• Show Date: 04/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jill Holgate Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Spaniel (Clumber)

City of Birmingham 4/9/2022

Spaniel (Clumber)

Judge: Mrs J Holgate

VD (1,0) 1st Sheppard’s Whissgig Daddy Cool. BV 9 yr old boy. well put together dog. Pleasing head. Clean neck and sholders. Level topline, moved slightly close behind today.

PD (1,0) 1st Crawford’s Abbyford Sir Grey Wethers. Stood alone today and currently going through that rangy stage making him look slightly high on the leg. Well balanced head, deep in stop. Good eye colour. Well ribbed. Carried well back. Moved well.

JD (4,0) 1st Fenwick & Thompson’s Badgersmoon Mr Branson. BJ Well balanced boy, Deep well developed chest, head of the correct shape with good eye colour. Strong neck following through to well placed shoulders. Moved around the ring with ease. 2nd Wareham & Dustan’s Maursett Melwyn. Just a little raw compared to my winner today. But again all the charateristics I would expect in the breed. 3rd Whitehouse’s Maursett Muttley At Molvonia. Res Pickering’s Wahnahnish Superman Of Hajacan (Ai) (Imp Ned)

GD (1,0) 1st Gascoigne’s Nivalis Augustus. Well developed head, well off for bone. Ribs well sprung and carried well back. Moved true both fore and aft

PGD (1,0) 1st Wareham & Dustan’s Maursett Melwyn. As JD

LD (3,0) 1st Fenwick & Thompson’s Suelynda Second Edition. RCC This boy made his handler work but when settled moved well around the ring .Nicely balanced dog. Good length of back Strong in quarters. Long well developed neck onto clean shoulder placement. 2nd Langridge’s Bagersmoon Du Winter. Very close to my winner and they could change places at any time. Again overall a well balanced dog with strong well developed quarters. Good ribbing and chest. 3rd Thorogood’s Don't Stop Me Now At Harrifield

OD (2,0) 1st Whitehouse’s Sh Ch Maursett Mallachie At Molvonia. CC Excellent type. Head and skull of the correct proportions. Clean strong neck with good shoulder placement. Chest well developed and ribbed well back. More true for and aft. 2nd Langridge’s Caramel Apple White Roll At Badgersmoon Taf Naf . Nothing to really fault with the boy. Would have preferred a tad more bone. Again well ribbed back, deep in chest not quite the front of 1.

VB (1,0) 1st Wilson’s Winhampton Oops A Daisy. 8 years old bitch. Slightly higher on the leg than I would prefer but overall has all the attributes of the breed. Classic head, well boned. Good quarters fore and aft. Moved well.

PB (1,0) 1st Wilson’s Winhampton Pandoras Box. BP Balanced puppy, well off for bone. Good head shape and eye colour. Clean neck and shoulders. Nicely boned. Chest well developed good angulation fore and aft. Moved well.

JB (5,0) 1st Sheppard’s Whissgig Honeysuckle. Good head shape and eye colour. Clean neck and shoulders. Well balanced overall, with good rib cage set well back. Strong over the loin. Moved true both away and back. 2nd Langridge’s Badgersmoon Lady Violet Rose. Pleasing head and eye shape. Strong clean lines to the neck. Deep in chest and ribbed well back. Slightly shorter coupled than 1. 3rd Pickering’s Wymeswold Verdejo At Greencourt (Imp Ned). Res Boden’s Suelynda Kreme Della Kreme. VHC Dawson’s Big Boom's Viking Liv Beskerby Imp Hrv (Imp)

GB (3,0) 1st Sheppard’s Star Fidelis Isle Of Sancerre Among Whissgig Nor I. Head large and square just slightly narrower on the foreface for me. Shoulders strong and muscular. Body of good length and strong. Hocks set low. Stifles well angulated. Good topline both standing and on the move. 2nd Dawson’s Big Boom's Viking Liv Beskerby Imp Hrv (Imp). Another pleasing bitch of good quality today just let down and she was a little proud of her tail which spoilt the outline on the move. Once again well balanced with good strong quarters Well ribbed and good depth of chest. 3rd Crawford’s Abbyford Moonlit Serenade

PGB (1,0) 1st Sheppard’s Whissgig Crackerjack. RCC Very balanced bitch. Head of the correct proportions and shape. Muscular neck and shoulders. Chest well developed. Good rear angulation. Moved well around the ring.

LB (3,0) 1st Sheppard’s Whissgig Comedy Of Errors (A.I). Very well balanced bitch. With typical clumber characteristics. Rear quarters strong and well developed. Ribs well back. Held her topline well on the move. Good bone and clean neck and shoulders. Strong over the loin. 2nd Langridge’s Badgersmoon She's Guinevere. Very much the same comments as my first but today she didn’t give her best on the move. Again that pleasing head of correct proportions. Shoulders well placed and good bone. 3rd Dawson’s Beskerby Luminescent

OB (3,0) 1st Monaghan’s Sh Ch Tweedsmuir She's So Sheek. CC & BOB Quality bitch , correct bone, head balanced with good eye shape and colour not showing haw. Strong neck. Shoulders well laid back. Chest well developed and strong over the loin. Good rear angulation. Moved easily around the ring. 2nd Sheppard’s Whissgig Wintersaga ( A.I). Unlucky to come up against me winner today. All the qualities of a Clumber, slightly higher on the leg that my winner which just changed the overall outline. 3rd Wilson’s Sh Ch Anbrook Fair Maid Of Kent By Winhampton