. gorgeous head with correct expression and dark well shaped eyes, nice reach of neck, good angulation throughout, and a beautiful silky coat.

3rd:  FAIRBURN & ROBERTS,  Cloudside Sunset

OB (4 Entries)

1st: LANCASHIRE & O'DONNELL, Drishaun Say She Ain't Gazon (AI) JW, Domino: She appeals in outline, but it is on the move that she comes into her own and cannot be ignored. She has an effortless, ground-covering stride that is delivered with ease. For me, she is a little on the larger size, but she is a very elegant bitch, with an eye-catching head, clean neck, level topline, well-angulated, muscled quarters,  

2nd: O'DONNELL & O'DONNELL Ch Drishaun Faith Is Like A Lily For Javidan JW, Brindle, another lovely bitch who has so much to like about her, presents a pleasing picture in outline. She is just not so free and easy on the move as the winner

3rd:  GILBERT,  Ch Altside Hot As Hell At Affietar