• Show Date: 04/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jill Holgate Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)

City of Birmingham 4/9/2022

Dachshund (Miniature Smooth-Haired)

Judge: Mrs J Holgate

My thanks to Birmingham for giving me the opportunity to award CC’s in the breed. I was pleased to see some quality dogs come under me, my only concerns on the day was that the majority of the dogs were carrying a little too much weight on this occasion.

PD (7,0) 1st Paget & Carroll’s Marvale Firecrest. Really liked this boy and it was a pleasure to award him the RCC & BP. Quality type with good front and rear quarters. Good head and expression. Clean neck and shoulders, good depth of chest. Firm topline which was held well on the moved. Excellent movement. I was pleased to hear that he later went on to win hound puppy group 4. 2nd Kent’s Lokmadi On Golden Sand. Unfortunate to come up against 1. Again that balanced outline. Pleasing head, neck and shoulder placement. Good angulation both front and rear. 3rd Hambling’s Chaseover Moonshine. Res Dalton’s Llansnsior Cinnamon.  VHC Beer’s Lowrider All Might And Magic

JD (3,1) 1st Bullis’s Amaffrey Jessie James. Very well put together youngster. Head of the correct shape and good eye colouring. Well ribbed and strong both rear and hind quarters BJ. 2nd Jennings Marvale a Royal Affair. 14 month young dog. Good head and front with good ribbing and topline. Good angulation front and rear.

PGD (3,1)1st Jennings Marvale Northern Cardinal At Jenivon. Very nicely put together dog. Good bone, balanced head with nice eye colour. Deep in chest, shoulders well placed good rear action on the move. 2nd Stevenson & Mitchell’s Rioday Dishy Master Digby At Penwooddax. I just preferred the shoulder placement on my first, slightly shorter upper arm. However Chest well developed topline held well on the move and standing.

LD (3,1) 1st Mason’s Teckeltown Master Piece JW. Well balanced male, Good shaped head with correct eye. Clean neck ad shoulders. Good depth of chest. 2nd Strange’s Stargang Magic Alfie Moon Not quite the head of one, slightly longer in the foreface than I prefer. Again clean lines over the shoulders, strong neck . Good forefront. Moved well.

OD (5,0) 1st Ergis’s Ch Siouxline Jacob JW. Super quality dog, excelled in type in all aspects. Correct shape of head with lovely eye. Strong neck leading into well placed shoulders. Good depth of brisket. Firm topline strong quarters both fore and aft. A pleasure to watch on the move CC & BOB. 2nd Gentle & Dimogen’s Stargaz Close up to one today. Well proportioned head, dark eye. Good length of neck follwing through to correctly placed shoulders. Chest well developed. Topline held both standing and on the move. 3rd Peel & Andison’s Ch Clentry Donnie Darco. Res MASON’s Teckeltown Something Magic JW. VHC Tite’s Ch Ayseebee Twinkling Star

GCD (1,0) 1st Stevenson & Mitchell’s Rioday Dishy Master Digby At Penwooddax . As PGD

SBB (8,1) 1st Herald’s Winterfield's June Of Arabia. A lovely class of special beginners. Nice black and tan bitch who showed well in the ring.Well placed shoulders, clean neck slightly arched. Short over the loin, well ribbed and good rib cage. Pleasing head and eye BSB. 2nd Dalton’s Llansansior's Miss Muffin. Close to 1 correct conical shaped head , good eye colour and shape. Not quite as long in the back as 1. Good depth of chest and strong in quarters. 3rd Rose’s Ardenrun Foolish Whisper at Rosencrantz. Res Oakley’s Ardenrun Waltzing Matilda. VHC Reece’s Primodox Divine Legacy

VB (1,0) 1st Ergis’s Ch Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding. I’m not sure this young lady realised that she was a veteran. Excellent topline both standing and on the move. Head of good proportions, Good rib cage and depth of chest. Cleans lines through out. Showed well on the moved BV.

PB (12,3) 1st Jennings’s Jenivon's Queen Bee. This was a very strong class were several could have changed places at any time. This was a very feminine bitch with a lovely conical shaped head. Correct ribbing and deep chest. Good angulation both front a rear, moved comfortably around the ring. 2nd Kent’s Lokmadi Oh What a Circus. Close up to one not quite the upper arm which was the deciding factor. Feminine bitch with nicely shaped head and eye. Deep in chest with good rib cage. 3rd Paget & Carroll & Melbourne’s Marvale's Austerlitz. Res Roberts & Smith’s Rayol Barcelona. VHC Beer’s Lowrider All Maid of Magic

JB (13,1) 1st Melbourne’s Shantallah Adelaide of Melriding. This was a very strong class and several could have changed places at any time and I’m sure will in the future. Super bitch of good type. Well balanced with correct length to height. Clean neck and shoulders. Well developed rib cage. Sound both for and aft on the move. 2nd Tite’s Rijobeau Ella Vaday ( N.A.F. ) Close up to one and I would be nit picking to split them. Again pleasing in head shape and eye. Pleasing expression. Overall well balanced. Moved well. 3rd Peel & Andison’s Minidogland Bunny (Naf) (Imp Rus). Res Jennings’s Jenivons Miss Marple. VHC Hutchings & Price’s Collidach Splish Splash

PGB (11,3) 1st Mason’s Collidachs Hot Springs At Teckeltown. RCC This young lady caught my eye and she pushed hard for the CC. Overall very well balanced, pleasing head shape and eye. Nice quarters both fore and aft. Moved freely around the ring RCC. 2nd Rose’s Pennydach Mystique at Rosencrantz. Very typey bitch who was unfortunate to come up against my winner today. Correct length of rib cage, well developed. Clean neck and shoulder over all well balanced. Moved well. 3rd Herald’s Winterfield's June Of Arabia. Res Dalton’s Llansansior's Miss Muffin. VHC Beer’s Stargang Frankly Magic At Lowrider (Aw3)

LB (8,2) 1st Peel & Andison & Carroll’s Clentry Girl Like You. Very typey black and tan bitch. Correct conical head, almond shaped eye. Clean front with well developed chest. Well ribbed. Level topline good angulation front and read. Moved easily around the ring. 2nd Roberts & Smith’s Sonora Ginger Snap For Rayol Lovely feminine bitch and it was close call between these two girls. Again that well shaped head and correct expression. Deep in chest, clean neck following onto well place shoulder. Level topline. 3rd Mason’s Teckeltown You're The One JW. Res O'connell’s Hollybirch Glowing Gold For Llennocor. VHC Beer’s Stargang Candy Stripes At Lowrider (Aw3)

OB (5,1) 1st Jennings’s Melriding Natasha At Jenivon. This bitch had all the essentials of the breed. I appreciated that today she was carrying excess weight but I find from my own experiences that bitches can fluctuate when it comes to their weight. I was pleased to hear later that she had been made up the previous week. Head of lovely proportions, with pleasing eye shape. Strong in neck, slightly arched, following through to well placed shoulder. Good front, well ribbed with good depth of chest. Strong over the loin. Moved with ease around the ring CC. 2nd Mills- Jones’s Carlita Welsh Princess. Another pleasing bitch, feminine head, lovely eye shape. Clean neck, slightly arched, correct shoulder placement. Well ribbed and good depth of chest. 3rd Cross’s Loggeta Pickled Lilly JW. Res Kent’s Lokmadi With a Dragon Tattoo

GCB (1,0) 1st Rose’s Pennydach Mystique at Rosencrantz. as PGB